Glow Party Ideas

Glow Party Ideas #summer #masonjarsOne of the things I love in the south is the beautiful summer nights we have.  We decided this year to have our summer party as a glow party to capture the best part of the day, the evening. We wired mason jars to the trees, we had tiki torches, and simple paper lunch bags with candles and mother nature provided us with tons of fireflies. We, of course, picked up tons of glow stick products and some glow balloons, that the kids loved. summer night partyTo hang our mason jars, we used florist wire and wrapped around the rim of the jar, and used the wire to go around the branches. We used battery operated tea light candles.Summer night party

Mason jar lanterns in a tree

summer night party 2You can pick up a bag of paper lunch bags at Dollar Tree and fill with kitty litter or sand and place your candle inside. So simple, and so pretty.

We also created a nice centerpiece with an old brass chandelier. We took the bulbs out and replaced with solar lights.

Chandelier repoursed

These are the kind that you can buy for your lawn or garden. Just take the stake out. We used aluminum foil to keep the solar light in place. You can find old chandeliers at yard sales, thrift stores, and antique stores.

summer night party 1 You can pick up glow sticks at Dollar Tree. They have a large variety.


You cannot have a night party without making Smore’s.

balloonsThe glow balloons I found at Hobby Lobby, and the kids loved them.

Glow balloons

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Mason Jar products

am a true southerner when it comes to a love for Mason jars. Hobby Lobby has started getting a wide range of products to use with your mason jars. 
I love these to use for jams and jellies
These are the ones you can use with the lid and put a straw in the middle. Great for parties.
Don’t forget to use a coupon. Hobby Lobby has an app that updates it’s coupon weekly.

Mason Jars DIY

Ideas for Mason Jars

The great thing about mason Jars is the price! you can usually score a great deal during summer at the grocery store and you can buy them in a case! If your doing crafts and not drinking from them check craigslist or used sites. I have seen so many of these cute spray painted mason jars and was skeptical of making my own. However my first one came out pretty good! If you type spray painted mason jars on Etsy its amazing what these people are charging! Don’t give in!! Get you some spray paint and some jars and go outside and have some fun!
This is the kind of spray paint I used. I bought mine at Wal-Mart for the best price.
Flip your jar upside down and about 10-12 inches away you can start spraying!  In about 20 minutes it will dry and I give it another coat to cover up any missed spots! And that’s it, now I want to make one in every color!  Below are some other ideas for your jars!
Root Beer floats for my Vintage Carnival

Vintage Daisy Jar Lids

Check out these deals I found at Wal-Mart. They are getting their summer supplies and here they have 4 plastic half size mason Jars! for $7.88. You can add flowers and make a cute flower arrangement! or you can fill with treats such as candy and cover with a piece of fabric and tie up! How cute would that be! Think about teacher gifts, mommy gifts etc. and the jar can be reusable! I would much rather have this than a gift bag!