Valentine’s DIY Candy

Valentine’s Heart Candy DIY

Cupcakes don’t always have to have sprinkles on them to be cute! These cute DIY candy molds are perfect to dress up your cupcakes!  
Heart Candy Mold
Chocolate of your choice

  1. Melt your chocolate – I melt mine in the microwave. I always put in for 40 seconds, take out stir it put back in for another 50 seconds. You want the chocolate to be fully melted no thickness.
  2. Spoon your chocolate into your mold
  3. Add desired toppings ( here I used M&M’s ) you can add sprinkles the confectionery kind ( don’t use the crystal sprinkles because they will just fall off when you take your mold out)
  4. These set in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Some molds depending on how deep they are, will take longer or shorter

Tada!!  You have cute little molds! I used mine for cupcake toppers but you can wrap them up and give away!

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