Sundae Cupcake Cones

Ice cream cupcakes post

Have some fun with these cupcakes!  These adorable cupcakes were perfect for our Ice cream social. Here are a few tips on how to make them, because they can be a little tricky. I used a regular box cake recipe first and then I added my batter to the middle of the cone and stopped right about here:cupcakeI filled about 9 cones and put them in a cupcake pan to bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes . Once done take out to cool. I have seen some fluffier cones and I tried some cones with more batter and it turned out to be a hot mess, bubbled over the cone and it just wasn’t a pretty sight!

cherry on top cupcakesSo the trick to these cones: they are top heavy. Once you put your frosting on- just pray nobody walks by them or breathes on them so you can show off your hard work before they start tumbling over.  Tina and I were knocking cupcakes over left and right, but hey they did come out cute! Now with the rest of the batter I made regular cupcakes that didn’t fall over!

Cupcakes ice cream socialAnd they were just as cute! Tina found this adorable cupcake carousal at Kirkland’s. Amazon has same one Here

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Christmas Baking Party

A little Baking fun for the Kids during the Holidays.

We used sugar cones that can turn into Christmas trees with some green frosting
you can use any candy to decorate, we used m&ms for the trees. I found cute plastic aprons on Oriental Trading.
Cute Little Guys I found at Hobby Lobby
Starbucks Glasses with printable’s from Pinterest
Decorating supplies