Easter Eggs

Easter Kool-Aid coloring really does work!

 Pretty soon we will all be coloring eggs for Easter! Last year I tried the whole Kool-Aid coloring instead of the box coloring and it really does work! With this you wont need to buy a bottle of vinegar that you are only going to use once a year! All you need is Kool-Aid and water! You can buy Kool-Aid usually for 5 packs for a $1. I suggest you get the bold colors, the lemonade flavor doesn’t come out well.
To make:  You add one pack of Kool-Aid to 2/3 cup of water.
Of course the longer you let the eggs sit, the better color results you end up with.
Not only do they come out cute they smell great! My kids love those scratch and sniff stickers – so they loved these fruity smelling eggs!
Happy Easter!
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