Chalk paint furniture makeovers

Diy furniture makeovers #diy #diyfurniture

Guarantee these next projects will inspire you to find some antique furniture pieces and give them a makeover. I love simple projects, and I have stayed away from furniture makeovers because I was terrified of the time and mess I would make.  My mother opened a hair salon, and it is absolutely gorgeous, and the best part she did makeovers on all her furniture pieces. Our first project was this antique couch that she fell in love with the structure but not so much the fabric. before couch

As you can see much needed tlc was needed to this couch. Did you know you can paint fabric furniture pieces? Neither did but there are many tutorials all over the internet with chalk paint.

We first taped off the wood pieces on the furniture.

Next you wet your fabric with a spray bottle, you don’t want it soaking just damp.

Next we started painting on the wet pieces making circle movements. Once we painted the whole couch you let it dry over night. The next day you have to sand the paint a little and apply a second coat.

After the couch was dry we used Annie Sloan clear coat wax. This will help seal your paint and soften your fabric.

Our last step, we painted the wood a metallic silver. after diy couch

Not bad for a$60.00 couch!

My next project was this Hutch I found at Goodwill for $111.00. We are opening up our own spa line at the salon and we have been looking for a hutch to display some of our products, so when we came across this hutch, we had to snag it up. 20160102_171511

What I love about chalk paint, is you don’t have to sand and prime down your furniture pieces, which saves a lot of time and headache. This piece all I did was tape off my mirrors took the back off and painted away. We took out the middle door so it was more open with our products displayed. The back part we took off and covered in silver glitter wrapping paper.  after diy hutch12391364_1630752460518547_1809668577535423340_n 10313784_1630752490518544_3091979651299645046_n

a few other pieces painted with chalk paint.

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Halloween Sugar Skull Crafts- Dollar Tree hacks

Cheap Halloween crafts dollar tree hacks #halloween #sugarskulls #dayofthedead #halloweendecorI know, I know- It’s August and I am posting Halloween, but If you’re a crafter you know every store is full of Halloween crafts and décor already. I have come across some things that I knew I could make cheaper and have found some things that are a great deal. SO I needed to share. I was at Jo-Ann Fabrics the other day admiring all their Halloween décor and came across these sugar skull candles. They were selling them for $6.99 sugar skull Very cute, but I remember coming across these candles at Dollar Tree.

dollar tree candle4Well in the next aisle at Jo-Ann’s I found these Sugar skull embellishment’s.

sugar skull decalFor two they were $4.99 with 25% off, making it $3.75. I turned my craft into two projects. I came across these goodies as well and couldn’t believe the price. They were not on sale but even if they were 50% off the price is still crazy. Halloween craftsI drink wine so I have wine bottles already able to use, but even if you don’t drink wine find a friend that does. You can also ask restaurants that serve wine if you can recycle their bottles for them. wine bottlesBuy a can of spray paint. I always buy mine at Wal-Mart for less than $4.00.  I wanted to spray my bottle with a gloss black instead of chalkboard.  The best tip for spray painting is to give yourself enough space to avoid paint runs. sugar skull crafts2

Once dried I added one of my sugar skulls.

sugar skull crafts 3

sugar skull crafts

For my candle, all I did was add the other sticker.

dollar tree crafts5

I also found this pumpkin at Dollar tree that I spray painted.

dollar tree crafts1I made myself a cute little arrangement for just a few dollars, with plenty of spray paint left for many more projects.

