Burlap DIY Fall Garland


Burlap garland Diy Decor

I have been getting my “craft on” for my fall Décor this season. I found this 15 ft. Burlap at Hobby Lobby already in a roll for $5.99 and I used a 40% coupon app so it came out to $3.60. They have the same roll in the Christmas section and the fall section with just the title fall or Christmas and it’s already 40% off, that way you can save your 40% coupon for something else.  I have seen these garland go for over $25 on etsy and $25 at Hobby Lobby. No, I only do easy crafts so if I can do this — anyone can! burlap store

The way I gathered my burlap:I used florist wire. I first tried a needle with thicker string and it was just not working out well for me.  I simply unrolled my burlap across my living room floor sat down and as I ran my wire through I bunched my burlap. Play with it – the closer you bunch, the tighter your garland will look. At the end of each wire I tied twine around it so It would look better when I tied up.


Diy burlap garland bunched

There you go another easy craft. They do have shimmer burlap that I thought was pretty, it does cost a few dollars more.  Cant wait to put some pumpkins under my garland!  burlap garland diy fall decor



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Book Page Garland DIY

book page garland DIYThis might be one of my favorite diy projects I have done lately. I can’t wait to use this garland for one of my fall décor looks. We are also using this for a Baby Shower we are hosting. For this easy book page garland I used an old book that had yellowish tinted pages. If you can’t find one, go to goodwill, they will have plenty. If you feel like getting real crafty: you can make your own coffee dye with 3 tablespoons of instant coffee and 4 ounces of warm water, mix it up and use a foam brush for dyeing and let dry.

For my garland I put some modge podge in a bowl and poured gold glitter in the glue and mixed up.  With a foam brush, I brushed my glue mixture on each page. Let them dry for a full day. The next day I tore each page in half and crinkled up each page to give more of a vintage look.  Next, I pierced a hole through each page with a pencil so it was wide enough that I could run twine thru.  Don’t worry if it tears a little or if its not right in the center, it gives it a better look!  example for page banner

There you go: easy peasy and affordable! The modge podge gave my pages a little shine with a little sparkle!

glitter modge podge


book page garland Diy fall decor