Adopt a puppy birthday Paw-Tay

Adopt a puppy party free puppy party printables #puppyparty #party #freeprintableCheck out our adorable Adopt-A-Puppy Paw-Tay. My daughter just turned 5 and loves puppies, so we decided to have a puppy party. This party I really didn’t spend a lot of money on because I had a lot of party décor already that I could use. I created all my own printables that I am sharing with you all today. Click the below picture for your free printables.8x10 adopt a puppy signFor all the kids, we had an adopt a puppy table. I found these cute puppies on Amazon, they were definitely worth the cost and all the kids loved them. You can also find puppies at Dollar Tree, but it’s hit and miss when they have them. puppy party #adoptapuppy
I found these adorable free adoption certificates by Chickabug Apopt a puppy party #puppypartyWe had a create your own puppy collar. I found puppy bowls at Dollar Tree that I spray painted white to match my colors. I  also found the beads and alphabet beads and pipe cleaners at Dollar Tree. I bought these little bones at Dollar Tree that I painted pink and added glitter. If you’re lucky enough to have an Ikea by you, you can find these frames there for also a $1. I had 12 kids and one pack of alphabet beads was enough letters to make all their puppy names.  puppysEach puppy had a puppy blanket. I bought one yard of fabric from Hobby Lobby, that matched perfectly.

doggie bags1 #puppyparty

Doggie bags #puppypartyMy bestie, with her perfect bow making skills, made these bows. I found the buttons at Hobby Lobby and the ribbon at AC Moore. I forgot to take a picture of their treats inside, but I found Scooby Doo sour straws at Dollar Tree and put in puppy tattoos and puppy stickers.puppy party #puppyparty

puppy chow #puppypartyFor our sweets; we had Puppy Chow (Chex mix cookie flavor), Poodle fluff (Cotton candy), Chew sticks (licorice), Puppy bones were Scooby Doo graham crackers. They also have Scooby Doo fruit snacks at the store. I tied around my jars these bags I found at Dollar Tree.puppy treats #puppyparty

Puppy party food candy #puppyparty
I made these chocolate favors from a mold I found at Ac Moore. The mold cost less than $2.00 and the chocolate cost less than $3.00 a bag.wipe your paws #puppyparty

Ava1For the food; we had hot dogs and different sides. We had popsicles for the kids because it was also a pool party.  We put the popsicles in a cooler with ice and they melted so we had to move them to the freezer, so I suggest to eat them quick.pupsices #puppyparty
adopt a puppy party cake
We bought our cake at Wal-Mart. I was so happy they had some dog images. We just had to ask the baker and she had some images in another book she showed us. My daughter picked out the dog for her cake.  ava suprise

My daughter was delighted with her big surprise present of a puppy for her birthday!

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Care Bear Halloween Costume DIY

Halloween Care Bear

My youngest is obsessed with Care Bears. She wanted to go as one for Halloween. Care Bear costumes are hard to find. Usually just online. I decided to make her one. The past two Halloweens she has asked me to go dressed up with her= so I had to make myself one too. I found this cute Halloween Care Bear picture from Care Bears Facebook.

She wanted to go as Love A Lot bear. It is pink with two hearts. She wanted me to go as Cheer Bear, also pink with a rainbow symbol.

Cheer and Love A Lot Care Bears

I got her hoodie and pants at Wal-Mart. They are a soft fleece material and warm. I did not put ears on our hoods because I know my daughter and she will not keep a hood on. So all I needed to buy for hers was the fleece suit and felt for her tummy symbol. I also picked up so no sew velcro strips.

I already had a pale pink hoodie that I decided to use for Cheer Bear.

Felt for Care Bear

I bought White felt for the tummys and two shades of pink for the symbols. I used a large size bowl to use as a template for the tummy circle. I traced it with chalk marker for sewing projects. I printed a double heart symbol off from online so I could cut perfect hearts out.

Love a lot tummy patch

I hot glued the lighter pink on the white circle first and the darker pink down overlapping the light pink. Once the hot glue was dry I was ready to attach the tummy to the hoodie. I did not want to sew it on because it was a zip up and I wanted her to be able to wear the hoodie again. I put sticky velcro pieces on the back of the tummy and adhered it to the hoodie by pressing it down firmly. I ran a very loose stitch into the velcro on to the hoodie. It was loose enough to be able to easily cut once the night was done.

Love A Lot bear

If she had to take her hoodie off, she just had to undo the velcro and zip it off. I did hot glue a small pink felt heart onto the butt of the pants.

Care bear Halloween

For mine, I just drew a rainbow on the felt with sharpies and fabric paint pens. I attached the tummy the same way I did hers. I actually had a sweater on under my hoodie because it was cold and rainy this Halloween night.

Country vintage chic wedding and shower

My friend Mary had a country vintage yet chic wedding shower and wedding. I loved so many of the items.
Country vintage chic wedding shower

Cupcake stand made with wood logs, wood slices and crates.

Country vintage chic wedding shower

Doilies were halved, attached to twine and hung at the windows. A small, fake tree was there for people to hang well wishes on with paper tags.