DIY Sharpie Coasters

Diy Sharpie coasters craft summer kids project

 Here is a  fun summer project you can do with the kids that doesn’t cost a lot and wont make a huge mess. I definitely had a lot more fun than my children did. Not only are these coasters so inexpensive to make they make perfect gifts for the holidays. For this project the only supplies you need:

  • Tiles ( Lowe’s .16 cents each)
  • Sharpie markers
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Straw
  • Clear Sealer
  • Cork board or Felt

DIY Sharpie Coasters I found my tiles at Lowe’s for .16 cents each. I bought a pack of Sharpies at JoAnn’s and used a 50% coupon. I also bought a sheet of corkboard for $3.00. craft2 sharpie diy coasters


Now time to get your coloring on

craft4 craft3I took a straw and dipped in rubbing alcohol and let drip on my coasters. If you add too much it will get messy and colors will run off. I suggest you help your children with this part. The great thing about this project if you don’t like they design the alcohol is making you can wipe it off and color again.craft10 craft0Tada! After your tiles dry after about an hour spray with clear sealer. Next I cut my corkboard and hot glued to the back of my tiles. You can also use felt.  craftt

My top 10 favorite New Year ideas

10 Fabulous New Years Party Ideas

So I am a little behind but I had to do a roundup of my favorite New Year ideas to help you ring in a New Year. What I love about my top 10 is they are all affordable, with Christmas just ending it’s safe to say we are all broke right now so getting crafty for New Years might just be a must. I hope you all have a fabulous and safe New Years!

Glitter Bottles for New Years1. DIY Sparkly Bottles by Evite

DIY-sparkle-lanterns-2. DIY Glitter Lanterns by chickabug

20153. Dress up your treats with our toppers at our Love It Soirees Etsy Shop

Glitter New Years ideas4. Fill Clear Balloons with confetti or Glitter

Glitter Cups5. DIY glitter cups by Nest of Posies

gold-mason-jar-accents6. DIY Glitter mason jars I love the gold spray painted coffee beans Source

tumblr_ldgl65Wxb41qattyro1_5007. Wrap star glitter garland around champagne glasses Source

DIY-Fringe-Garland-Tutorial8. Gold Glitter Garland backdrop by Classy Clutter

2-Star-Crown9. Star garland to glam up your hair by Brit

new-years-party-hats-coloring-page10. Keep those kids busy because you know they will stay awake with these free coloring pages by Squishy cute designs

Doc McStuffins Birthday Party

Doc McStuffins Birthday Party with Diy tips and party ideas

Time for your check-up! My little girl just turned 4 and she loves her Doc McStuffins and babies, so for her birthday we combined the two and threw a Doc McStuffins birthday party with a baby check-up clinic. My best friend and I created everything from Doc Mcstuffins headband, doctor coats, felt band-aids and armbands and so much more.

 Doc McStuffin party birthday party

Doc McStuffin Birthday Party

Doc  McStuffin Birthday Party Party Food For the Vitamins we used Doc McStuffin fruit snack packs

Doc McStuffin Birthday Party Party food

Lambie tails Doc McStuffin Party

Doc McStuffin Birthday Party Party foodAt Party City you can buy candy pieces. I bought a few purple kisses to just add the color since not everyone likes dark chocolate, especially children! Doc McStuffins party

Doc McStuffin Party foodFor my Band-Aid wafers I used frosting gel to make a heart and added pink sprinkles.

Doc McStuffin Party food

Doc McStuffin party

Doc McStuffin Party

My daughter loves babies right now, so we created a “Time for your check-up” baby station. Each baby (purchased at Dollar Tree) had a little felt Band-Aid and felt arm band with a little purple blanket.  For the blankets I cut a purple handkerchiefs that I found at hobby lobby for .99 each into fours.

Doc McStuffin Birthady party

Doc McStuffin Birthday party

Doc McStuffin partyI found these Free pintables for our check-up station at professor poppins

Doc McStuffin party favors For our little Doctors each received a Doc McStuffin headband, Doc McStuffins headband tutorial and a doctors coat made from shirts

Doc McStuffin party We created these cute favor boxes for our treats. I found my Purple Treat Boxes here, I wrapped by boxes with purple sparkle ribbon found at A.C. Moore and created my own printables.

Doc McStuffin Party treats White chocolate Band-Aid favors you can find the mold I used Here. I have seen people make crayons using this mold also.

