Care Bear Halloween Costume DIY

Halloween Care Bear

My youngest is obsessed with Care Bears. She wanted to go as one for Halloween. Care Bear costumes are hard to find. Usually just online. I decided to make her one. The past two Halloweens she has asked me to go dressed up with her= so I had to make myself one too. I found this cute Halloween Care Bear picture from Care Bears Facebook.

She wanted to go as Love A Lot bear. It is pink with two hearts. She wanted me to go as Cheer Bear, also pink with a rainbow symbol.

Cheer and Love A Lot Care Bears

I got her hoodie and pants at Wal-Mart. They are a soft fleece material and warm. I did not put ears on our hoods because I know my daughter and she will not keep a hood on. So all I needed to buy for hers was the fleece suit and felt for her tummy symbol. I also picked up so no sew velcro strips.

I already had a pale pink hoodie that I decided to use for Cheer Bear.

Felt for Care Bear

I bought White felt for the tummys and two shades of pink for the symbols. I used a large size bowl to use as a template for the tummy circle. I traced it with chalk marker for sewing projects. I printed a double heart symbol off from online so I could cut perfect hearts out.

Love a lot tummy patch

I hot glued the lighter pink on the white circle first and the darker pink down overlapping the light pink. Once the hot glue was dry I was ready to attach the tummy to the hoodie. I did not want to sew it on because it was a zip up and I wanted her to be able to wear the hoodie again. I put sticky velcro pieces on the back of the tummy and adhered it to the hoodie by pressing it down firmly. I ran a very loose stitch into the velcro on to the hoodie. It was loose enough to be able to easily cut once the night was done.

Love A Lot bear

If she had to take her hoodie off, she just had to undo the velcro and zip it off. I did hot glue a small pink felt heart onto the butt of the pants.

Care bear Halloween

For mine, I just drew a rainbow on the felt with sharpies and fabric paint pens. I attached the tummy the same way I did hers. I actually had a sweater on under my hoodie because it was cold and rainy this Halloween night.

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