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Halloween candles diy decor

I have this obsession with anything to do with witches during Halloween! I am trying to create a witches kitchen for this photo shoot I am working on, creating different types of potion bottles and décor. I came across chalkboard wine bottles at Hobby Lobby that cost over $8.00 a bottle and I thought was cute but over priced. I drink wine therefore I could re-use my wine bottles. If you don’t drink wine ask your friends or people you work with to get their bottles, there is no need to pay for wine bottles. For this project All I bought was a can of chalkboard spray paint at Wal-Mart which is less than $4.oo and a set of long white candle sticks from Dollar Tree. I printed off these free Potion Labels. potion bottle labelsToday on my trip to Dollar tree they were putting out their Halloween stock and they also had potion bottle labels in a 8 pack that were stickers Dollar tree halloween labels

For my wine bottles I first soaked in soapy hot water so I can easily peel off the label. If you have any sticky residue I use Goo- Gone, I get a little bottle in the Target dollar section that last forever. After you wash them again let fully dry.

wine bottles

I Spray painted my bottles: make sure you stand a good distance away so you don’t get any paint runs on your bottles.  I like using the chalkboard paint because the black comes out better than regular black spray paint, and gives it a vintage look.

Halloween candles diy

After my paint dried I double sided tapped my labels to my bottles. Now For the fun part: I lite one of my dollar tree candle sticks and let drip over my bottles. You can use red candle sticks also to give the blood look. I cut my candle sticks different lengths for my bottles.

candleI wanted my candles to look a little vintage so I took my lighter and burned the sides of the candles to give the black run marks.

vintage halloween decor

halloween candle dripping

I can’t wait to use these in my house for Halloween decorations!

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