Chalk paint furniture makeovers

Diy furniture makeovers #diy #diyfurniture

Guarantee these next projects will inspire you to find some antique furniture pieces and give them a makeover. I love simple projects, and I have stayed away from furniture makeovers because I was terrified of the time and mess I would make.  My mother opened a hair salon, and it is absolutely gorgeous, and the best part she did makeovers on all her furniture pieces. Our first project was this antique couch that she fell in love with the structure but not so much the fabric. before couch

As you can see much needed tlc was needed to this couch. Did you know you can paint fabric furniture pieces? Neither did but there are many tutorials all over the internet with chalk paint.

We first taped off the wood pieces on the furniture.

Next you wet your fabric with a spray bottle, you don’t want it soaking just damp.

Next we started painting on the wet pieces making circle movements. Once we painted the whole couch you let it dry over night. The next day you have to sand the paint a little and apply a second coat.

After the couch was dry we used Annie Sloan clear coat wax. This will help seal your paint and soften your fabric.

Our last step, we painted the wood a metallic silver. after diy couch

Not bad for a$60.00 couch!

My next project was this Hutch I found at Goodwill for $111.00. We are opening up our own spa line at the salon and we have been looking for a hutch to display some of our products, so when we came across this hutch, we had to snag it up. 20160102_171511

What I love about chalk paint, is you don’t have to sand and prime down your furniture pieces, which saves a lot of time and headache. This piece all I did was tape off my mirrors took the back off and painted away. We took out the middle door so it was more open with our products displayed. The back part we took off and covered in silver glitter wrapping paper.  after diy hutch12391364_1630752460518547_1809668577535423340_n 10313784_1630752490518544_3091979651299645046_n

a few other pieces painted with chalk paint.

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