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Halloween decorating ideas #halloween #fall #halloweencrafts

October is here, so I had to get my decorating on so I can enjoy Halloween for the whole month. Some of my decorations I have made myself and others bought at some of my favorite stores.  One of my favorite things I did this year, is cover up one of my photos with black scrapbook paper and command strips and used this $1 Drink up Witches sign I found in the Target dollar section, for literally $2.00 I made the cutest sign.halloween cheap decorations

halloween decor Pretty sure I was a witch in my past life because I love anything, witches. I created my little witches corner. I found my Witch at Tuesday Morning for $24.99. They have all different Witches to choose from, but I suggest going in early September because by October they are gone. Learned my lesson from last year. halloween decor A few years back I made these DIY spell books Diy Post here. I found my little potion bottle in the Target dollar section. It completed my little witches corner. halloweenEvery year Target has these spooky talking phones, that my kids love. I covered Dollar Tree cobwebs over everything because my children can’t keep their hands off everything.halloweenI bought this little bag of bones while I was in New Orleans, however I saw the same bag at Stein Mart for $6.99

halloween decor I found these Day of the Dead decals at Jo Ann’s (2015) here is my diy post. halloween decor This year I am having a Day of the Dead Halloween Party, and my color theme is black and white, so when I came across this at Joann’s I had to have it.   halloween82015

I crafted this little sign together with a piece of scrapbook paper and these foam stickers I found at Hobby Lobby.

batsYou can find these sticker bats at Target and they are only $5.00. I bought this picture at Kirkland’s a few years back, and I have so many friends that love it that I made a copy-cat free printable, you can print it out and frame.Free Halloween Printable #halloween #halloweenprintables #halloweenquotes

fall porch ideas
My little fall porch set up I did this year. I went to wal-mart for the best prices for mums. Don’t buy your mums from the display, first check their nursery for better deals. When I checked their nursery they had over two full rows of 50% reduced mums, not because they were dying just because they were the older batch. Each Mum only cost $1.99. Another tip, of course buy your Halloween decor the day of Halloween or the very next day. Wait any longer and it will be picked over. I found this sign for less than $5 at kirklands last year after Halloween.  flowers
full of new budshalloween porch ideas

Christmas isn’t the only holiday you can decorate your house with lights. You can buy a box of orange or purple lights for less than $4.00. I added black tulle every foot on my string of lights. I added more this year under my roof of my porch sweeping back and forth, to make it a little more magical. Yes, I’m a little kid at heart.

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Halloween Sugar Skull Crafts- Dollar Tree hacks

Cheap Halloween crafts dollar tree hacks #halloween #sugarskulls #dayofthedead #halloweendecorI know, I know- It’s August and I am posting Halloween, but If you’re a crafter you know every store is full of Halloween crafts and décor already. I have come across some things that I knew I could make cheaper and have found some things that are a great deal. SO I needed to share. I was at Jo-Ann Fabrics the other day admiring all their Halloween décor and came across these sugar skull candles. They were selling them for $6.99 sugar skull Very cute, but I remember coming across these candles at Dollar Tree.

dollar tree candle4Well in the next aisle at Jo-Ann’s I found these Sugar skull embellishment’s.

sugar skull decalFor two they were $4.99 with 25% off, making it $3.75. I turned my craft into two projects. I came across these goodies as well and couldn’t believe the price. They were not on sale but even if they were 50% off the price is still crazy. Halloween craftsI drink wine so I have wine bottles already able to use, but even if you don’t drink wine find a friend that does. You can also ask restaurants that serve wine if you can recycle their bottles for them. wine bottlesBuy a can of spray paint. I always buy mine at Wal-Mart for less than $4.00.  I wanted to spray my bottle with a gloss black instead of chalkboard.  The best tip for spray painting is to give yourself enough space to avoid paint runs. sugar skull crafts2

Once dried I added one of my sugar skulls.

sugar skull crafts 3

sugar skull crafts

For my candle, all I did was add the other sticker.

dollar tree crafts5

I also found this pumpkin at Dollar tree that I spray painted.

dollar tree crafts1I made myself a cute little arrangement for just a few dollars, with plenty of spray paint left for many more projects.

