Hello Kitty Birthday Party

Hello Kitty Party Ideas #birthdayparty #hellokittyMy daughter decided to have a “Hello Kitty” birthday party this year. We took our kids to Disney World for the first time this year so her birthday party was very “budget friendly”.  For her, party we had cupcakes, Hello Kitty wafers, and chocolate candy for the kids.hello kitty partyYou can find these Hello Kitty faces at any craft store in the baking section. I drizzled melted chocolate over and two minutes later done!

hello kitty party #hellokittyI found this candy mold at Hobby Lobby for less than $2.00

hello kitty birthday girl partyI used Hello Kitty wrapping paper I found at Party City. I printed Hello Kitty coloring pages I found off Pinterest for my backdrop, that the kids later took down to color. hello kitty party birthday party favorsFor our party favors, we made Hello Kitty faces. We used white mold clay, pipe cleaners for her ears and whiskers, and colored molding clay for her nose and eyes.  Of course we used a piece of red ribbon for her bow.  My Hello Kitty looks more like a bunny, but the kids loved it! hello kitty party favors

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Adopt a puppy birthday Paw-Tay

Adopt a puppy party free puppy party printables #puppyparty #party #freeprintableCheck out our adorable Adopt-A-Puppy Paw-Tay. My daughter just turned 5 and loves puppies, so we decided to have a puppy party. This party I really didn’t spend a lot of money on because I had a lot of party décor already that I could use. I created all my own printables that I am sharing with you all today. Click the below picture for your free printables.8x10 adopt a puppy signFor all the kids, we had an adopt a puppy table. I found these cute puppies on Amazon, they were definitely worth the cost and all the kids loved them. You can also find puppies at Dollar Tree, but it’s hit and miss when they have them. puppy party #adoptapuppy
I found these adorable free adoption certificates by Chickabug Apopt a puppy party #puppypartyWe had a create your own puppy collar. I found puppy bowls at Dollar Tree that I spray painted white to match my colors. I  also found the beads and alphabet beads and pipe cleaners at Dollar Tree. I bought these little bones at Dollar Tree that I painted pink and added glitter. If you’re lucky enough to have an Ikea by you, you can find these frames there for also a $1. I had 12 kids and one pack of alphabet beads was enough letters to make all their puppy names.  puppysEach puppy had a puppy blanket. I bought one yard of fabric from Hobby Lobby, that matched perfectly.

doggie bags1 #puppyparty

Doggie bags #puppypartyMy bestie, with her perfect bow making skills, made these bows. I found the buttons at Hobby Lobby and the ribbon at AC Moore. I forgot to take a picture of their treats inside, but I found Scooby Doo sour straws at Dollar Tree and put in puppy tattoos and puppy stickers.puppy party #puppyparty

puppy chow #puppypartyFor our sweets; we had Puppy Chow (Chex mix cookie flavor), Poodle fluff (Cotton candy), Chew sticks (licorice), Puppy bones were Scooby Doo graham crackers. They also have Scooby Doo fruit snacks at the store. I tied around my jars these bags I found at Dollar Tree.puppy treats #puppyparty

Puppy party food candy #puppyparty
I made these chocolate favors from a mold I found at Ac Moore. The mold cost less than $2.00 and the chocolate cost less than $3.00 a bag.wipe your paws #puppyparty

Ava1For the food; we had hot dogs and different sides. We had popsicles for the kids because it was also a pool party.  We put the popsicles in a cooler with ice and they melted so we had to move them to the freezer, so I suggest to eat them quick.pupsices #puppyparty
adopt a puppy party cake
We bought our cake at Wal-Mart. I was so happy they had some dog images. We just had to ask the baker and she had some images in another book she showed us. My daughter picked out the dog for her cake.  ava suprise

My daughter was delighted with her big surprise present of a puppy for her birthday!

