Audrey Hepburn Quote

Audrey Hepburn quoteI am wanting to redo my bedroom and master bathroom in a modern inspired theme. I love Kate Spade/old Hollywood style but I am not wanting to spend crazy amounts of money.  I created one of my favorite Audrey Hepburn quotes into a printable that I can frame for my bathroom.

Feel free to download for yourself!

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FedEx Prints for those random frames you find

Fedex prints for those random frames you findWhen I first bought my house I wanted to create a gallery wall in my daughter’s room with shabby chic frames. Well little did I know those frames are costly. So I went on a hunt for frames! I found some at yard sales, some in my grandmas basement and some in the clearance section. Little by little after I gathered my frames and spruce them up with spray paint I was ready for my pictures! This is where FedEx comes in, so now I had all these random sized frames that were not normal picture sizes. Well our friends at FedEx make it easy for us! Call your local FedEx and ask for their email for prints to be made, load up your pictures on the email with measurements of your frame for your prints. Note: specify you want photo paper because if not they will wait till you pickup to ask you, ugh! All of my individual prints has always been less than $2.00. They also have this machine there that you can blow up huge posters for only .75 a square foot but it’s only black & white,  but could be a fun project!

Yard sale diy picture frame

My cute little Ava on her first birthday! Found this frame at a yard sale and sprayed it up. Defiantly a tricky frame for a photo – Thank you FedEx!

Magnet board turned Diy frame

This frame – believe it or not is actually a dry erase board I found in the clearance section at Kirkland’s!

DIY Frame  ideasPainted some letters from Hobby Lobby to create my gallery wall

gallary wall magnet board turned framesGallary wall yard sale frames

My daughters rooms are coming along,  Ava’s wall I did her first birthday and second birthday photo, I’m running behind because she is about to be 4! If you’re creating a gallery wall and want different sizes remember FedEx prints.

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Apothecary Jars

I Just love my Apothecary Jars! first you can get my three favorite on Amazon here Apothecary Jar 3 Piece Set for a great price! I have added to my collection over time finding good deals. Kirklands has a set in the bathroom section also for a great deal! Here is a all the thing I have done with them so far! I love using them for décor ideas and candy buffets for party’s! the possibilities are endless!

Frozen Party Decor tulle puffs DIY

We wanted some kind of cute decor for the upcoming Frozen party that could go in the food display. And we decided to go with Tulle puffs. They resemble little balls and when in white they tie into the snow decor.

This was our inspiration at Hobby Lobby. If you do not have the time to make your own Tulle puffs, just buy these. It is simple to put together and less time consuming. 6 count for $3.99, use a coupon and save even more. 
Now if you want to DIY, you will need:
Tulle of your color choice
thread or your choice 
toothpicks or sucker sticks or bamboo sticks 
piece of cardboard
I got my tulle on sale at Wal-Mart and choose plain white. The ones with glitter already in them do not work as well. I made one in blue glitter that we had choose to use on other decor and it clearly is not as pouffe or as pretty as the plain white ones.
Take your cardboard and cut to your desired puff size. We choose 3 inches. Fold tulle in half and wrap around your cardboard. You want to wrap around at least 10 times. The more you wrap, the puffier the poof.
Then slide the tulle off the cardboard and tie thread around the middle horizontally.
It will resemble a bow. Now you will cut the ends to open it up.
Cut threw all layers and on both sides.
After that you are ready to spread the tulle out to make a poof.

Finished product. Just need to trim up the ends a little and stick a toothpick in the middle. You can even make tulle garland at this point.

Final product on toothpicks stuck in with Oreo Balls made to look like snowballs

Frozen Snowballs DIY

Here is a simple fun craft project you can do with your kiddos for a winter party or winter decorations! We made these for a Frozen birthday party.  These snowballs take no time to make. I bought a 4pack of Styrofoam balls at Ac Moore surprisingly Styrofoam is not cheap! I even went to the dollar store and they did have Styrofoam but the balls were tiny! So I had to use a 50% coupon at Ac Moore off of $4.98 so not to bad in price!
Supplies I used:
Styrofoam balls
Modge Podge
Epson Salt
Snowflakes ( optional)
Pour some Epson salt on a newspaper I added these snowflakes I had, once I added glitter to my Epson salt and my snowballs came out really cute. Next all you do is coat your Styrofoam balls in glue and roll your snowball over your Epson salt mixture and put aside to dry. make sure you pat your mixture well to your balls to ensure it’s stuck on there well.

Inspirational Wall

Hallway Décor

So we all have those awkward hallways we don’t really know what to do with. Well my new obsession is all the chalkboard art you find everywhere with quotes. Well I don’t want them all over my house so this I call my Inspirational Wall, of the things that I have collected so far that mean something to me. Of course I have to have my children up there so for less than $6.00 I created my own black and white canvas. (DIY Tutorial coming soon)  
My husband thought I was crazy putting these photos like an art wall, but when it was done I loved it! It’s by far the favorite thing in my house!