Country vintage chic wedding showerWood slices were centerpieces with tea cups, gold glitter dipped candles and decorated jars filled with baby’s breath and carnations.

Country vintage chic wedding shower
Cards were put in a small suitcase lined with lace.

Country vintage chic wedding shower

Twine wrapped dairy glass for an inexpensive vase. Could also use a Starbucks frappuccino bottle.

country chic centerpieces

If you do not have time to saw down a tree, you can always get wood pieces from Hobby Lobby.

country chic platter

More centerpieces.

twine wrapped vase

A vase wrapped in twine as a centerpiece.

Country cupcake holderThe cake topper is a cheap thin wood piece from Hobby Lobby that Mary painted and attached tiny pearl stickies. This Cupcake tower holder was made by the groom’s grandfather.

The flower box is actually a wine rack made from pallets.

Coffee until Wine Chalkboard plaques

Coffee until Wine

My sweet friend Mary is a crafty little bee. We have a lot in common (other then the crafty part). She loves coffee and wine just as much as me!

Well, that crafty Mary put together this adorable chalkboard display. It totally speaks to me. This would be a cute DIY gift for your coffee/wine loving friend’s kitchen or yours.

Now if I could just get Target to sell wine, I would have my three favorites in one spot!

Mary let me in on her tutorial and here’s what you need in order to replicate:

Wood piece to paintThe large chalkboard was just a piece of thin wood. I’m not sure what kind (Mary’s husband’s grandad made it for them).

chalk holderMary attached a piece of wood with a groove in it to hold the chalk.

back of chalk holder

Back of chalk holder.

She painted the top with Rust-oleum chalk board spray paint.

chalk board paint She did 3 coats. Two coats would probably work. If you are not used to using spray paint, practice on something else first. Remember to stand back when spraying. If you get to close, the paint will run.

close up of grooved chalk holder Then she used Annie Sloan chalk paint in old ochre on the bottom and sealed it with Annie Sloan wax.

top of chalk boardAfter that was all dry she tried to figure out how she would hang it, so she actually hammered nails through the top sides. She pulled the nails back out and threaded the twine through the holes.

small chalk boards The small ones were left over from her wedding. They were like $1 at Wal-Mart but they could only be used with the chalk paint markers because it didn’t have the actual chalkboard surface. Mary took out the twine out and painted 2 coats of the spray paint over them and then just shorten the twine to the length she wanted and restrung it.

Halloween Sugar Skull Crafts- Dollar Tree hacks

Cheap Halloween crafts dollar tree hacks #halloween #sugarskulls #dayofthedead #halloweendecorI know, I know- It’s August and I am posting Halloween, but If you’re a crafter you know every store is full of Halloween crafts and décor already. I have come across some things that I knew I could make cheaper and have found some things that are a great deal. SO I needed to share. I was at Jo-Ann Fabrics the other day admiring all their Halloween décor and came across these sugar skull candles. They were selling them for $6.99 sugar skull Very cute, but I remember coming across these candles at Dollar Tree.

dollar tree candle4Well in the next aisle at Jo-Ann’s I found these Sugar skull embellishment’s.

sugar skull decalFor two they were $4.99 with 25% off, making it $3.75. I turned my craft into two projects. I came across these goodies as well and couldn’t believe the price. They were not on sale but even if they were 50% off the price is still crazy. Halloween craftsI drink wine so I have wine bottles already able to use, but even if you don’t drink wine find a friend that does. You can also ask restaurants that serve wine if you can recycle their bottles for them. wine bottlesBuy a can of spray paint. I always buy mine at Wal-Mart for less than $4.00.  I wanted to spray my bottle with a gloss black instead of chalkboard.  The best tip for spray painting is to give yourself enough space to avoid paint runs. sugar skull crafts2

Once dried I added one of my sugar skulls.

sugar skull crafts 3

sugar skull crafts

For my candle, all I did was add the other sticker.

dollar tree crafts5

I also found this pumpkin at Dollar tree that I spray painted.

dollar tree crafts1I made myself a cute little arrangement for just a few dollars, with plenty of spray paint left for many more projects.

Sugar Scrub Dollar Tree Mason Jars

Vanilla sugar scrub crafts free printable Dollar tree crafts

Yes, it’s that time of year – that everything in the craft stores inspires me to start crafting again. This project was inspired by these adorable mini mason jars I came across in Dollar Tree the other day. Two jars for $1.00!  Last Christmas I made my associates a sugar scrub and they all loved them. When making sugar scrubs the recipes are endless. I have seen some made with just about everything. This recipe is simple: 3 ingredients

  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1/4 cup of olive oil or coconut oil
  • 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

Mix all your ingredients together and place in your little jars. This recipe filled 4 jars. Because everything is just cuter with a printable, I made a free set to share. I gave a few of these to my friends and my daughter’s teacher.

vanilla sugar scrub diy

vanilla sugar scrub

Click to download or save the picture to your computer.

