Dollar Tree Craft Soap Dispenser

Dollar Tree Crafts

Cute and easy little DIY project you can do that only takes a few minutes to make and better yet a few dollars to make! On my last trip to Dollar Tree, I came across this porcelain soap dispenser and thought I could spruce it up!

Before dollar tree soap

I already had a can of chalkboard paint I used for my Chalkboard Frame DIY. I lifted the top part and took tissue and twisted it and put in the opening of the soap – so I didn’t get any paint in there. Next I sprayed two coats of chalkboard paint and let dry.  When fully dried, spray some Acrylic spray on your project so your paint seals, and your crafts last longer!

dollat tree soap chalkboard

For the fun part- I tied some of my Twine thread around it, and I found a chalkboard label I bought in a pack at the Target Dollar section at Christmas time.  You can write someone’s Initials on it for a gift or little message.  I thought this would make a cute little add on gift, or Christmas stocking stuffers, or even great employee gifts for when you have a lot of gifts to handout during the holidays!  Wrap up in some clear bags with a cute printable. I found this printable on Tip Junkie We Wash You A Merry Christmas! And there you go, fun little Diy craft!

soap gift

Dollar Tree Crafts

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