Halloween DIY Crafts- Potion Bottles

potion bottles post

Pretty sure you all have seen Hocus Pocus, if not you all are cray cray as my daughter would say and need to go watch this amazing movie. Anyway for my daughters Halloween party we had a witches ball. And because my older daughter is obsessed with witches we had all the little kids make their own potion for a fun activity.  I found these cute little bottles at Hobby Lobby. I waited until all the glass products were 50% off so I could get a good deal. I paid less than $1.00 a piece.

Next all I bought was these little plaques in the craft section that I hot glued to the jars. Crafts

For the potion we used spider & bat confetti and a spider ring that I cut the ring part off. Next they mixed it up and poured into their jars. halloween Crafts post

 Little Test Tubes I found at Target in the $1 section

halloween craftsI just love these!

Hallowen party children favors postLittle Halloween Favors for my little witches!

Happy Halloween!

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DIY Sugar Heart Molds

DIY sugar moldsMy Girls and I had fun making these easy DIY Sugar Hearts for a tea party we were throwing! I was making Sweet Tea Favors and you put inside a mason jar tea bags along with sugar cubes. Well I have never bought sugar cubes before so I thought, I bet I could make them. So my little girls and I experimented in the kitchen and had some fun.

All you need is 1 cup of sugar & 1tbs of water, if you want to add color add a little food coloring, I did some white and some red. Next just mix it up and fill your mold up — my kids favorite part!

The only tricky part is getting your sugar mold out. The first batch I made, I made them and took them out of the mold right away. This way worked the best –and then just let them dry on wax paper. When getting them out they are a little soft but you can still shape them.  The last time I made them I let them dry in the mold and then when I took them out, and about half of them broke — Sad moment.

sugar diy

Once your molds are fully dry you can fix your edges up.

And there you go, a fun easy DIY if you ever need to make some sugar molds! sugar hearts 1

Tea Party

sweet tea favorsHere is this adorable Tea party favors — Sweet Tea


Dollar Tree Craft Soap Dispenser

Dollar Tree Crafts

Cute and easy little DIY project you can do that only takes a few minutes to make and better yet a few dollars to make! On my last trip to Dollar Tree, I came across this porcelain soap dispenser and thought I could spruce it up!

Before dollar tree soap

I already had a can of chalkboard paint I used for my Chalkboard Frame DIY. I lifted the top part and took tissue and twisted it and put in the opening of the soap – so I didn’t get any paint in there. Next I sprayed two coats of chalkboard paint and let dry.  When fully dried, spray some Acrylic spray on your project so your paint seals, and your crafts last longer!

dollat tree soap chalkboard

For the fun part- I tied some of my Twine thread around it, and I found a chalkboard label I bought in a pack at the Target Dollar section at Christmas time.  You can write someone’s Initials on it for a gift or little message.  I thought this would make a cute little add on gift, or Christmas stocking stuffers, or even great employee gifts for when you have a lot of gifts to handout during the holidays!  Wrap up in some clear bags with a cute printable. I found this printable on Tip Junkie We Wash You A Merry Christmas! And there you go, fun little Diy craft!

soap gift

Dollar Tree Crafts

DIY Burlap Clothespin Frame

Burlap frame clothespin

Burlap, Chevron, and some sparkly clothespins – what’s not to love? So on one of my many trips to Hobby Lobby, I scored this fabulous frame that was originally $56 for little over $5 dollars! Love it! So I bought 2 of them! Always check out clearance at Hobby Lobby (this was in the 90% section). I wanted to create one of those clothespins frames that you see everywhere. I wanted the printed burlap that I found for $15.99 a yard at Jo Ann’s and because I am cheap I thought I could make my own. Well I did a few stencils and it was a hot mess! Apparently I cannot stencil. But I did find this chevron burlap at Hobby Lobby for only $5.99 a yard. I then used my 40% coupon app which made it $3.60. Love a great deal! frame hobby lobby

Now for my frame I had some Twine Jute thread. Once you buy a roll you will have this roll probably the rest of your life.


