Halloween DIY Crafts- Witches Hat

witches hat postI must say if I was a witch, I would totally wear this hat. I came across a cardboard witches hat at ACMoore and knew I could do something fun with this. I painted this hat black first, and let fully dry. Next I found this fun vintage looking scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby that I covered my hat with. The best tip I could give you for this is defiantly play around with how you are going to cover the cone before you apply any modge podge or start cutting your paper. It wasn’t hard but took some patience! I found this fun burlap bow that went perfect for my hat that I easily hot glued to my hat.

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Halloween Witches Ball

Children’s Witches Ball


I bought these little jars at Hobby Lobby
( watch for when all glass merchandise goes half off to get the best deal)
found these plaques in the Halloween section and hot glued them to the jars
all the kids created spells ( spider & bat confetti) and added them to their jars

Found these cute test tubes and stirrers in the 
Target Halloween dollar section
for the confetti for their potions
Mummies ( drizzle white chocolate over and add candy eyes)

chocolate witch molds
( molds can be found at Ac Moore)

Target $1 Section
added my own printable and ribbon

Graveyard treats
chocolate pudding add crumbled Oreos to the bottom and to the top
top with pumpkin candy and marshmallow ghost