Bake Sale for Charity: Lazy Chocolate Chip Bars



Lazy Cookie Bar

Earlier we posted our Lemonade Stand for Charity — well here is another idea you can have fun with this summer with your kids. Host a bake sale for a local charity in your community. Currently at my job we are hosting a food drive for Second Harvest.  Second Harvest Feeding America, has food banks throughout the whole country, and are always excited to hear how you want to help out. With our drive I called my local Second Harvest and asked about the different programs they have and if we can pick one of their programs that we would like our money and food going to, they were more than helpful and even offered to pick up everything after our Food Drive. Some people feel uneasy donating to big charitable organizations so I always use the resources the charity organization provide on their website and check where all their money is going and about their organization. So when people ask something – you can tell them information on the organization.

You can host a bake sale to help raise money for your food drive. I have my children involved and we baked tons of cookies  to take to work and for our family and friends this weekend to sale. You can dress up your Bake Goods with these fun Free Bake Sale Printables brought to you by The TomKat Studio. Bake sale

Now for the Yummy stuff! Tonight I made for the first time Lazy Cake Cookies that I found on I’m A Lazy Mom Website. They came out so good and unbelievably easy, you must try! Let me remind you I had my kids help, so pouring the cake mix and few ingredients they handled very well with little mess! I suggest putting your batter on a greased cookie sheet. I found it easier to cut into the Cake to make cookie bars that I could individually wrap up.

Lazy Chocolate Chip Cake Cookie Bars:

1 box yellow or white cake mix
2 eggs beaten
5 Tbs. melted butter
2 Cups chocolate chips

Mix together, spread on a greased cookie sheet pan and bake at 350 for 20 min! The recipe made about 30 bars. Have fun!


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Lemonade Stands for Charity!

Tips on how to get your kids involved for charity!

Looking for something fun for your kids to do this summer! Why not a Lemonade Stand for charity! I’m always looking for ways for my daughters to give back to there community, and a lemonade stand is fun for everyone. Here are a few tips to help with your Lemonade Stand.
  •  Have your children pick what charity they want to raise money for- I gave our girls options to help them out. We do a children’s hospital toy drive during the holidays so for our lemonade stand they picked our local animal shelter Young Williams.  I contacted the shelter and asked if they had any rules and they were thrilled with the idea, and even asked for us to make a flyer they can post on there Facebook page and community board to help spread the word!
  • Ask local businesses if you can set up outside. We wanted to do a location that had high traffic as opposed to our street. In our neighborhood we have a local family owned gas station. After we talked to the owner, they were happy to help us out.
  •  Create a fun flyer that will draw attention- now that we had our location set,  we did fun photos we could put on our flyer to advertise our stand! The girls had fun with this!
  •  Use social media to spread the word of your cause- You can create a Facebook event and send to all your friends and have your friends send to their friends. You can also go to your local news channel website and add it to their community calendar. Ask local businesses if you can post your flyer on their board, you will be surprised how many businesses will want to help you out and even post it to their Facebook page!
  • Lemonade supplies currently at Target (2014) Target currently has this cute little end cap of everything you need for a lemonade stand! We gave an option between pink lemonade and regular lemonade but the pink lemonade was a hit! Target even has a cute money box! If you don’t want to purchase the box we used a teddy bear plastic container that was filled with animal crackers.

 We didn’t ask for a certain amount the day of the lemonade stand and asked for any donation would be appreciated! With that the girls raised over $150 in two hours for Young Williams. They were able to sponsor and pick out two animals for someone who can’t afford adoption fees. The girls picked out two dogs and the shelter sent the girls a photo of the dogs they saved!