Children “I am thankful” Ideas

Children  free thankful printables #freebie #thanksgiving

November is the month full of thanks! Here are some ideas and free printables to help your children celebrate the month of Thanksgiving

leaf template

Make your own thankful banner or thankful tree with these Free Leaf Template by Janeb-Myblog

I am thankful for free printable thanksgivingFreebie I am so thankful for… blank cards for children


Cute Free Thanksgiving jokes for your little ones lunchboxes by The Mother Huddle

placemat-printLove  this thankful placemat by Dimple Prints: consider laminating this at FedEx so they can reuse to keep them busy on Thanksgiving.

I am just so thankful to have you in my life free printable thanksgiving

I created these cute Thankful gift tags you can attach to gifts. Your child can also draw a picture on the back and use it as a card.

Thankful to have a teacher & friend like you free printable

Because our kids are always thankful for their teachers & friends: free gift tags

Witches Kitchen Halloween Party Shoot

halloween party ideas My little witches had so much fun shooting this fun Halloween witch’s kitchen shoot. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so at this house we go ALL out. Luckily I have two little girls that love Halloween as much as I do. So they were definitely up for dressing up as witches for some cute Halloween photos. If you’re throwing a Halloween party don’t forget the dry ice, all the kids love it!

Halloween Party witches shoot   halloween party witches shootwitches partyhalloween party witches shoot I bought my flowers at Dollar Tree and the vase is made from a Starbucks glass; spray painted with mirror glass spray, let dry then spray painted chalk board paint and I used sandpaper while the paint was wet to give a dirty look.

halloween party witches shoot halloween food halloween party witches shoot  My frog eggs Jell-O: lime Jell-O with green maraschino cherry’s  halloween party witches shoot

Making their potions! I collected jars and used these Free potion labels. I added water and a piece of dry ice to each jar, then I gave each little witch a test tube full of food coloring and water to pour into their dry ice jars, so they could watch what happened next. If you have never played with dry ice before with your kids, you need to. The water bubbles up and smokes and the kids will love it. “Of course don’t let them touch it!”

Halloween party witches shoot as you can see, magic! halloween witches shoot halloween witches shoot  halloween witches shoot Love this little witch!

halloween23Having fun with this cutie and our Halloween props

Halloween witches  shoot

Of course every witch has to have a cat

halloween party witches shoot

FedEx Prints for those random frames you find

Fedex prints for those random frames you findWhen I first bought my house I wanted to create a gallery wall in my daughter’s room with shabby chic frames. Well little did I know those frames are costly. So I went on a hunt for frames! I found some at yard sales, some in my grandmas basement and some in the clearance section. Little by little after I gathered my frames and spruce them up with spray paint I was ready for my pictures! This is where FedEx comes in, so now I had all these random sized frames that were not normal picture sizes. Well our friends at FedEx make it easy for us! Call your local FedEx and ask for their email for prints to be made, load up your pictures on the email with measurements of your frame for your prints. Note: specify you want photo paper because if not they will wait till you pickup to ask you, ugh! All of my individual prints has always been less than $2.00. They also have this machine there that you can blow up huge posters for only .75 a square foot but it’s only black & white,  but could be a fun project!

Yard sale diy picture frame

My cute little Ava on her first birthday! Found this frame at a yard sale and sprayed it up. Defiantly a tricky frame for a photo – Thank you FedEx!

Magnet board turned Diy frame

This frame – believe it or not is actually a dry erase board I found in the clearance section at Kirkland’s!

DIY Frame  ideasPainted some letters from Hobby Lobby to create my gallery wall

gallary wall magnet board turned framesGallary wall yard sale frames

My daughters rooms are coming along,  Ava’s wall I did her first birthday and second birthday photo, I’m running behind because she is about to be 4! If you’re creating a gallery wall and want different sizes remember FedEx prints.

