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Pretty sure you all have seen Hocus Pocus, if not you all are cray cray as my daughter would say and need to go watch this amazing movie. Anyway for my daughters Halloween party we had a witches ball. And because my older daughter is obsessed with witches we had all the little kids make their own potion for a fun activity. I found these cute little bottles at Hobby Lobby. I waited until all the glass products were 50% off so I could get a good deal. I paid less than $1.00 a piece.

Next all I bought was these little plaques in the craft section that I hot glued to the jars. Crafts

For the potion we used spider & bat confetti and a spider ring that I cut the ring part off. Next they mixed it up and poured into their jars. halloween Crafts post

Little Test Tubes I found at Target in the $1 section

halloween craftsI just love these!

Hallowen party children favors postLittle Halloween Favors for my little witches!

Happy Halloween!

Cheap Halloween crafts dollar tree hacks #halloween #sugarskulls #dayofthedead #halloweendecorI know I know It’s August and I am posting Halloween, but If your a crafter you know every stores is full of Halloween crafts and décor already. I have come across some things that I knew I could make cheaper and have found some things that are a great deal. SO I needed to share. I was at Jo Ann fabrics the other day admiring all their Halloween décor and came across these sugar skull candles. They were selling them for $6.99 sugar skull Very cute, but I remember coming across these candles at Dollar Tree dollar tree candle4Well in the next aisle at Jo-Ann’s I found these Sugar skull embellishment’s

sugar skull decalFor two they were $4.99 with 25% off, making it $3.75 for two. I turned my craft into two projects. I came across these goodies as well and couldn’t believe the price. They were not on sale but even if they were 50% off the price is still crazy. Halloween craftsI drink wine so I have wine bottles already able to use, but even if you don’t drink wine find a friend that does.wine bottlesBuy a can of spray paint. I always buy mine at Wal-Mart for less than $4.00. I wanted to spray my bottle with a gloss black instead of chalkboard. The best tip for spray painting is give yourself enough space to avoid paint runs. sugar skull crafts2Once dried I added one of my sugar skulls sugar skull crafts 3For my candle all I did was add the other sticker sugar skull craftsI also found this pumpkin at Dollar tree that I spray painted dollar tree crafts5dollar tree crafts1I made myself a cute little arrangement for just a few dollars, with plenty of spray paint left for many more projects.
Halloween candles diy decor

I have this obsession with anything to do with witches during Halloween! I am trying to create a witches kitchen for this photo shoot I am working on, creating different types of potion bottles and décor. I came across chalkboard wine bottles at Hobby Lobby that cost over $8.00 a bottle and I thought was cute but over priced. I drink wine therefore I could re-use my wine bottles. If you don’t drink wine ask your friends or people you work with to get their bottles, there is no need to pay for wine bottles. For this project All I bought was a can of chalkboard spray paint at Wal-Mart which is less than $4.oo and a set of long white candle sticks from Dollar Tree. I printed off these free Potion Labels. potion bottle labelsToday on my trip to Dollar tree they were putting out their Halloween stock and they also had potion bottle labels in a 8 pack that were stickers Dollar tree halloween labels

For my wine bottles I first soaked in soapy hot water so I can easily peel off the label. If you have any sticky residue I use Goo- Gone, I get a little bottle in the Target dollar section that last forever. After you wash them again let fully dry.

wine bottles

I Spray painted my bottles: make sure you stand a good distance away so you don’t get any paint runs on your bottles. I like using the chalkboard paint because the black comes out better than regular black spray paint, and gives it a vintage look.

Halloween candles diy

After my paint dried I double sided tapped my labels to my bottles. Now For the fun part: I lite one of my dollar tree candle sticks and let drip over my bottles. You can use red candle sticks also to give the blood look. I cut my candle sticks different lengths for my bottles.

candleI wanted my candles to look a little vintage so I took my lighter and burned the sides of the candles to give the black run marks.

vintage halloween decor

halloween candle dripping

I can’t wait to use these in my house for Halloween decorations!


haunted house dollar tree craft

EKK! I know, I know, Halloween in August boooo! I will say I love Halloween and love seeing stores get their new Halloween merchandise in! The reason I am posting this now is because on my last trip to Dollar Tree I came across these little porcelain haunted houses. They are so cute! They have a whole collection from lighthouses to graveyards to zombies! I didn’t go crazy and buy all of them just yet, but I hope to add to my collection! So yes in August Dollar Tree has these cute little haunted houses. In case you wanted them – go now and snag them up!

dollar store before craft

Here is how they come, they’re cute the way they are but I thought they would look better painted with some black acrylic gloss paint. Plus they will match my Halloween Décor better.

dollar store crafts

I thought about spraying them with black glitter also, but I loved how they looked! Maybe when I add to my collection I will do some with glitter! If you guys love Halloween – so far I have seen the most Halloween Merchandise at Ac Moore. Hobby Lobby has some and JoAnn’s had very little.

witches book


EK! I cannot tell you enough how excited I am Halloween is around the corner! Fall is my favorite time to craft because we all know I am a big kid at heart when it comes to the holidays, no you can never have enough decorations that being said Halloween décor can be costly and yes I can get carried away! So last year I decided to get my craft on and see what I could come up with on my own! bookI found a cardboard book that can open up at Hobby Lobby ($4.99) use a 40% coupon app if not on sale makes it $3 bucks. I painted it black and used a gloss black paint. I headed on over to the scrapbooking section and picked up some Halloween scrapbook paper. Always try to stock up when you see advertised 50-60% off! Once your paint is fully dried cut your paper to fit your book. Brush modge podge where you want to lay your paper and then brush the top of your paper with modge podge. When I lay my paper down I use an old credit card to try to avoid bubbles! I found my Eat Drink & be Scary printable at Hobby lobby, it came in a pack of three in the craft section.

Warning: because these books are so easy they become addictive and are so much fun to make!

halloween party post

witches hat postI must say if I was a witch, I would totally wear this hat. I came across a cardboard witches hat at ACMoore and knew I could do something fun with this. I painted this hat black first, and let fully dry. Next I found this fun vintage looking scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby that I covered my hat with. The best tip I could give you for this is defiantly play around with how you are going to cover the cone before you apply any modge podge or start cutting your paper. It wasn’t hard but took some patience! I found this fun burlap bow that went perfect for my hat that I easily hot glued to my hat.

Children’s Witches Ball



I bought these little jars at Hobby Lobby
( watch for when all glass merchandise goes half off to get the best deal)
found these plaques in the Halloween section and hot glued them to the jars
all the kids created spells ( spider & bat confetti) and added them to their jars


Found these cute test tubes and stirrers in the 
Target Halloween dollar section
for the confetti for their potions
Mummies ( drizzle white chocolate over and add candy eyes)


chocolate witch molds
( molds can be found at Ac Moore)



Target $1 Section
added my own printable and ribbon

Graveyard treats
chocolate pudding add crumbled Oreos to the bottom and to the top
top with pumpkin candy and marshmallow ghost

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