Glow Party Ideas

Glow Party Ideas #summer #masonjarsOne of the things I love in the south is the beautiful summer nights we have.  We decided this year to have our summer party as a glow party to capture the best part of the day, the evening. We wired mason jars to the trees, we had tiki torches, and simple paper lunch bags with candles and mother nature provided us with tons of fireflies. We, of course, picked up tons of glow stick products and some glow balloons, that the kids loved. summer night partyTo hang our mason jars, we used florist wire and wrapped around the rim of the jar, and used the wire to go around the branches. We used battery operated tea light candles.Summer night party

Mason jar lanterns in a tree

summer night party 2You can pick up a bag of paper lunch bags at Dollar Tree and fill with kitty litter or sand and place your candle inside. So simple, and so pretty.

We also created a nice centerpiece with an old brass chandelier. We took the bulbs out and replaced with solar lights.

Chandelier repoursed

These are the kind that you can buy for your lawn or garden. Just take the stake out. We used aluminum foil to keep the solar light in place. You can find old chandeliers at yard sales, thrift stores, and antique stores.

summer night party 1 You can pick up glow sticks at Dollar Tree. They have a large variety.


You cannot have a night party without making Smore’s.

balloonsThe glow balloons I found at Hobby Lobby, and the kids loved them.

Glow balloons

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DIY Sharpie Coasters

Diy Sharpie coasters craft summer kids project

 Here is a  fun summer project you can do with the kids that doesn’t cost a lot and wont make a huge mess. I definitely had a lot more fun than my children did. Not only are these coasters so inexpensive to make they make perfect gifts for the holidays. For this project the only supplies you need:

  • Tiles ( Lowe’s .16 cents each)
  • Sharpie markers
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Straw
  • Clear Sealer
  • Cork board or Felt

DIY Sharpie Coasters I found my tiles at Lowe’s for .16 cents each. I bought a pack of Sharpies at JoAnn’s and used a 50% coupon. I also bought a sheet of corkboard for $3.00. craft2 sharpie diy coasters


Now time to get your coloring on

craft4 craft3I took a straw and dipped in rubbing alcohol and let drip on my coasters. If you add too much it will get messy and colors will run off. I suggest you help your children with this part. The great thing about this project if you don’t like they design the alcohol is making you can wipe it off and color again.craft10 craft0Tada! After your tiles dry after about an hour spray with clear sealer. Next I cut my corkboard and hot glued to the back of my tiles. You can also use felt.  craftt

Summer Cocktail: Champagne Sangria

Summer cocktailSummers: we love the sun, we love being outside and we also love all the summer cocktails! So after a long day of work and cleaning every nook and cranny in my house I was ready for a drink! Unfortunately all I had left was a bottle of Champagne so I opened it up, why not! But it was a bit strong, so I opened my refrigerator up to make a Mimosa – my favorite! But of course no juice, no nothing!  I did however have some orange soda. So I filled my glass up and threw some strawberries in it and it was delish.

So todays mommy medicine: my own version of a Champagne Sangria… Don’t Judge ;)