Free Valentine’s Day Printables

Valentine's day free printables

Valentine’s day is around the corner, and we have some free printables to share. Simply click on the photo to download. New this year is my countdown to Valentine’s day. I threw some Hershey kisses in a jar to go next to my sign. Simple decorations for me!

Countdown to kissesLove quote Mother TeresaBaked with love printableValentines treat bags countdown to kisses post

I found these adorable paper doilies in the dollar section at Target along with these mini glitter paper clips, so my girls and I created a little Valentine’s banner. I had my girls write down or draw what they love.
val banner1

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Free Valentine's Day printables

Love Valentine's day printableChristmas is over and I believe January is the worst month ever! So Seeing Valentines out in the store brings hope that spring isn’t to far off. As I started to pack up Christmas I wanted to hurry up and display Valentines so I created some Valentine’s Day prints to share. Enjoy! Love quote Mother TeresaI love this one by Mother Teresa, I might need to keep this one up all year long as a good reminder.

Valentines Teacher printable I love my teachers heart becauseCute idea for a teachers Valentine gift

Frozen Valentine's Day cardsBecause almost every kid is still in love with Frozen Frozen Valentine's Day free printablesThese are a little bigger to add to gifts

I heart you Free Valentine's Day treat printableI <3 you

Hershey’s Kisses Flower Valentines

This year I am looking at Valentine cards and treat bag stuffers for school for my 6 year old and cards for Awanas for her and my 3 year old.  I love creative valentine’s. I am quite addicted to Pinterest. Lots of inspiration on there.

Last year I made flower sucker valentines. Very fast, easy and adorable. 

 I had purchased a EK flower punch shortly before for a party and decided to use it again. Just punch card stock of your color choice, punch hole in middle and slide sucker into the middle. I wrote on the petals “From” and their name.

This year I have decided to use the same punch but change it up a little. I decided to use Hershey’s Kisses. Last year I made a dear friend a kisses bouquet with this punch. I followed Phar-Ma’s tutorial. I didn’t take a picture of my final product though. Here’s is extremely cute though.

I can’t exactly make 30 bouquets, but I can make 30 petals. I chose pink card stock and punched out enough petals. Add a little tape or glue from a glue gun and add your kiss. The girls will write their name on a petals
 Easy, fun and adorable. 

Also would look cute for Easter.

Valentine’s Day Party

Oh la la little date night for a bunch of little girls!
 Fun Valentine’s Party with crafts and Treats
The girls had fun with these fun DIY photo props. I purchased paper heart straws at Target $1.00 section. And used these free Photo Booth pintable’s  from Fox Hallow Cottage!
Craft table Supplies: purchased foam hearts at A.C Moore used 50% coupon. we had magnets that you can stick on the back of their hearts & hole puncher and twine if they wanted to hang their hearts
Target $1 section always have the cutest things!


Valentine’s Rice krispy Treats

Valentine’s Rice Krispy Treats

Valentine’s Day will be approaching soon, and your kids will be asking for treats! Or if you’re like me – will be taking treats into work! We all love Rice Krispy treats but add a little chocolate and we might not just stop with one!
Kellogg’s Rice Krispy recipe:
6 cups Rice Krispy cereal
4 cups Mini marshmallows
3 tablespoon margarine
red food coloring
Chocolate of your choice ( I used pink melting wafers)
Heart cut out mold ( you can get at Wal-Mart or any craft store- use a coupon)
Wax paper
Melt your butter in a pan (low heat so you don’t burn your marshmallows) once melted add your marshmallows – use a spatula to constantly keep stirring once all melted – add your food coloring to desired color. (you can buy pink marshmallows but it will cost you over 2 dollars when you can just add your own food coloring, plus the marshmallows are light pink.) add your 6 cups of rice Krispy cereal.

 Take your Rice Krispy over your wax paper and spread out to about an inch thick. Use your heart cutter and cut out as many as you want. I had a small heart cutter so all the scraps I had I made little ones.  Now melt your chocolate (I melted mine in the microwave) take your spoon and drizzle all over your hearts. you can add sprinkles or candies over as well

I used mine for a valentine’s day party!

