DIY Izzy from Jake and Neverland Pirates Halloween Costume

DIY Izzy from Neverland Pirates costume


My littlest one is obsessed with Jake and the Neverland Pirates. She wanted to be Jake for Halloween last year. She asked if I would dress up with her so I decided to go as Izzy. She then decided to go as Izzy too. I didn’t like any of the Izzy costumes that were available to buy so I decided to make my own. We already had her purple leggings. So I got her a long sleeve pink shirt for free at a church clothing drive were I drop off old clothes. It is from Wal-Mart for $3.97. We had the pink bandana from her Best Friends pirate party earlier that year, but it came from Hobby Lobby for 99 cents.

I bought 2 dark brown felt squares from Walmart for 22 cents each and one yellowish gold one.

Fold felt in half

For this example I am showing you white felt so you can see the folds. Fold the rectangle of felt long ways in half. No cutting required because you can fold the felt as much as you need.

Boot made of feltWrap the felt around your child’s leg so you can see how much is going to overlap.  The top of the felt will lap over like a Captain’s boot. As in the picture above; you will sew up the boot but not the top where the Captain’s overlap is.


I had stitched mine with brown thread. The boots go over the child’s shoes. They will not cover the shoe just go to the top. So they could wear brown shoes or tennis shoes with this boot cover. Mine chose shoes she would be able to walk in for long periods of time.

Izzy for Halloween


Next we made some gold fairy dust pouches with felt too.

Gold Felt for Fairy dust pouches

Fold felt in half and cut. You only need half of the felt per each pouch. We were making two, so it worked out perfectly. Sew the top of the pouch together with a slight opening to run string thru. I went with a yarn soft string instead of the more popular leather. I already had the string on hand too.

izzy bag

For the Child costume I had the leggings and bandana, shirt for free,  so I spent 66 cents for her costume. She plays with it as dress up and can wear the clothes as regular everyday wear. If you went now and had to buy everything you would still only spend $11 compared to $20 for a traditional halloween costume. Walmart: leggings $3.97, shirt $3.97, felt 2 brown and 1 gold 66 cents, string 57 cents and Hobby Lobby bandana $1.

For the Adult costume I had the top, bandana and boots, so I spent $10 for my jeggings. I used the second piece of gold felt for my fairy dust pouch.





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