Dollar Tree Craft Soap Dispenser

Dollar Tree Crafts

Cute and easy little DIY project you can do that only takes a few minutes to make and better yet a few dollars to make! On my last trip to Dollar Tree, I came across this porcelain soap dispenser and thought I could spruce it up!

Before dollar tree soap

I already had a can of chalkboard paint I used for my Chalkboard Frame DIY. I lifted the top part and took tissue and twisted it and put in the opening of the soap – so I didn’t get any paint in there. Next I sprayed two coats of chalkboard paint and let dry.  When fully dried, spray some Acrylic spray on your project so your paint seals, and your crafts last longer!

dollat tree soap chalkboard

For the fun part- I tied some of my Twine thread around it, and I found a chalkboard label I bought in a pack at the Target Dollar section at Christmas time.  You can write someone’s Initials on it for a gift or little message.  I thought this would make a cute little add on gift, or Christmas stocking stuffers, or even great employee gifts for when you have a lot of gifts to handout during the holidays!  Wrap up in some clear bags with a cute printable. I found this printable on Tip Junkie We Wash You A Merry Christmas! And there you go, fun little Diy craft!

soap gift

Dollar Tree Crafts

DIY Ring Toss

Here is a fun, cheap tutorial on how you can make your own Ring Toss for any party. I bought embroidery hoops at Jo-Ann Fabrics. Mine came in a three pack. Over in the fabric section I looked at the quarter samples first to pick my fabric. The quarter size is more than enough for this project.
Here is the fabric I picked out for a vintage cowgirl party. Cut your fabric strip. It doesn’t have to be perfect because you’re going to wrap it around your hoops anyway.
All you do is wrap your hoop with your fabric piece. Start with applying hot glue to your hoop, place fabric over and keep looping it around your hoop until its completely covered, apply another glue dot to seal the fabric. You should only have to apply glue two times.
Next you can find your crate at most craft stores. Use a coupon for best price. You can spray-paint your crate to any color of your party. For the bottles we used A&W Root Beer bottles.
My first ring Toss I made for our Vintage Carnival Party and the second ring toss for our Vintage Cowgirl Party

Crafters rejoice with Target $1 and $3 spot

Came across these gems in the $3 spot at Target. They are blue tinted mason style glass jars that come in a 2 pack.
One of the many things you can do with these are use them as table decor for parties or weddings.
From Pinterest
Our glass at a party

These decorated clothespins are super cute. You can glue a magnet on the back and put on your fridge. $1 at Target.

Ribbon and baker’s twine all for $1.
Vintage Kraft labels that you can put on your mason jars or other crafts. $1 at Target.

Scrapbook Paper Crafts

DIY Party Props
Here is why I love scrapbook paper, it’s not just for scrapbooking! Keep an open mind about the fun projects you can do with simple basics. So I have been on the search for cute cupcake stands, platters or anything from my Frozen Birthday Party that I am doing for my daughter, and I cant find anything. I lie – I found a few cupcake stands that I want but will cost $80.  So I decided I will just have to see what I can come up with. I went to Joann fabrics and bought a plain box $7.99 and used my 20% off total purchase coupon making it $6.40.
I went over to my favorite scrapbooking paper section and they have tons and tons of options.  They had every shade of blue and glitter so I found exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately the scrapbooking wasn’t on sale but I was able to use my 20% coupon off $1.99 making them $1.60 each. I bought 4 just to be safe!
I measured my box and cut away. At first I used Modge Podge to glue the back of the paper down and that was a horrible idea because the paper was thick and it was bubbling. So I used my hot glue gun and within 10 minutes my box was done!
And here you go! It’s not perfect but I think it will work out perfect for the party! I will post pictures of what I end up using it for at the Frozen Party!