Valentine’s DIY Candy

Valentine’s Heart Candy DIY

Cupcakes don’t always have to have sprinkles on them to be cute! These cute DIY candy molds are perfect to dress up your cupcakes!  
Heart Candy Mold
Chocolate of your choice

  1. Melt your chocolate – I melt mine in the microwave. I always put in for 40 seconds, take out stir it put back in for another 50 seconds. You want the chocolate to be fully melted no thickness.
  2. Spoon your chocolate into your mold
  3. Add desired toppings ( here I used M&M’s ) you can add sprinkles the confectionery kind ( don’t use the crystal sprinkles because they will just fall off when you take your mold out)
  4. These set in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Some molds depending on how deep they are, will take longer or shorter

Tada!!  You have cute little molds! I used mine for cupcake toppers but you can wrap them up and give away!

Valentine’s Treats

Valentine’s Wafers

These cute easy Wafers are perfect for a Valentine’s party or as treats!
These are beyond easy to make and very reasonable.
Wafers ( any flavor, I did strawberry)
Melting chocolate of your choice  ( I used white chocolate microwave melting bark)
Desired sprinkles ( Go to a craft store and use a coupon on their app to get the best deal)
Wax paper or Foil
  1. Dip your wafers in your chocolate, lay on the foil
  2. Sprinkle your toppings right away before the chocolate hardens so your topping will stick well
  3. Take a spoon and dip in your chocolate and drizzle over wafers for a finishing touch
  4. Let the chocolate set and enjoy! 

Valentine’s Hot Chocolate on a stick DIY

Came across these at Target and I wanted to share an easy DIY for them too. They cost $1.00 a piece but can be duped for much less. 

With Valentine’s just around the corner, I’ve been looking for inspiration for things to make for gifts. These could be given to friends, teachers, coworkers and anyone who loves hot cocoa.

What you will need:
Double boiler or glass bowl to go over top of pot of simmering water
Heart shaped chocolate mold, ice trays work great I got a heart shaped one from IKEA for $1
Stir sticks or a bag of wooden craft sticks, can even use sucker sticks
Ziploc baggie or piping bag. 
Cellophane wrap or treat bag

Option 1:
8 oz. chocolate bittersweet, semisweet, milk, and white chocolate all work (I used Andes Mints baking chocolate) 
3 Tbsp cocoa, sifted
6-8 Tbsp confectioner’s sugar, sifted, depending on how much sweeter you’d like your hot chocolate
pinch of salt
Giver’s blog has the best directions on making hot chocolate on a stick.
Option 2:
Just use baking chocolate and heat in microwave. Fill mold with ziploc bag or piping bag. Always tap the chocolate in the mold on a surface to release air bubble. Stick the stick straight up after the chocolate has hardened a little. 
Pink cake plate has a cute way to personalize your craft sticks.

Print out a cute printable for the top of the stick

Valentine’s Chocolate DIY

Well on one of my many trips to Target (it is my favorite), I noticed some chocolate on a stick sucker pops and such. My inspiration:

I decided to make these and show you how easy it is. These sale for $1.99 each. I can make minimum of 8 for $6-$8. After you have the main supplies- only cost you $3 for 8. These are great for friend valentines, teachers, daycare, fundraisers, valentine dances, etc. 
What you will need:
Mustache Mold
Sucker sticks
Cellophane wrap or Cello bags
Baking chocolate
Cute printable
Now I already had the mustache mold that I got from Hobby Lobby (another favorite of mine). I used the weekly Hobby Lobby coupon on it bringing it down to $1.19. I bought it for a boy baby shower. 
If you invest in chocolate molds, you can find other reasons to use it. 
I love Andes mints and use their Creme De Menthe baking chips for my Chocolate molds. Andes baking chips can be found at ACMoore and grocery stores. If you get it at ACMoore, be sure to use your coupon. You can use any kind of baking chocolate and purchase this at any grocery store, craft store and baking store. 
Follow the Chocolate directions for heating. I use the microwave to heat. I do not pour the whole bag at first. I pour a little at a time because I only have one mold. Pour in the molds, fill it up but do not overfill. Place the sucker sticks in the mold. Let set till hard. I put mine in the fridge. Let them sit out of the fridge at room temp for a little while before you put them in cellophane. 

I made some little tags to hole punch and tie to the sucker. I got the printable from Auntielolocrafts
I then added my own text. You can right click these and save them and then print yourself. Just print at a smaller scale.