Doc McStuffins Birthday Party

Doc McStuffins Birthday Party with Diy tips and party ideas

Time for your check-up! My little girl just turned 4 and she loves her Doc McStuffins and babies, so for her birthday we combined the two and threw a Doc McStuffins birthday party with a baby check-up clinic. My best friend and I created everything from Doc Mcstuffins headband, doctor coats, felt band-aids and armbands and so much more.

 Doc McStuffin party birthday party

Doc McStuffin Birthday Party

Doc  McStuffin Birthday Party Party Food For the Vitamins we used Doc McStuffin fruit snack packs

Doc McStuffin Birthday Party Party food

Lambie tails Doc McStuffin Party

Doc McStuffin Birthday Party Party foodAt Party City you can buy candy pieces. I bought a few purple kisses to just add the color since not everyone likes dark chocolate, especially children! Doc McStuffins party

Doc McStuffin Party foodFor my Band-Aid wafers I used frosting gel to make a heart and added pink sprinkles.

Doc McStuffin Party food

Doc McStuffin party

Doc McStuffin Party

My daughter loves babies right now, so we created a “Time for your check-up” baby station. Each baby (purchased at Dollar Tree) had a little felt Band-Aid and felt arm band with a little purple blanket.  For the blankets I cut a purple handkerchiefs that I found at hobby lobby for .99 each into fours.

Doc McStuffin Birthady party

Doc McStuffin Birthday party

Doc McStuffin partyI found these Free pintables for our check-up station at professor poppins

Doc McStuffin party favors For our little Doctors each received a Doc McStuffin headband, Doc McStuffins headband tutorial and a doctors coat made from shirts

Doc McStuffin party We created these cute favor boxes for our treats. I found my Purple Treat Boxes here, I wrapped by boxes with purple sparkle ribbon found at A.C. Moore and created my own printables.

Doc McStuffin Party treats White chocolate Band-Aid favors you can find the mold I used Here. I have seen people make crayons using this mold also.

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Play Menu and Doctor check-up Printables

Check up forms

I have been planning my little girls Doc McStuffins birthday party and came across these free Dr. check-up Printables that will go perfect for the party.  I was checking out this great site and also came across this cute restaurant play menu.  My girls love to play kitchen and have little notepads that they like to pretend to take my orders and run off to make my food.  What I did with this cute Play Menu Printable is, I took it down to my local FedEx and laminated two copies. Next I purchased some dry erase markers so the girls could write, and circle on them. So today I was the ” best mommy ever!”   Omelette Menu AdPretend Play Menu Printable

It cost little over $3.00 to have two laminated, and my girls have been playing with them all afternoon! This could be a cute little add on gift for your children’s friends that you know they love to play kitchen! Now I want to see what else I can Laminate!

Doc McStuffins Headband DIY

Doc McStuffins headbands favors

Doc McStuffins Head bands

My little daughters Bday is coming up and she loves her Doc McStuffins. As Part of the girls favors they are all getting Doc McStuffins Headbands. I came across these headbands in the Target Dollar Section and thought they would be perfect for our little doctors! headband before

So Tina and I went on a hunt to Hobby Lobby. We found these treasures that worked out perfectly

Flowers at Hobby Lobby

This package had an assortment of flowers. We used pink but you could use purple to for this project.

Gems at Hobby LobbyThese little buttons easily hot glued on each flower

Flower Diy Doc McStuffins headband They are so cute! Next I cut little pieces of felt and hot glued to the headband so I could hot glue the flower to the felt and not the glitter part of the headbandNow I just hot glued my flowers to the felt. I have 10 little headbands ready for some doctors!

Doc McStuffins headbands favors

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