Gifts in a Jar DIY

While Sierra and I were out and about “Targeting,” (Target Shopping- It’s a sport. LOL) we came across some cute jars filled with candy for $3.99. Sierra decided to get them and spruce them up for her daughter’s jazzy jar entry. As soon as I saw them, I knew I could make them and for a better price.

Target candy jars

See I have a Starbucks addiction, so I go thru a lot of Starbucks bottles. I do recycle them and usually have some on hand at any given time. So you will need a recycled Starbucks bottle, candy of your choice, cute ribbon. The good thing about Starbucks bottles, is they are shaped similar to old milk bottles and they are easy to spruce up. Hot soapy water should get the label off. I used “goof off” to get the residue off after the label came off. Could use goo gone or any other adhesive remover. Give them a good wash or run thru the dishwasher. I did paint my lids but you could leave as is and tape a label on the top.

candy at Target

Now fill with your favorite candy, or pretzels and tie a ribbon.

Starbucks recycled gift bottle

Christmas inspired with peppermints and chalkboard label. $1 for the candy

snowman bottle

Snowman inspired with buttons hot glued and felt scarf filled with white chocolate pretzels. $1 for pretzels. Already had spare buttons and felt.

Wild Bird Feed gift bottle

Wild bird feed. Taped a label on it and hot glued jute string around the top. Free cause I had everything on hand. candy

Here is sierra’s after she jazzed hers up. You may also like our jazzy jar post,  it may give you ideas for  gifts in a jar too.

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Winter Children crafts

Winter crafts

Each year at Thanksgiving we like to entertain our crew of children with some crafts for the holidays while food is being prepared. There are 4 kids, 2 girls and 2 boys ages 7 and 4. (That’s a whole other post on how I could never be pregnant by myself. LOL) This year I talked to my sister about what we wanted to do and sent her some ideas and then went off to the craft stores. I picked up a Gingerbread felt kit at Joann’s that was on sale and makes more than enough for our kids. I also got a pack of snowflake foam stickers there for a $1. I grabbed some foam sheets and magnets that I already had, glue gun and other craft stuff and headed to my hometown.

gingerbread and winter frame

I took a 4X6 picture as a template and placed in the middle of the foam sheet and traced it out. Cut out the middle and let the kids decorate their picture frame. When all was done, I placed the magnet on the back and we have a winter wonderland frame to go on the fridge.

Next I let the kiddos decorate their Gingerbread men and women. This is were the glue gun came in because some of the felt pieces were not stickers. It says you could use Elmer’s glue, but I just used the glue gun and had the kids tell me where they wanted the pieces. Placed a magnet on the back and up on the fridge they went.

gingerbread and winter frame

My sis picked up some clear ornaments, a small funnel, christmas ribbon, hot cocoa, mini marshmallows,  sprinkles, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips and mini M&M’s at Wal-Mart.

Supplies for Hot Cocoa ornament

She let the kids funnel or spoon in their layers of hot cocoa and toppings into their ornaments. We only did one pack of hot cocoa but the ornament could hold 2 and toppings. Tied a ribbon of their choice to the top and the kids have a hot cocoa ornament for the tree.

Hot cocoa oranments

Lastly I had Sierra’s two kids over after Thanksgiving to do crafts. I had them do the gingerbread magnet and all the girls make a snowman card. I took blue cardstock in half and cut it. I painted the palm of their hand with white paint and pressed it down on the cardstock and then let them use markers to draw their snowman a face, arms, buttons, hat and scarf and lots of snowflakes. This also works on ornaments.

snowman card

snowman card