Falling in love with PUMPKINS! Pumpkin Round-Up

Pumpkin round-up title

Because Tina and I love everything pumpkin we figured a pumpkin round-up is definitely what we needed to start September off right! We gathered everything we love pumpkins from: recipes, desserts, pumpkin crafts, to good Ol Pumpkin spice latte recipes.  Check out our other round-up of: Falling in love with fall- Fall Porches.

First thing first, create your own Pumpkin Spice for your recipes found on: Howsweeteats


I love, love, loveee Pumpkin Spice Lattes and I probably drink way to many from Starbucks than I should because I need to save money. With that being said I found this amazing recipe from asimplepantry She makes her own syrup which has fewer calories and you can store in your refrigerator for weeks. Money saving thank you!


As if the Pumpkin Spice Latte wasn’t amazing enough I had to share her recipe for homemade pumpkin spice marshmallow. Imagine these wrapped up with a hot chocolate packet or Pumpkin spice k cups in a coffee mug for a gift. LOVE-IT! –asimplepantry If you are not feeling like a Betty Crocker, you can find pumpkin spice marshmallows at the store.

pumpkin spice mallows

pumpkin hot cocoaI have never tried Pumpkin spice hot cocoa but I could only imagine that would be another thing I can add to my list of addiction. You can find the recipe at Americancupcakeabroad.

la99191_1002_potpouri_xlFill your house up with Pumpkin Spice Aroma by cleaning out a pumpkin, rubbing cinnamon or pumpkin spice spices to the top of the lid and light a tea light candle inside. Why didn’t I think of that you smart Marthastewart.

PumpkinBrowniesI love recipes that I find that are super easy but people think I can bake amazing, I found this Pumpkin Cheesecake mousse recipe that you can top your brownie bites with again : chocolate + Pumpkin, yes please! shakentogetherlife.

pumpkin-roll-It’s not fall until you have a bite of Pumpkin roll. Sweetpeaskitchen has tons of Pumpkin recipes that all look amazing.


Swankyrecipes have pulled together 10 pumpkin seed recipes for roasting. Cute for movie night!

glitterpumpkin_titleMy kids like to carve pumpkins but I just like to decorate them, I found this cute idea at: unoriginalmom.

69fac05f74126b59911191bb59761944I love white lights, if I could I would have lights outside all year long. How simple is wrapping white lights around pumpkins and they turn out so pretty!

Hallowen-party-children-favors-post-768x1024Last year I had a Halloween party for my daughters and we have out little Pumpkin Favors for the children to decorate.

4x4-pumpkin-9-logo-title-750x649I’ll take some these pumpkins that don’t die! Try this craft by: Simplykierste they look adorable!

bleaching pumpkinsI can’t wait to try this trick for my pumpkins: wash in bleach for pumpkins lasting longer indoors I found on: Sweetwaterstyle.

ft_oct04msl03_xlThese DIY pumpkin lanterns look adorable to decorate with found on: Marthastewart. If your not feeling crafty I have seen them already made at party city.

Pumpkin-Spice-Muffins-copy-709x1024You will definitely fill your house up with pumpkin spice aroma, while baking these Pumpkin Spice muffins by:  Tutti-dolci.

pumpkin everything please

And lastly a pumpkin loving Freebie printable: Pumpkin Loving Printable.




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Sundae Cupcake Cones

Ice cream cupcakes post

Have some fun with these cupcakes!  These adorable cupcakes were perfect for our Ice cream social. Here are a few tips on how to make them, because they can be a little tricky. I used a regular box cake recipe first and then I added my batter to the middle of the cone and stopped right about here:cupcakeI filled about 9 cones and put them in a cupcake pan to bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes . Once done take out to cool. I have seen some fluffier cones and I tried some cones with more batter and it turned out to be a hot mess, bubbled over the cone and it just wasn’t a pretty sight!

cherry on top cupcakesSo the trick to these cones: they are top heavy. Once you put your frosting on- just pray nobody walks by them or breathes on them so you can show off your hard work before they start tumbling over.  Tina and I were knocking cupcakes over left and right, but hey they did come out cute! Now with the rest of the batter I made regular cupcakes that didn’t fall over!

