Get Ready For Back to School

Back to school is around the corner!

Getting prepared for your little ones to head back to school? Here are some of our favorite must haves to help you get ready! First, Tina showed me this great free Teacher’s favorite things printable by Life Sweet Life I used it last year and stuck on my fridge for the year.Teacher

First day of school is always a special picture day and we love all the free back to school printables you can get from Pinterest! Last Year I used these cute chalkboard Back to School by Yellow Bliss Road. Of course I used it – it’s Chalkboard!

back to school prints


I just love this Printable: When I grow up by Sweet C’s Designs

First Day of school_ When I grow up

Tina uses a chalkboard easel for her daughters first day of school!


Sneak a little note in your children’s lunch box to make them smile! I wish my husband would sneak notes in my purse. I have used these cute lunch box notes by Honey Jumble

B_Strong_Lunchbox_IMAGE 02

Have your child fill out this first day of school questionnaire by Giggles Galore. This is such a great idea for your children’s keepsake box.


Ugh what to do with the millions amount of artwork your child brings home. Really my refrigerator can only hold so much! So Tina introduced me to this treasure she found at Ikea! Unfortunately I know we all don’t have an Ikea around us but I found it on Amazon IKEA curtain wire. I have mine going down my hallway and I love It! I’m going to create a gallery wall above it with some of their artwork framed.  .


 What to do with all that school work and artwork you have left! I have my daughters currently in a folder that all year we saved her work and I just went through and saved all my favorites and got rid of the rest. Don’t be a pack rat – your children are not going to want these boxes of artwork one day! So this is why I love this next idea. We all love those photo books! I make mine on Shutterfly, and I was searching their photo books and they have a children’s Art Book. This is such a great idea! Take all the artwork you have from K-5th or sooner and create your own little Art Book. Another great benefit with Shutterfly is they save all your photo books you create. So if for any reason it gets destroyed or lost, you can reorder it!  So when your child brings home 5 pages a day – start taking a picture of it with your cell and send it to your computer to be saved! shutterfly

Alright enough about our kiddos. What about those teachers that have to put up with our kids all day! Well on my daughters school supply list it had our teachers wish list. So I grabbed all those goodies and a few of our own and made a little basket, and attached a little printable we created. Here is our free Back to school teacher printable Excited to be in your class! back to school Printable

We hope your kids have a great back to school!

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Frozen Backpack for Back to school

Alright mommies: I know we hate to think about back to school shopping already but it will be here before you know it, so you might as well get a jump start! If you have any little girls that is obsessed with Frozen, guess what they will probably want a Frozen backpack! So instead of running all around town looking for one, here are some options that I found with the best prices. Update (7/5/14) I recently have been to Target and they are getting Frozen folders and notebooks. So be on the lookout! I also found a Frozen Backpack for my daughter at the Disney Store.
Disney Frozen backpack

I looked around for lunch boxes and found a few that cost over $30.00 and I just think that’s crazy. But here is a tin option.

Disney Tin Lunch Box

Disney Frozen Girls Backpack

Unfortunately many sites didn’t have Frozen back to school products yet. I’m sure retailers will get them in stock for back to school but don’t count on it lasting long!