Elsa Frozen Picture

Elsa Frozen Photo


I have had a few people asking for the Elsa Photo I had framed in my daughters Frozen Party. I believe I found this photo through Google images and saved to my computer.  For a copy of the photo right click and save to your computer. If you have troubles post a comment and I will email you my file. I also found my frame at Hobby Lobby of course!

Elsa Frozen Photo

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11 DIY Frozen Party Decor

Every Child and mommy out there is loving some Disney Frozen right now! If you’re having problems finding Frozen Party Décor or you’re looking for something different — we bring you 11 Easy DIY tutorials to help you throw your own Frozen Party!

Elsa Crown

Diy Backdrop

Tulle Puffs

 Frozen Journal

Frozen Snowballs


Frozen Treat Bags

Frozen Stand

Frozen Hair Bow Favors

Frozen Bubbles Treat Bags

 Frozen Branches

Frozen Party Frames

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Frozen Party

I’m not sure if my daughter had as much fun as I did creating this Frozen Party! With having two little girls of course we had to have a Frozen Birthday Party, and of course you cannot find anything Frozen right now to buy, so my friend and I pretty much had to make everything! you can find more pictures and other party’s here!
I used wrapping paper that I found at Hobby Lobby to create my backdrop and table runner. I glued snowflakes that  I had and the big white snowflakes I found at Hobby Lobby in the wedding section. I also used silver glitter wrapping paper to wrap around the table.   
Plastic cups with blue Jello
                                                                          DIY Tulle puffs 
Snowman donuts (tip use a toothpick to hold the head to his body because he will be rolling off!)
We had a “do you want to build a snowman station?” I created my own branch tree, here is our Diy Tutorial I used magic mold by Crayola for the dough, you can make your own but magic mold is mess free and us mommies like that!
Everyone including adults loved making snowman’s!

DIY frames here is our tutorial
All the girls received custom hair bows as part as Elsa’s coronation!
Elsa’s bracelets you can get here
DIY  treat bags
Anna’s Frozen Heart
Elsa’s Ice punch (sprite, blue Hawaiian punch and vanilla ice cream)

Frozen Party Decor tulle puffs DIY

We wanted some kind of cute decor for the upcoming Frozen party that could go in the food display. And we decided to go with Tulle puffs. They resemble little balls and when in white they tie into the snow decor.

This was our inspiration at Hobby Lobby. If you do not have the time to make your own Tulle puffs, just buy these. It is simple to put together and less time consuming. 6 count for $3.99, use a coupon and save even more. 
Now if you want to DIY, you will need:
Tulle of your color choice
thread or your choice 
toothpicks or sucker sticks or bamboo sticks 
piece of cardboard
I got my tulle on sale at Wal-Mart and choose plain white. The ones with glitter already in them do not work as well. I made one in blue glitter that we had choose to use on other decor and it clearly is not as pouffe or as pretty as the plain white ones.
Take your cardboard and cut to your desired puff size. We choose 3 inches. Fold tulle in half and wrap around your cardboard. You want to wrap around at least 10 times. The more you wrap, the puffier the poof.
Then slide the tulle off the cardboard and tie thread around the middle horizontally.
It will resemble a bow. Now you will cut the ends to open it up.
Cut threw all layers and on both sides.
After that you are ready to spread the tulle out to make a poof.

Finished product. Just need to trim up the ends a little and stick a toothpick in the middle. You can even make tulle garland at this point.

Final product on toothpicks stuck in with Oreo Balls made to look like snowballs

Frozen Journal

Check out these cute Free Journal Cards I came across. This site literally has every Disney Character out there! Look for your own favorite character and make your own journal. This is also cute for gift ideas!

I printed off a bunch and used a hole puncher and some ribbon to make my own journal for my daughter. She’s all about diary’s right now so I know she will just love this Frozen one I made her for her birthday!