I used a staple gun to staple my thread to the frame. Once I had them placed, I cut out my burlap for my frame and stapled it. I found my mini clothes pins at Target craft section for less than $3.00.  You could also make your own with modge podge and glitter, but some things are just better already made! (glitter mess free!) When I was done I grabbed some burlap ribbon I had and made a bow, and hot glued it to my frame. And there you go; for less than $10.00 I made myself a Burlap Chevron clothespins frame! Now I have tons of Chevron burlap leftover. I need to think of something to do with it.

burlap frame after 1


Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party

jake cupcakes
We have a 4-year-old girl who loves and is obsessed with “Jake and the Neverland Pirates”. She went as Izzie for Halloween last October.


Izzy for Halloween

So we knew early on that she wanted a JNP party. We went with a pool party since her birthday is in July. This went well with the JNP theme. As far as planning went, it was easy but had some obstacles. It was 90 degrees out, so we had to be cautious of what we served. (Chocolate, ice cream, cheese, frosting – all melt or go bad.)

catch of the sea jake party

We put the cheese out right before eating to try to keep it fresh since we couldn’t keep it on ice.

Printables on ETSY.

jake and neverland goldfish

Little ones love Goldfish crackers. Purchased nautical printed plates from Michael’s to serve from.

Jake and neverland party food

Scully’s Crackers to go with the cheese.

jake party food

Shark Bait

Swedish fish as Shark Bait.


Gummy Worms as more Shark Bait.

party decor

We decorated the tables with JNP merchandise that the birthday girl already owned.

jake and neverland decorationsSome pirate decorations.

Jake water bottles

Water bottle covers from How to Nest for Less.

sea water

I put a full size print out of different characters on each bottle of different drinks. Sea Water Punch for Blue Gatorade.

jake drinks

Notice Jake is already wet from the condensation on the gallon of tea. Sweet of course.

jake drinks lemonade

This is a great way to cover up ugly containers, 2-liters, etc.  View our way that we decorated our cups here.

Jake and neverland treat bags

Items in our treat favor bags are listed in our DIY. “Thanks Matey!” printout was also from How to Nest for Less.

Check out our Girl Pirate party we hosted.

Pirate Party DIY cups

Themed party cups are not cheap. You can get a pack of 8 for $1.50 or more. When you have a party of 40 guests or more, the cost can add up. I bought a pack of clear plastic cups from Target and a pack of Jake and the Neverland Pirates (the birthday girl’s theme) stickers for half the price and still have extra cups.

photo 3-5

You can even get the children involved by placing the stickers on the cups, OR better yet take the cups and stickers to the party and let the party goers make their own cup!

photo 2-5

So easy, fast and a great way to pull your theme into your tableware.  Works on paper cups as well. When using on plastic cups, make sure to smooth the stickers down all the way and stack the cups inside each other.

photo 1-6


Also, view how to sticker bubbles and tie into your theme as well:

DIY Themed Bubbles

Banana Pudding Made Pretty

Banana pudding fancy it up

Moving to the south I have discovered many new things that that I love! I Probably don’t need them in my life as much as I like but on occasion we like to splurge! That being said, Yes Banana Pudding…. Amazing is all I can say! Why I never had this before until I moved here I don’t know but I  must share this yummy easy recipe with everyone! Oh and by the way Sweet tea in the south is Heaven!

If you’re throwing a party — this is something light and sweet you can make. Preparation is easy and fast. If you have kids you can have your kids help lay the cookies down in the layering process. Usually I have seen banana pudding served in a bowl or platter but you can have fun with this! I layered mine in wine glasses and topped with whip cream and placed a cookie and some cookie crumbs to dress it up.  You can make them in mason jars if you have the little mason jars that would also be cute!

If you decide to pour yours in glasses I just used a ladle to pour the pudding mixture in. Don’t worry if you get some on the sides you can clean it off and your going to top with whip cream anyway! (Note I wait until I am ready to take out dessert because the whip cream will soften up)

There are many different types of banana pudding recipes out there, I have tried a few but this is my favorite!

