Christmas Diy Garland

Diy Christmas Garland from Target items Total cost less than $11

I know I am not the only crazy one out there that has already started decorating for Christmas. In my defense; I do work retail so by Thanksgiving I won’t have time nor want to do it. So during my weekly/almost daily walks through Target (on my lunch break) they were putting out the new Christmas Target items. So like any normal Christmas lover would do I squealed and filled up my basket.  I came across these light bulb ornament’s for a pack of three for $2.00 I bought four different colors so I had 12 bulbs. I also bought this silver tinsel garland for $3.oo. Target Diy christmas garland1All I did was run my ornaments through using the string the ornaments had on them, tied a knot around my tinsel and cut the remaining string off. There you go: a fun and easy Christmas garland that anyone can make. Plus it only cost $11.00 to make. Don’t forget to look for extra savings with their cartwheel app.


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Crafters rejoice with Target $1 and $3 spot

Came across these gems in the $3 spot at Target. They are blue tinted mason style glass jars that come in a 2 pack.
One of the many things you can do with these are use them as table decor for parties or weddings.
From Pinterest
Our glass at a party

These decorated clothespins are super cute. You can glue a magnet on the back and put on your fridge. $1 at Target.

Ribbon and baker’s twine all for $1.
Vintage Kraft labels that you can put on your mason jars or other crafts. $1 at Target.