Jazzy Jars for School Fundraisers

jazzy jars

Each year our daughters’ elementary school hosts a fall carnival for PTA. The carnival is broken up into booths inside classrooms throughout the school. The children buy tickets to pay  for the booth games and buy jazzy jars. What are jazzy jars you ask? They are jars, baskets or other clear containers that are decorated and have items inside. The items can be toys, candy or other goodies. Last year my child did not get a jazzy jar because there clearly weren’t enough turned in. Sad day. Lots of unhappy or crying children after they waited to get one and then they run out before their turn. I decided to make as many as I possibly could and get other parents involved this year in hopes most children would get one.

So the planning process was throughout the year, picking up clearance items and saving treat bag leftovers from our parties that “Love it” has done. Recycled my Starbucks bottles and any jars I had. This year I turned in 32! That’s right, I am a SUPER Mom. Not only did my child turn in the most in the school but her class won an ice cream party. So T Bear got to jump line for a jazzy jar as her prize. The best news of all: the school had over 700 jars turned in this year. They actually had some leftover at the end= no crying children.

My jars were mild in comparison. Some jazzy jars were really out there and crazy. I made a dog treat one filled with dog bones and treats and painted dog prints on it. I made several pirate ones, because we did 3 pirate parties within a year. Sierra did a Doc McStuffins one for her daughter’s class. So here’s some of the cute ones I turned in:

cookie monster jarCookie Monster filled with assortment of cookies

snowman bottle

Snowman filled with white chocolate pretzels

Frozen jarFrozen (huge hit). I hand painted snowflakes all over the jar.

all girl jarAll things girl. I hot glued a tulle poof to the top. Tulle poof DIY .You will just want to make it big enough to cover your jar lid.

Wild Bird Feed bottleWild bird feed

Lego jarlego kitLego sets. A pencil wouldn’t fit inside, so I taped them to the side.

Super Hero setSuper hero

Welcome winter basketWelcome winter basket filled with chicken noodle soup can, hot cocoa packet, tea packet, candle, fruit snacks and chapstick

I’ve already started planning for next year’s carnival. I’ll have to turn in even more next year because the “littlest” will be at that school next year too.

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