Banana Pudding Recipe

1 large pkg Instant vanilla pudding,

2 1/2 cups cold milk

1 can sweetened condensed milk (14 ounces)

1 container whipped topping, (16 ounces)

sliced bananas ( about 5-6 Bananas)

vanilla wafer cookies


Mix pudding and milk; add condensed milk. Blend it up add whipped topping blend until your filling has no lumps

Now you just layer your cookies down, top with bananas, pour pudding on top and repeat layers. For the top I lay my cookies down and crush a few all over.  If you want to dress up your pudding, you can put them in glasses or mason jars for a cute look! Just do the same layering method. For my wine glass I added whip cream to the top and dressed it up with a cookie and some crumbs!

Set in your refrigerator, you can eat this a few hours after being in the refrigerator but its best made the night before!

banana pudding party treats

Banana Pudding


Father’s Day candy tackle box DIY

Target had this candy tackle box for Valentine’s day this year. I kept it in mind for Father’s Day. This would be an easy DIY to give to any Father who loves to fish.
Bead box
Dad’s favorite small candies
Gummy Worms
Sour Worms
Swedish Fish
Gummy Fish
Or any other fish, worm or fishing candy/food.
Black, navy or other manly color ribbon optional.
You can pick up a bead box at Dollar Tree, or any craft store or in the craft section at Wal-Mart.
Dad can reuse the bead box for his fishing supplies or use in the garage for nuts and bolts.
Fill the box with your candies. Optional, run ribbon around the top and tape to top lid.
Print out a card for the top and tape it down and viola’
Try Lil’ Luna’s What a catch card
Or Try this one.

Retro 4th of July Photo’s

What’s fun about having kids is you get to play dress up! And us mommies will take advantage of any occasion to throw together some cute photo props to create fun photos! We wanted a retro look inspired by Coca-Cola and the 1950’s for this photo shoot. First I had a lemonade stand that my husband had made for my daughters Vintage Carnival Party and I have used this stand over and over for many events! Plus my husband made it out of an old wood fence so it was free! But fence wood is not costly. I found the made in America sign at Hobby Lobby for $4.96!

This booth would be cute for a 4th of July Party or a retro party. I found the pinwheels a few years ago at Party City. I used poster command tape to stick my pinwheels to the wood. The pom poms and Coca Cola sign were found at Hobby Lobby. I found my Coca Cola crate at a flea market, but you can find them on craigslist. I found myRetro slushy Machine on Amazon. The money is worth it if you have children, during the summer it stays out!  I borrowed my Retro popcorn machine but here is one from Amazon Retro Popcorn Machine
We let the girls have fun, pretending to be a waitresses. Below we had fun with these pom poms. First we had them hanging from fishing line from a tree and then we used on the photo stand. I made an American flag crate My DIY tutorial here that was a perfect fit for toddlers to sit on and the older girls could lean over.
Crate was perfect size for this cutie!
Second photo look for our stand.
I found these Retro Popcorn Boxes on Amazon also for my daughters carnival, I used them as a cupcakes stand and saved them so I can use them for another event.
Mason Jar Drinks tied with some red and white twine and flag pinwheel straws from Target

American Flag Crate DIY

Create your own American flag crate!
 I bought my crate at Wal-Mart for little over $9.00 you might be able to purchase it cheaper at AC Moore or Joann’s with a coupon. This was my first time painting this with all three different colors. I suggest first spray painting your crate red. When spray painting you can get all the little cracks and creases in the crate and will save you tons of time!! If you think you can tape the wood off so the spray paint doesn’t get on it, good luck getting that tape on in between the gaps, trust me its not worth your time. Paint your white stripes (it might take a few times) and let dry. I did my blue paint last so I could try and get a straight line. I strongly suggest finding a star stencil. I made mine last minute so I had to freehand my stars and the first time they came out horrible! I had to cover with paint and this time I printed out a star image from Google and traced it with pencil on my crate and then painted my stars with a thin brush. That time they came out a lot better but would look better with a stencil! If you like more of the “primitive look” you can get cream paint instead of white and a darker red paint. When fully dried – take a piece of sandpaper and a lightly sand your crate to the look you like.
               1 red spray paint
               Blue and white paint
               Star stencil
This crate doesn’t just have to be used for photos you can use your crate as a stand for food or anything at a party. You can also use it as a decoration in your house! I painted it so the girls could sit on it, but you can do it the other way and use take photos with a baby sitting in the crate. Or with decorations inside for décor for your house.