Snowman painted spools and peg dolls

DIY paint a snowmanI love Snowmen, Olaf and Chilli included. Not as much as I love bunnies, but a close second. Snowmen are a huge part of my Winter decor. Last year I had a lot of blank spools left over from a Lalaloopsy party that we did. I decided to paint them and make them into a snowman. Sierra agreed that they would turn out good.
Snowmen spools

After I did that I realized I had some blank peg people that I was suppose to paint into princesses awhile back and never found the time to do. So I painted them into a snowman too.


snowman peg

What you will need is:

– any kind of wood piece including spools, pegs, blocks, door hanger etc.

– white, black, pink and orange acrylic paint (can use paint pens for black and orange)

– different size paint brushes including a small tip one for detail

I bought my spools and pegs from craft stores. Paint the wood piece all white and let dry completely. You may have to use a couple coats. After your white base is totally dry you are ready for details.

I paint the eyes then the mouth and buttons with black. I let that dry and then dip a q-tip in pink and dab their cheeks. I blot it with my finger to make it faded and not as bright. Lastly, I paint on the carrot nose. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Mine is swiggly carrot noses.

I’ve seen on Pinterest where some one painted wood blocks into snowmen and made ornaments out of them. The spools can be turned into ornaments by running ribbon looped thru the top to the bottom and tie a large knot on the bottom. The loop needs to be big enough  to hang from the top on the tree. ornament


Make sure the knot is big enough that it will not slide back through the hole. I used a small paintbrush to push the ribbon through to the bottom.


It is ready to hang on the tree and these can be given as gifts or sold at craft fairs.

The peg snowman can be made into ornament too but you have to screw a screw eye hook at the top. You can find those at craft stores, Wal-Mart, Amazon and hardware stores. If you buy a pack of those, start looking thru the house for little toys you can turn into ornaments. Most small plastic toys can be turned into an ornament.

This Video shows you how to turn toys into ornaments.

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