Grinchmas Christmas Party

Grinchmas Christmas Party

This year we threw a Grinchmas Christmas party. I wasn’t able to go all out with this party like I do with most my party’s which of course the day of the party I wish I planned more but working in retail during the holidays is not fun! The party still came out cute and everyone had a great time, here are some shots from the party.Grinch Christmas Party Grinch Christmas Party It’s not Christmas according to my husband until I make Oreo Balls, this recipe is the easiest thing ever and everyone loves them. Literally 3 ingredients:

1pkg. cream cheese softened

1pkg. Oreo’s ( do not get double stuffed)

white melting chocolate

blend cream cheese and Oreos, form teaspoon size balls. I freeze them for about 30 minutes and then dip in white chocolate, so easy

Grinch Christmas Party Grinch Christmas party For my backdrop to add more color to my table I used tissue paper I found at Wal-Mart. I used double sided tape and in a minute I was done.  It looks better in day light so I had to take a picture the day after the party, clean up time!Grinch Christmas party  Grinch Christmas Party How pretty is this peppermint mocha cake made by Lil’ Miss Flossy for my local friends they specialize in catering. I have an obsession with cake stands and having fun with them,  so when I came across this gift box at Hobby Lobby in these fun colors I had to snag it up.

Grinch Christmas PartyI love these jewelry stands I bought a JoAnn’s a few years ago, I use them for almost every party I just change the ribbon up to go with whatever theme I am doing.

Grinch craftFor the kids Tina found this heart craft on oriental trading for Grinch’s growing heart.

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Halloween DIY Crafts- Potion Bottles

potion bottles post

Pretty sure you all have seen Hocus Pocus, if not you all are cray cray as my daughter would say and need to go watch this amazing movie. Anyway for my daughters Halloween party we had a witches ball. And because my older daughter is obsessed with witches we had all the little kids make their own potion for a fun activity.  I found these cute little bottles at Hobby Lobby. I waited until all the glass products were 50% off so I could get a good deal. I paid less than $1.00 a piece.

Next all I bought was these little plaques in the craft section that I hot glued to the jars. Crafts

For the potion we used spider & bat confetti and a spider ring that I cut the ring part off. Next they mixed it up and poured into their jars. halloween Crafts post

 Little Test Tubes I found at Target in the $1 section

halloween craftsI just love these!

Hallowen party children favors postLittle Halloween Favors for my little witches!

Happy Halloween!

Retro 4th of July Photo’s

What’s fun about having kids is you get to play dress up! And us mommies will take advantage of any occasion to throw together some cute photo props to create fun photos! We wanted a retro look inspired by Coca-Cola and the 1950’s for this photo shoot. First I had a lemonade stand that my husband had made for my daughters Vintage Carnival Party and I have used this stand over and over for many events! Plus my husband made it out of an old wood fence so it was free! But fence wood is not costly. I found the made in America sign at Hobby Lobby for $4.96!

This booth would be cute for a 4th of July Party or a retro party. I found the pinwheels a few years ago at Party City. I used poster command tape to stick my pinwheels to the wood. The pom poms and Coca Cola sign were found at Hobby Lobby. I found my Coca Cola crate at a flea market, but you can find them on craigslist. I found myRetro slushy Machine on Amazon. The money is worth it if you have children, during the summer it stays out!  I borrowed my Retro popcorn machine but here is one from Amazon Retro Popcorn Machine
We let the girls have fun, pretending to be a waitresses. Below we had fun with these pom poms. First we had them hanging from fishing line from a tree and then we used on the photo stand. I made an American flag crate My DIY tutorial here that was a perfect fit for toddlers to sit on and the older girls could lean over.
Crate was perfect size for this cutie!
Second photo look for our stand.
I found these Retro Popcorn Boxes on Amazon also for my daughters carnival, I used them as a cupcakes stand and saved them so I can use them for another event.
Mason Jar Drinks tied with some red and white twine and flag pinwheel straws from Target

Handmade Valentine’s gift

The Girls wanted to make their nanny a present for Valentine’s. Not just a card, but something she would always keep. I made a conversational heart frame for myself a few years ago that I put on my fridge every year. I asked my oldest if she thought we should make a picture frame. 
What you will need for this gift: 
$1 wood frame (Hobby Lobby, Walmart or any craft store. 
Use a coupon at craft stores.)
Paint of your choice 
$1 Foam Conversational Hearts (Target)
My original frame was a thin piece of wood with no back that I got at Michael’s for 80 cents. I put a magnet on the back of it and taped a picture to the back. That’s why it goes on my fridge. This one is a little heavy and may not stay on the fridge with just one magnet. 
No sanding was needed with this frame, but you may need to sand yours with a little sandpaper. No primer – just two coats of paint. Let first coat completely dry (overnight) then do the second. After it is dry, you can start putting foam stickers on. I laid mine out on the frame first to see how I wanted to overlap them. This also helps to make sure no two colors are on top of each other and no two sayings are. 
Once you figure out how you want your conversational hearts, you are ready to peel the backs off. I do one at a time because these suckers are sticky. Press them firmly down. You can overlap one on top of another to complete the look and make sure there are no unnecessary holes. 
Now I just have to find a cute picture of my two girls to put in it. You could print off a cute saying too. This would make a great gift for a teacher, loved one or your neighbor, etc.  
While I was out shopping with a friend at Walmart the other day, she picked up a heart frame she was going to use for her husband from her daughter. I suggested she use chalkboard paint on the entire frame and use a few hearts. The chalkboard frame would be great for a teacher gift too.