Halloween Potion Wine Bottles DIY



Halloween candles diy decor

I have this obsession with anything to do with witches during Halloween! I am trying to create a witches kitchen for this photo shoot I am working on, creating different types of potion bottles and décor. I came across chalkboard wine bottles at Hobby Lobby that cost over $8.00 a bottle and I thought was cute but over priced. I drink wine therefore I could re-use my wine bottles. If you don’t drink wine ask your friends or people you work with to get their bottles, there is no need to pay for wine bottles. For this project All I bought was a can of chalkboard spray paint at Wal-Mart which is less than $4.oo and a set of long white candle sticks from Dollar Tree. I printed off these free Potion Labels. potion bottle labelsToday on my trip to Dollar tree they were putting out their Halloween stock and they also had potion bottle labels in a 8 pack that were stickers Dollar tree halloween labels

For my wine bottles I first soaked in soapy hot water so I can easily peel off the label. If you have any sticky residue I use Goo- Gone, I get a little bottle in the Target dollar section that last forever. After you wash them again let fully dry.

wine bottles

I Spray painted my bottles: make sure you stand a good distance away so you don’t get any paint runs on your bottles.  I like using the chalkboard paint because the black comes out better than regular black spray paint, and gives it a vintage look.

Halloween candles diy

After my paint dried I double sided tapped my labels to my bottles. Now For the fun part: I lite one of my dollar tree candle sticks and let drip over my bottles. You can use red candle sticks also to give the blood look. I cut my candle sticks different lengths for my bottles.

candleI wanted my candles to look a little vintage so I took my lighter and burned the sides of the candles to give the black run marks.

vintage halloween decor

halloween candle dripping

I can’t wait to use these in my house for Halloween decorations!

Falling in love with PUMPKINS! Pumpkin Round-Up

Pumpkin round-up title

Because Tina and I love everything pumpkin we figured a pumpkin round-up is definitely what we needed to start September off right! We gathered everything we love pumpkins from: recipes, desserts, pumpkin crafts, to good Ol Pumpkin spice latte recipes.  Check out our other round-up of: Falling in love with fall- Fall Porches.

First thing first, create your own Pumpkin Spice for your recipes found on: Howsweeteats


I love, love, loveee Pumpkin Spice Lattes and I probably drink way to many from Starbucks than I should because I need to save money. With that being said I found this amazing recipe from asimplepantry She makes her own syrup which has fewer calories and you can store in your refrigerator for weeks. Money saving thank you!


As if the Pumpkin Spice Latte wasn’t amazing enough I had to share her recipe for homemade pumpkin spice marshmallow. Imagine these wrapped up with a hot chocolate packet or Pumpkin spice k cups in a coffee mug for a gift. LOVE-IT! –asimplepantry If you are not feeling like a Betty Crocker, you can find pumpkin spice marshmallows at the store.

pumpkin spice mallows

pumpkin hot cocoaI have never tried Pumpkin spice hot cocoa but I could only imagine that would be another thing I can add to my list of addiction. You can find the recipe at Americancupcakeabroad.

la99191_1002_potpouri_xlFill your house up with Pumpkin Spice Aroma by cleaning out a pumpkin, rubbing cinnamon or pumpkin spice spices to the top of the lid and light a tea light candle inside. Why didn’t I think of that you smart Marthastewart.

PumpkinBrowniesI love recipes that I find that are super easy but people think I can bake amazing, I found this Pumpkin Cheesecake mousse recipe that you can top your brownie bites with again : chocolate + Pumpkin, yes please! shakentogetherlife.

pumpkin-roll-It’s not fall until you have a bite of Pumpkin roll. Sweetpeaskitchen has tons of Pumpkin recipes that all look amazing.


Swankyrecipes have pulled together 10 pumpkin seed recipes for roasting. Cute for movie night!

glitterpumpkin_titleMy kids like to carve pumpkins but I just like to decorate them, I found this cute idea at: unoriginalmom.

69fac05f74126b59911191bb59761944I love white lights, if I could I would have lights outside all year long. How simple is wrapping white lights around pumpkins and they turn out so pretty!