Cupcakes ice cream socialAnd they were just as cute! Tina found this adorable cupcake carousal at Kirkland’s. Amazon has same one Here

DIY Sugar Heart Molds

DIY sugar moldsMy Girls and I had fun making these easy DIY Sugar Hearts for a tea party we were throwing! I was making Sweet Tea Favors and you put inside a mason jar tea bags along with sugar cubes. Well I have never bought sugar cubes before so I thought, I bet I could make them. So my little girls and I experimented in the kitchen and had some fun.

All you need is 1 cup of sugar & 1tbs of water, if you want to add color add a little food coloring, I did some white and some red. Next just mix it up and fill your mold up — my kids favorite part!

The only tricky part is getting your sugar mold out. The first batch I made, I made them and took them out of the mold right away. This way worked the best –and then just let them dry on wax paper. When getting them out they are a little soft but you can still shape them.  The last time I made them I let them dry in the mold and then when I took them out, and about half of them broke — Sad moment.

sugar diy

Once your molds are fully dry you can fix your edges up.

And there you go, a fun easy DIY if you ever need to make some sugar molds! sugar hearts 1

Tea Party

sweet tea favorsHere is this adorable Tea party favors — Sweet Tea


Lazy S’mores

smores fun

If your not into camping like myself, or you don’t have a fire pit, utilize your stove! So my kids have been bugging me for some S’mores after we had some at a 4th of July Party. So I took the lazy route and made them in the stove, but I think they came out even better! When you make a S’more by the fire – half the time your chocolate isn’t melted from your toasted marshmallow anyway, so this way you have melted chocolate!  Just lay your S’more up on a foiled cookie sheet and pop them in the oven on broil for less than a minute! I know, I know easy way out!

I set my stove to broil at 450 degrees: layered my S’mores up and toasted literally for a minute. Watch your marshmallow for toasting, as they toast fast!

cheating smores 1Cheating smores

smores made easy

Afterwards I had two little happy girls!!!

Summer Cocktail: Champagne Sangria

Summer cocktailSummers: we love the sun, we love being outside and we also love all the summer cocktails! So after a long day of work and cleaning every nook and cranny in my house I was ready for a drink! Unfortunately all I had left was a bottle of Champagne so I opened it up, why not! But it was a bit strong, so I opened my refrigerator up to make a Mimosa – my favorite! But of course no juice, no nothing!  I did however have some orange soda. So I filled my glass up and threw some strawberries in it and it was delish.

So todays mommy medicine: my own version of a Champagne Sangria… Don’t Judge ;)

4th Of July Food

4th Of Jully Party Food
Getting ready for a 4th of July Party? Here is a dessert you can make that looks great and cost just a few dollars to make! Depending on how many guest you are having you can make your Layered Jell-O a few different ways. I made mine for my family, so I just made 3 big cups in my Iced tea glasses. At Target right now  (June/2014) in the dollar section; they have wine plastic cups. I love to use these  for all kinds of desserts, and we  all know I’m about easy and delish desserts!

Target Dollar Section

To make your 4th of July Jell-O Dessert all you need is

1 box of Blue Berry Jell-O ( or any blue)

1 box of Cherry Jell-O ( or any red)

1 can of Ready Whip cream

(if you’re having a party get big boxes of Jell-O)

4th of  July Food

Follow the directions on the box for your Jell-O.  I made my red Jell-O first and let it sit for 4 hours until firm so you can pour the blue Jell-O on top

4th Of July Desserts Jell-O

 I made mine the night before. Once ready to serve put some Ready Whip on top and serve!


Banana Pudding Made Pretty

Banana pudding fancy it up

Moving to the south I have discovered many new things that that I love! I Probably don’t need them in my life as much as I like but on occasion we like to splurge! That being said, Yes Banana Pudding…. Amazing is all I can say! Why I never had this before until I moved here I don’t know but I  must share this yummy easy recipe with everyone! Oh and by the way Sweet tea in the south is Heaven!

If you’re throwing a party — this is something light and sweet you can make. Preparation is easy and fast. If you have kids you can have your kids help lay the cookies down in the layering process. Usually I have seen banana pudding served in a bowl or platter but you can have fun with this! I layered mine in wine glasses and topped with whip cream and placed a cookie and some cookie crumbs to dress it up.  You can make them in mason jars if you have the little mason jars that would also be cute!

