Calendar frame DIY gift

calendar frame

Last Christmas, my sister gave me this awesome calendar frame. It is her DIY that I am going to share with you.


What you need:

Glass Picture frame of your size


permeant markers and acrylic paint, paintbrushes


Smooth your burlap out and tape it down tight on a surface like a table. This is important that it is tight so your lines are straight. Lay your frame on the burlap so you know where your lines should be. Lay your ruler down on the burlap and make sure it is straight. Use a sharpie to draw the calendar lines. After your lines and your box at the top are done you can write the days of the week. She made my initial at the top and then painted it in with acrylic paint. Let completely dry and then glue the burlap to the back of the frame or staple the burlap down to the outside of the backing.   This will depend on the frame you got. Cut the burlap to fit.

* Make sure your burlap is tight or your lines will become wavy!

calendar frame

Now you can use dry erase markers or wet-erase on the glass. This makes a great gift. Wal-Mart and craft stores always have frames at great prices.

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