DIY Peanut Butter Easter Eggs

During Christmas I always make peanut butter balls so I thought I would try out Easter Eggs! They are really simple to make but I HIGHLY suggest using an egg mold that has more than 6 molds like I did – because you will be making these all day long! I have seen some people on Pinterest make them without the mold and shape there eggs with spoons but they really don’t come out all that pretty. So I found this mold at ACMoore and used a coupon and I believe I got it for less than $2.00. Right after Easter go check and they will probably be on clearance and you can use it for next Easter!
Peanut butter eggs
  • 1 ½ cups peanut butter, not natural peanut butter
  • 3 and 1/2 cups to 3 and 3/4 cups of powdered sugar
  • ½ cup butter. softened
  • 1 tsp. vanilla (I use Mexican vanilla its the best to bake with!)
  • Chocolate melting bark
Mix it all together with your blender, your mixture shouldn’t be sticking to your hands at all, if it is add a little more powdered sugar.
You first want to melt your chocolate and use about 1/2-1 tsp. of chocolate into each egg mold to coat the mold. Leave enough space for your peanut butter and top coat of chocolate. Once done put in freezer for a few minutes to set.
Once your chocolate is set I used about 3/4 tsp. of peanut butter mixture and press softly to mold to egg.
Now top your mixture with chocolate making sure its fully covered. And once again put in your freezer to set. Takes no longer than 5 minutes.
When you take them out you can smooth off the chocolate off the edges making your egg shape.
Once I had mine all done I used pink and blue melting chips and used a fork to spatter my eggs!

These are really affordable to make so far I have made 36 eggs and still have 1/2 peanut butter batter. They make cute treats! I found these cute Free Easter prints Here! Tied with some twine make perfect little Easter Treats!

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Twine covered Easter eggs

So Pinterest has a thousand ideas that I love for Easter. I came across these Shabby Chic Easter Eggs from

Tutorial on these beauties found here by Design, Dining + Diapers.

I had just finished my Jute twine covered letter and had extra twine left. I came across some foam white Easter eggs at Dollar Tree that I purchased and decided to use them instead of plastic eggs. They are smaller than the plastic ones, but still cute none the less.

Just add ribbon and buttons.

Easy Easter Decor – Easter Egg Garland Kids DIY

Sierra may color eggs every year, but I do not. Why? Well I do not eat boiled eggs, and neither does my Crew. So it is wasteful to just dye them and throw them out. In the past we have decorated plastic eggs with stickers. This year I decided to let them decorate cutouts of eggs to display.

My 6-year-old’s version of Chevron

What you will need to make this Easter Egg Garland
Pastel scrapbook pages (I chose Easter Colors)
Egg cutout, freehand an egg or Egg cookie cutter. I had an Egg cookie cutter on hand to trace on the paper.
String, twine, yarn or ribbon

I traced the cookie cutter on different colors of paper. I traced about 3 of each color. Then had the kids cut them out. I then had them decorate them. They could color them or draw on them. You can even paint, decorate with stickers or washi tape.

Next I taped my eggs on string and hung the garland up for all to see. This is extremely easy and children love to do it.

Easter is my favorite holiday to decorate for. Could be due to my fondness for Bunnies.

So I had my kiddos decorate some scribble art bunnies. I saw this on good ol’ Pinterest and decided to do her directions. You can find them here

I glued a cotton ball to one and pink pom pom to the other. I found the bunny templates at Craft JR HERE

Easter Basket Stuffers Doc McStuffins Book of Boo Boos and Headband DIY

We have a party in the near future for one sweet little Doc. She loves to take care of her toys so much, she is having a Doc McStuffins Party. I actually made these for Easter presents, but they will work for Doc McStuffins.
I thought I would share this with you for Easter baskets, or Doc McStuffins lovers or Party.

Little Book of Boo Boos

Supplies for the Big Book of Boo Boos:
Little notepad books (I chose the summer collection from Hobby Lobby ones $5.99) They come in different colors, but the kids do not mind. Use a coupon.
Pink Glitter paper (Hobby Lobby scrap booking section) to make your heart out of
Glue Gun


Just trace a heart out on the paper and cut it out. Hot glue to the book. Use a decent amount of glue because a couple of my hearts have come off since Easter last year. You can use foam tape if glue guns aren’t your thing. You can even get fat crayons from the Dollar Tree to put with the book.

Supplies for headband:
Headband pack from any store (got mine at Food City Grocery store) Chose them because of the glitter thread that was woven through.
Flower pack (Hobby Lobby in the EASTER section $2.99) See it makes sense to give these for Easter.
Glue Gun

Trace the flower you chose out on the felt. Hot glue the felt to the underneath of the headband. The flowers have a sticker side to them underneath. I used hot glue on the sticker side also to insure the flower stays on the felt. Then place the sticker side of the flower on top of headband lined up with the felt and smooth down. My little Doc went as Doc McStuffins for Halloween last year and does not really care for headbands. So I made her a alligator clip with the flower on it. Do Not take the sticker off the flower for this one. Just glue gun the back to the alligator clip.

Doc McStuffin Headband DIY