If you decide to pour yours in glasses I just used a ladle to pour the pudding mixture in. Don’t worry if you get some on the sides you can clean it off and your going to top with whip cream anyway! (Note I wait until I am ready to take out dessert because the whip cream will soften up)

There are many different types of banana pudding recipes out there, I have tried a few but this is my favorite!

Banana Pudding Recipe

1 large pkg Instant vanilla pudding,

2 1/2 cups cold milk

1 can sweetened condensed milk (14 ounces)

1 container whipped topping, (16 ounces)

sliced bananas ( about 5-6 Bananas)

vanilla wafer cookies


Mix pudding and milk; add condensed milk. Blend it up add whipped topping blend until your filling has no lumps

Now you just layer your cookies down, top with bananas, pour pudding on top and repeat layers. For the top I lay my cookies down and crush a few all over.  If you want to dress up your pudding, you can put them in glasses or mason jars for a cute look! Just do the same layering method. For my wine glass I added whip cream to the top and dressed it up with a cookie and some crumbs!

Set in your refrigerator, you can eat this a few hours after being in the refrigerator but its best made the night before!

banana pudding party treats

Banana Pudding


Bruschetta Bread appetizers

So I am no chef by all means but my momma taught me a few tricks.
This bruschetta bread is the best thing you will ever have and be the easiest thing you ever made. If you give it at a party; I guarantee you, people will want the recipe and it will be the first thing to go (so make a few loafs). So first thing is first:
Supplies this recipe only calls for a few things so it wont hurt your wallet!

Preheat oven to 350


One loaf of French or Italian bread
Two tomatoes
One bag of mozzarella cheese
One jar of Classico Traditional  Pesto Sauce (this is always in the spaghetti sauce section usually on the top shelf)

Cut your loaf in half, spread evenly the whole jar of pesto sauce on both of your slices of bread. Slice your tomatoes (I cut mine in half to make easier for cutting.)  Lay your tomatoes over your bread and then spread the whole bag of mozzarella cheese over your loafs.
Bake in the over for about 15 minutes but keep watching it. You want the bread to be golden on the bottom and edges and of course the cheese melted.
And there you go! I cut my bread right away, Or if your having them with your meal cut like garlic bread (great for spaghetti dinner night).  If you’re having a dinner party and want them as appetizers you can cut them like this picture.

Neapolitan cupcake

Why just have regular cupcakes when you can make them like this! For this recipe I made strawberry and chocolate box cake recipe’s but added a few tricks!
These are perfect for any event you are having!
Preheat an oven to 350 degrees
Mix Both cake mixes in separate bowls. I add an extra egg to what the box says and substitute ¾ cup of water for milk, and substitute ¼ cup of oil to butter. (some boxes call for different measurements whatever your box says just substitute for milk, butter, and add an extra egg.) This turns your box cake into homemade taste!

Line your cupcake pan with liners. (You can do without but to be safe I lined mine anyways.)  I did 12 chocolate cupcakes and 12 strawberry cupcakes. Once they were done and completely cooled down I peeled the liners off and cut the cupcakes into two.

Frosting – I used this cream cheese frosting recipe I found on Pinterest:

Mix 1/4 cup of softened butter with 3 cups powdered sugar and 1 tsp. vanilla. Add 8 oz. cold cream cheese and mix until smooth. I added some valentines sprinkles to the frosting.

Strawberry/Brownie Cupcakes

Brownie and cake in one is amazing! They come out so pretty!
For the cupcakes:
box of strawberry cake
box of brownie mix
Preheat an oven to 350 degrees
Whisk together the brownie mix, 2 eggs, 1/2 cup canola oil, and 1/4 cup water in a bowl.
Mix the cake mix I add an extra egg to what the box says Subsitute ¾ cup of water for milk, and substitute ¼ cup of oil to butter. This turns your box cake into homemade taste!
Spoon the brownie batterinto prepared muffin cups, filling each cup 1/3 full. Spoon the cake batter over the brownie batter, until muffin cups are each 2/3 full. (for the brownie mix I put my batter in a glass measuring cup so I didn’t get brownie batter on the sides)
Bake in the preheated oven until golden about 20 minutes.
Let your cupcakes cool and you can take off your liners so everyone can see the pretty layers!