DIY Ring Toss

Here is a fun, cheap tutorial on how you can make your own Ring Toss for any party. I bought embroidery hoops at Jo-Ann Fabrics. Mine came in a three pack. Over in the fabric section I looked at the quarter samples first to pick my fabric. The quarter size is more than enough for this project.
Here is the fabric I picked out for a vintage cowgirl party. Cut your fabric strip. It doesn’t have to be perfect because you’re going to wrap it around your hoops anyway.
All you do is wrap your hoop with your fabric piece. Start with applying hot glue to your hoop, place fabric over and keep looping it around your hoop until its completely covered, apply another glue dot to seal the fabric. You should only have to apply glue two times.
Next you can find your crate at most craft stores. Use a coupon for best price. You can spray-paint your crate to any color of your party. For the bottles we used A&W Root Beer bottles.
My first ring Toss I made for our Vintage Carnival Party and the second ring toss for our Vintage Cowgirl Party

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