Vanilla sugar scrub crafts free printable

Peace Sign Birthday Party and Hippie Costume

peace sign invite

We have a true hippie in our mitts. She loves Peace Signs and has them on everything. She even went as a “Peace Hippie” for Halloween. Her costume and the DIY  is at the end of this post. When she asked for a Peace party this year, we were not surprised. This party was very low key and inexpensive because she was going to Disney to celebrate her and her sister’s birthday this summer.


Peace sign wrapping paper as backdrop

I found this wrapping paper at Dollar Tree. I used it as the backdrop for a photo booth. Bought an extra roll to wrap her present in. Could use it as a table runner too.

Hippie decor

My sister got these felt cut outs at Wal-Mart in the art section. They are for her bedroom, but we used as decor at the party too. She had some peace sign lights from Target that we used. Couldn’t find a lava lamp, but that would have been great too.

Peace sign backdrop

peace sign backdrop

Couple shots from the Groovy photo both. The lighting was not the best.

We had a few different stations at this party. I did not get pictures of them, as I was the hostess and moving around a lot. We had a “Flower Child Nail Parlor” where the girls could get their nails done. The birthday girl had a peace sign makeup container full of polish to choose from. We had a “Peace Out Art Studio” that had coloring pages and the guests got to decorate a magnet foam picture with hippie things. I got the foam squares at Dollar Tree and a bucket of peace foam stickers at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart had tie-dye plates, cups and banner flags. Picked up a cookie cake from Kroger and had them put a peace sign on it. However, the baker put a Mercedes logo instead of a peace sign. The kids did not seem to notice.

peace sign platesI had bought these plates at Target. I bought extra tie-dye plates from Wal-Mart. Kroger also made us some cupcakes with tie-dye frosting.We put them on a large round platter in the shape of a peace sign.

Peace sign Hippie girl

Here’s her costume from this past Halloween. Peace sign tank top, she already had. We put it over a long sleeve tee since it was cold. I picked up a tie-dyed t-shirt from Goodwill and cut it into a vest. The glasses we got at Michael’s Craft store. The flower hair bows were something I saw at Delia’s. They were daisy flower tops that I hot glued velcro to the back of. The velcro were circle already and you only use the scratchy piece. It sticks in the hair actually well.

hippie flare legs

Her flare legs were created by one crazy looking tie-dye smiley face bandana that I got at Hobby Lobby. Cut in two parts. Do a running stitch across the top raw edge to create a bunch. I attached them by wrapping around her leg and securing with velcro on the bandana. People thought I sewed them onto her jeans. I was afraid she would not wear them as much if I made them permanent.

Back To School pencil box make over

personalized pencil boxBack to School is next week for our crew. The summer flew by. Every year I decorate my oldest daughter’s and some of her friends pencil boxes.

Plastic pencil box

What you will need:

– Plastic Pencil Box

– Sharpies or paint pens

– Small pictures or coloring pages

olaf pencil box

I take the pencil box and clean it. Take all the stickers off. I can free hand a lot of things, but Characters are not one of them. I usually take the small picture or coloring page of the character and tape it inside the box so that I can see the image through the plastic. I then use the paint pens to draw the characters. If I just free hand it, I try my best to keep it neat and even. If you mess up, just use a cotton swab of nail polish remover to take it off.

personalized pencil box

Pencil boxes can also be used for other things, like a makeup box.

pencil box as other things

These usually go on sale after school starts. You could get one for next year too and decorate it for something down the line.

Pencil box

I freehanded her favorite things on here. Vinyl would last longer, but I do not have a vinyl cutter.

Plastic Flamingo re-do

Cute flamingos

I love my plastic Pink Flamingos in my yard. I would be that lady that has a whole flock of Flamingos. They stay out in the sun year-round, though. They have seen better days.

Flamingo redo

Poor thing  looks like a malnourished white flamingo these days. I could just go buy more flamingos or I could fix mine. I had medium pink spray paint on hand.  One bored afternoon later …flamingos 2

After 1 coat of pink spray paint.

These could be painted black for Halloween.

Flamingos redo

I hand painted the beak and eyes after 2 coats of pink dried. Now I have a gnome in the garden that needs a touch-up.

DIY Sharpie Coasters

Diy Sharpie coasters craft summer kids project

 Here is a  fun summer project you can do with the kids that doesn’t cost a lot and wont make a huge mess. I definitely had a lot more fun than my children did. Not only are these coasters so inexpensive to make they make perfect gifts for the holidays. For this project the only supplies you need:

  • Tiles ( Lowe’s .16 cents each)
  • Sharpie markers
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Straw
  • Clear Sealer
  • Cork board or Felt

DIY Sharpie Coasters I found my tiles at Lowe’s for .16 cents each. I bought a pack of Sharpies at JoAnn’s and used a 50% coupon. I also bought a sheet of corkboard for $3.00. craft2 sharpie diy coasters


Now time to get your coloring on

craft4 craft3I took a straw and dipped in rubbing alcohol and let drip on my coasters. If you add too much it will get messy and colors will run off. I suggest you help your children with this part. The great thing about this project if you don’t like they design the alcohol is making you can wipe it off and color again.craft10 craft0Tada! After your tiles dry after about an hour spray with clear sealer. Next I cut my corkboard and hot glued to the back of my tiles. You can also use felt.  craftt