Valentine’s Chocolate DIY

Well on one of my many trips to Target (it is my favorite), I noticed some chocolate on a stick sucker pops and such. My inspiration:

I decided to make these and show you how easy it is. These sale for $1.99 each. I can make minimum of 8 for $6-$8. After you have the main supplies- only cost you $3 for 8. These are great for friend valentines, teachers, daycare, fundraisers, valentine dances, etc. 
What you will need:
Mustache Mold
Sucker sticks
Cellophane wrap or Cello bags
Baking chocolate
Cute printable
Now I already had the mustache mold that I got from Hobby Lobby (another favorite of mine). I used the weekly Hobby Lobby coupon on it bringing it down to $1.19. I bought it for a boy baby shower. 
If you invest in chocolate molds, you can find other reasons to use it. 
I love Andes mints and use their Creme De Menthe baking chips for my Chocolate molds. Andes baking chips can be found at ACMoore and grocery stores. If you get it at ACMoore, be sure to use your coupon. You can use any kind of baking chocolate and purchase this at any grocery store, craft store and baking store. 
Follow the Chocolate directions for heating. I use the microwave to heat. I do not pour the whole bag at first. I pour a little at a time because I only have one mold. Pour in the molds, fill it up but do not overfill. Place the sucker sticks in the mold. Let set till hard. I put mine in the fridge. Let them sit out of the fridge at room temp for a little while before you put them in cellophane. 

I made some little tags to hole punch and tie to the sucker. I got the printable from Auntielolocrafts
I then added my own text. You can right click these and save them and then print yourself. Just print at a smaller scale.

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