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Bake Sale for Charity: Lazy Chocolate Chip Bars



Lazy Cookie Bar

Earlier we posted our Lemonade Stand for Charity — well here is another idea you can have fun with this summer with your kids. Host a bake sale for a local charity in your community. Currently at my job we are hosting a food drive for Second Harvest.  Second Harvest Feeding America, has food banks throughout the whole country, and are always excited to hear how you want to help out. With our drive I called my local Second Harvest and asked about the different programs they have and if we can pick one of their programs that we would like our money and food going to, they were more than helpful and even offered to pick up everything after our Food Drive. Some people feel uneasy donating to big charitable organizations so I always use the resources the charity organization provide on their website and check where all their money is going and about their organization. So when people ask something – you can tell them information on the organization.

You can host a bake sale to help raise money for your food drive. I have my children involved and we baked tons of cookies  to take to work and for our family and friends this weekend to sale. You can dress up your Bake Goods with these fun Free Bake Sale Printables brought to you by The TomKat Studio. Bake sale

Now for the Yummy stuff! Tonight I made for the first time Lazy Cake Cookies that I found on I’m A Lazy Mom Website. They came out so good and unbelievably easy, you must try! Let me remind you I had my kids help, so pouring the cake mix and few ingredients they handled very well with little mess! I suggest putting your batter on a greased cookie sheet. I found it easier to cut into the Cake to make cookie bars that I could individually wrap up.

Lazy Chocolate Chip Cake Cookie Bars:

1 box yellow or white cake mix
2 eggs beaten
5 Tbs. melted butter
2 Cups chocolate chips

Mix together, spread on a greased cookie sheet pan and bake at 350 for 20 min! The recipe made about 30 bars. Have fun!


Frozen Backpack for Back to school

Alright mommies: I know we hate to think about back to school shopping already but it will be here before you know it, so you might as well get a jump start! If you have any little girls that is obsessed with Frozen, guess what they will probably want a Frozen backpack! So instead of running all around town looking for one, here are some options that I found with the best prices. Update (7/5/14) I recently have been to Target and they are getting Frozen folders and notebooks. So be on the lookout! I also found a Frozen Backpack for my daughter at the Disney Store.
Disney Frozen backpack

I looked around for lunch boxes and found a few that cost over $30.00 and I just think that’s crazy. But here is a tin option.

Disney Tin Lunch Box

Disney Frozen Girls Backpack

Unfortunately many sites didn’t have Frozen back to school products yet. I’m sure retailers will get them in stock for back to school but don’t count on it lasting long!

Retro 4th of July Photo’s

What’s fun about having kids is you get to play dress up! And us mommies will take advantage of any occasion to throw together some cute photo props to create fun photos! We wanted a retro look inspired by Coca-Cola and the 1950’s for this photo shoot. First I had a lemonade stand that my husband had made for my daughters Vintage Carnival Party and I have used this stand over and over for many events! Plus my husband made it out of an old wood fence so it was free! But fence wood is not costly. I found the made in America sign at Hobby Lobby for $4.96!

This booth would be cute for a 4th of July Party or a retro party. I found the pinwheels a few years ago at Party City. I used poster command tape to stick my pinwheels to the wood. The pom poms and Coca Cola sign were found at Hobby Lobby. I found my Coca Cola crate at a flea market, but you can find them on craigslist. I found myRetro slushy Machine on Amazon. The money is worth it if you have children, during the summer it stays out!  I borrowed my Retro popcorn machine but here is one from Amazon Retro Popcorn Machine
We let the girls have fun, pretending to be a waitresses. Below we had fun with these pom poms. First we had them hanging from fishing line from a tree and then we used on the photo stand. I made an American flag crate My DIY tutorial here that was a perfect fit for toddlers to sit on and the older girls could lean over.
Crate was perfect size for this cutie!
Second photo look for our stand.
I found these Retro Popcorn Boxes on Amazon also for my daughters carnival, I used them as a cupcakes stand and saved them so I can use them for another event.
Mason Jar Drinks tied with some red and white twine and flag pinwheel straws from Target