Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party

jake cupcakes
We have a 4-year-old girl who loves and is obsessed with “Jake and the Neverland Pirates”. She went as Izzie for Halloween last October.


Izzy for Halloween

So we knew early on that she wanted a JNP party. We went with a pool party since her birthday is in July. This went well with the JNP theme. As far as planning went, it was easy but had some obstacles. It was 90 degrees out, so we had to be cautious of what we served. (Chocolate, ice cream, cheese, frosting – all melt or go bad.)

catch of the sea jake party

We put the cheese out right before eating to try to keep it fresh since we couldn’t keep it on ice.

Printables on ETSY.

jake and neverland goldfish

Little ones love Goldfish crackers. Purchased nautical printed plates from Michael’s to serve from.

Jake and neverland party food

Scully’s Crackers to go with the cheese.

jake party food

Shark Bait

Swedish fish as Shark Bait.


Gummy Worms as more Shark Bait.

party decor

We decorated the tables with JNP merchandise that the birthday girl already owned.

jake and neverland decorationsSome pirate decorations.

Jake water bottles

Water bottle covers from How to Nest for Less.

sea water

I put a full size print out of different characters on each bottle of different drinks. Sea Water Punch for Blue Gatorade.

jake drinks

Notice Jake is already wet from the condensation on the gallon of tea. Sweet of course.

jake drinks lemonade

This is a great way to cover up ugly containers, 2-liters, etc.  View our way that we decorated our cups here.

Jake and neverland treat bags

Items in our treat favor bags are listed in our DIY. “Thanks Matey!” printout was also from How to Nest for Less.

Check out our Girl Pirate party we hosted.

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