Hallowen-party-children-favors-post-768x1024Last year I had a Halloween party for my daughters and we have out little Pumpkin Favors for the children to decorate.

4x4-pumpkin-9-logo-title-750x649I’ll take some these pumpkins that don’t die! Try this craft by: Simplykierste they look adorable!

bleaching pumpkinsI can’t wait to try this trick for my pumpkins: wash in bleach for pumpkins lasting longer indoors I found on: Sweetwaterstyle.

ft_oct04msl03_xlThese DIY pumpkin lanterns look adorable to decorate with found on: Marthastewart. If your not feeling crafty I have seen them already made at party city.

Pumpkin-Spice-Muffins-copy-709x1024You will definitely fill your house up with pumpkin spice aroma, while baking these Pumpkin Spice muffins by:  Tutti-dolci.

pumpkin everything please

And lastly a pumpkin loving Freebie printable: Pumpkin Loving Printable.




Burlap DIY Fall Garland


Burlap garland Diy Decor

I have been getting my “craft on” for my fall Décor this season. I found this 15 ft. Burlap at Hobby Lobby already in a roll for $5.99 and I used a 40% coupon app so it came out to $3.60. They have the same roll in the Christmas section and the fall section with just the title fall or Christmas and it’s already 40% off, that way you can save your 40% coupon for something else.  I have seen these garland go for over $25 on etsy and $25 at Hobby Lobby. No, I only do easy crafts so if I can do this — anyone can! burlap store

The way I gathered my burlap:I used florist wire. I first tried a needle with thicker string and it was just not working out well for me.  I simply unrolled my burlap across my living room floor sat down and as I ran my wire through I bunched my burlap. Play with it – the closer you bunch, the tighter your garland will look. At the end of each wire I tied twine around it so It would look better when I tied up.


Diy burlap garland bunched

There you go another easy craft. They do have shimmer burlap that I thought was pretty, it does cost a few dollars more.  Cant wait to put some pumpkins under my garland!  burlap garland diy fall decor



Doc McStuffins Headband DIY

Doc McStuffins headbands favors

Doc McStuffins Head bands

My little daughters Bday is coming up and she loves her Doc McStuffins. As Part of the girls favors they are all getting Doc McStuffins Headbands. I came across these headbands in the Target Dollar Section and thought they would be perfect for our little doctors! headband before

So Tina and I went on a hunt to Hobby Lobby. We found these treasures that worked out perfectly

Flowers at Hobby Lobby

This package had an assortment of flowers. We used pink but you could use purple to for this project.

Gems at Hobby LobbyThese little buttons easily hot glued on each flower

Flower Diy Doc McStuffins headband They are so cute! Next I cut little pieces of felt and hot glued to the headband so I could hot glue the flower to the felt and not the glitter part of the headbandNow I just hot glued my flowers to the felt. I have 10 little headbands ready for some doctors!

Doc McStuffins headbands favors

 Also check out our Big Book of Boo Boos DIY and other Doc McStuffins Post 

Halloween DIY Crafts- Witches Spell Books


witches book


EK! I cannot tell you enough how excited I am Halloween is around the corner! Fall is my favorite time to craft because we all know I am a big kid at heart when it comes to the holidays, no you can never have enough decorations that being said Halloween décor can be costly and yes I can get carried away! So last year I decided to get my craft on and see what I could come up with on my own!  bookI found a cardboard book that can open up at Hobby Lobby ($4.99) use a 40% coupon app if not on sale makes it $3 bucks. I painted it black and used a gloss black paint. I headed on over to the scrapbooking section and picked up some Halloween scrapbook paper. Always try to stock up when you see advertised 50-60% off! Once your paint is fully dried cut your paper to fit your book. Brush modge podge where you want to lay your paper and then brush the top of your paper with modge podge. When I lay my paper down I use an old credit card to try to avoid bubbles! I found my Eat Drink & be Scary printable at Hobby lobby, it came in a pack of three in the craft section.

Warning: because these books are so easy they become addictive and are so much fun to make!

halloween party post