Frozen Snowballs DIY

Here is a simple fun craft project you can do with your kiddos for a winter party or winter decorations! We made these for a Frozen birthday party.  These snowballs take no time to make. I bought a 4pack of Styrofoam balls at Ac Moore surprisingly Styrofoam is not cheap! I even went to the dollar store and they did have Styrofoam but the balls were tiny! So I had to use a 50% coupon at Ac Moore off of $4.98 so not to bad in price!
Supplies I used:
Styrofoam balls
Modge Podge
Epson Salt
Snowflakes ( optional)
Pour some Epson salt on a newspaper I added these snowflakes I had, once I added glitter to my Epson salt and my snowballs came out really cute. Next all you do is coat your Styrofoam balls in glue and roll your snowball over your Epson salt mixture and put aside to dry. make sure you pat your mixture well to your balls to ensure it’s stuck on there well.

Frozen Party Treat Bags

Frozen party DIY

Thought I would share these treat bags for an upcoming Frozen Party. It’s impossible right now to find Frozen treat bags – so you can make these for your party!  Party City has these bags, you can get a 10 pack for $5.99. I got my snowflakes at Wal-Mart after Christmas but you can get these Snowflakes on Amazon since its out of season.

Frozen Party Goody Bag Stuffers

With two Frozen parties coming up, we have been on the lookout for anything Frozen or Frozen related. I have found some great finds the past couple of days and decided to share.
The first find is an awesome clearance joy:

1. Star wands in Frozen worthy blue. These are on sale right now March 4, 2014 and located at Target in the party section.

4 wands in a pack.
2. This goody I came across at the Dollar Tree. I should take a picture of a ruler next to this. It is not big, it will fit in a treat bag no problem. I only came across one at the Dollar Tree I was at, so you may have to hit up all your Dollar Trees to score enough for the total number you need.
It comes with small colored pencils in the back and one sheet of reward stickers in the front.
3. This find I came across by chance at Wal-Mart. I never even go to Wal-Mart and just happen to see these. They were located up front near the registers.
This is a 4 pack of plastic cups for $2.98 which is a great deal as the cups that you buy themselves cost 87 cents a piece. The cups do not match our color scheme so I will be giving these cups to the birthday girls in the present bag.
It was like whatever was Frozen was thrown up here. That is a pillow and I came across PJs. The plates come in a 2 pack for $2.98 as well.
Read our other Frozen entries if you are looking for Goody Bag stuffers.
Also, Check out http://frozenmerch.tumblr.com she lists all the Frozen Merchandise that she comes across.

Frozen Party Goody Bag Bubbles

Like I have said before, Frozen is all the rage and has sold out in stores. Even Frozen inspired party stuff is all gone. Oriental Trading is a great place to order your party supplies from. They usually have them in bulk amounts. The one thing we wanted for our goody bags were these snowflake bubbles from Oriental Trading.

Wouldn’t you know – OUT OF STOCK!!!
Now I am a big fan of DIYing your theme into your goody bag. Remember the Lalaloopsy bubbles?
So off to the store to buy the supplies I will need to make my snowflake bubbles work.
Plain bubbles (you could do blue or clear) I went with clear
Snowflake stickers (found this roll at Hobby Lobby in the scrapbooking section)
These snowflakes can be wrapped around or cut to make your bubble wand awesome. Remember: No two snowflakes are the same, so your bubbles can be very different. This is a great project to get the kids involved on.
These bubbles would work for any Frozen or winter wonderland party. The stickers I found were in a roll, so we can use them on other projects.
Finished product: Pretty Cool looking Snowflake bubble wands.

Frozen Party Goody Bag Hair Bows

Disney’s Frozen movie is so popular that stores have sold out of party supplies, merchandise and clothing. So far we are looking at 2 Frozen parties, one in March and one in April. With stores slim on Frozen goods, we will have to make our own. So be on the lookout for a lot of Frozen DIY from us. It is the fun part of our jobs.

One of the things we decided to do was make Frozen inspired hair bows. These will go in the Goody Bags for the girls. Choose smaller size glitter ribbon for the younger girls and larger glitter ribbon for older girls.

 These are the ones we chose for the younger girls. Blue Glitter with Snowflakes.
Yes, they are for sale. Just Comment below with your email and I will give you the details.

The ones for the older girls! Silver Glitter with Snowflakes.
The book is a 2 in 1 find. Two books in one and it has stickers!!!! The book is by Lisa Marsoli and Illustrated by Joey Chou. I ordered it through Scholastic books but you may be able to find it in other book stores and even Walmart.
The stickers can be used on many different things for your party; tent cards, goody bags, in the goody bag, decorations, etc.