DIY Fall Yarn Felt Wreath

diy fall wreath

This cute Fall wreath is too cute not to share with others. Mary had one hanging in our office last fall and I loved it so much I had to replicate it.

What you will need to make this wreath:

Styrofoam wreath

  • Styrofoam wreath from a craft store. I picked mine up at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon. People also use pool noodles and tape them into a circle. Pool noodles can be found at Dollar Tree and way cheaper then the styrofoam kind.
  • Yarn of your color choice. I stuck with a tan, neutral color. Coordinating color yarn to be the x’s on the felt diamonds. I choose goldish-yellow that I had on hand.

Fall wreath felt

  • Felt. I choose burnt orange and chocolate brown for my argyle diamonds. Got mine at Hobby Lobby.
  • Fall decorations. I choose fall color flowers, leaves, pumpkins, and acorns. Can find at craft stores and Dollar Tree. The key is to find an assortment for $1-2.
  • Fall color ribbon. I went with orange solid I already had on hand.

Wrap the styrofoam wreath with your base yarn. I used one skein of “I love This Yarn” brand.  I used hot glue to seal the ends onto the wreath.

Cut the felt into equal squares. I only needed 5 of each color square. It depends on how big your wreath is. I hot glued the squares to the base yarn. Then I wrapped the gold yarn over the diamond in an  “X” pattern to create the argyle. I hot glued the back only.

I then did the orange ribbon. I looped the ribbon through the wreath and tied into a bow at the top. I measured it to my nail before I cut it. I seal my ribbon with a lighter, but you can use sealer. While the wreath was hanging, I arranged my flowers, acorns and pumpkins. I then hot glued them in place. Some people like to arrange their wreaths on the ground. I just found it easier to do it while it was hanging.

Total cost was: $8.


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