DIY Fall Yarn Felt Wreath

diy fall wreath

This cute Fall wreath is too cute not to share with others. Mary had one hanging in our office last fall and I loved it so much I had to replicate it.

What you will need to make this wreath:

Styrofoam wreath

  • Styrofoam wreath from a craft store. I picked mine up at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon. People also use pool noodles and tape them into a circle. Pool noodles can be found at Dollar Tree and way cheaper then the styrofoam kind.
  • Yarn of your color choice. I stuck with a tan, neutral color. Coordinating color yarn to be the x’s on the felt diamonds. I choose goldish-yellow that I had on hand.

Fall wreath felt

  • Felt. I choose burnt orange and chocolate brown for my argyle diamonds. Got mine at Hobby Lobby.
  • Fall decorations. I choose fall color flowers, leaves, pumpkins, and acorns. Can find at craft stores and Dollar Tree. The key is to find an assortment for $1-2.
  • Fall color ribbon. I went with orange solid I already had on hand.

Wrap the styrofoam wreath with your base yarn. I used one skein of “I love This Yarn” brand.  I used hot glue to seal the ends onto the wreath.

Cut the felt into equal squares. I only needed 5 of each color square. It depends on how big your wreath is. I hot glued the squares to the base yarn. Then I wrapped the gold yarn over the diamond in an  “X” pattern to create the argyle. I hot glued the back only.

I then did the orange ribbon. I looped the ribbon through the wreath and tied into a bow at the top. I measured it to my nail before I cut it. I seal my ribbon with a lighter, but you can use sealer. While the wreath was hanging, I arranged my flowers, acorns and pumpkins. I then hot glued them in place. Some people like to arrange their wreaths on the ground. I just found it easier to do it while it was hanging.

Total cost was: $8.


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Fall Crafts Diy


Fall crafts diyOn one of my many trips to Hobby Lobby, I came across this cute fall photo but didn’t want to spend what they were asking for. So I walked over to the scrapbook paper section and picked up a piece of paper for .59. I already have a fall leaf stencil at home, but they sell them at the craft stores for less than $2.00. I also already have gold paint and gold glitter at home, so on this project I literally just needed to buy the paper. hobby lobby

diy print paperI picked out this paper and cut it the size I needed, which was 5×7 for my frame.  I placed my stencil over the paper and held it firm and sponged over my gold paint in the stencil. When I was done I sprinkled over my gold glitter while the paint was wet. And that’s it! After it dried I put it in my frame for display. Hobby Lobby copy cat

 Last year, I sprayed some mason jars gold here is my DIY post

diy print 1My little pumpkin here I found at Dollar Tree and spray painted it a light gold with spray paint I already had at home.  I let it fully dry and took a paint brush and brushed on Modge Podge and then again sprinkled on my glitter. My polka-dot pumpkin above; I spray painted it cream and when it was dry, I took a pencil with an eraser and dipped the eraser in gold paint to make my polka dots. Cheating, yes but it worked.dollar tree crafts5

The before..

Candle gifts with free printables

Dollar Tree Crafts with Free printables

If you’re looking for reasonable sweet gifts, you will love this post. These candle gifts are cute for stocking stuffers, add it to a basket your making or just a simple “just because” gift. I really do love these three scents at Dollar Tree: Pumpkin Pie, Sugar cookie, and Apple Pie. Because I plan on giving these out as gifts this year for some of my friends, teachers and employees – I had to make cute printables, to dress up my candle gift. You're sweet as pumpkin pie printable gift tagsweet as pumpkin pieDownload Here

Free Sugar cookie printableA Sugaookie for you printableSugar Cookie free printable Download hereSweet as pieFree sweet as pie printableSweet at pie chalkboard free printable

Sugar Scrub Dollar Tree Mason Jars

Vanilla sugar scrub crafts free printable Dollar tree crafts

Yes, it’s that time of year – that everything in the craft stores inspires me to start crafting again. This project was inspired by these adorable mini mason jars I came across in Dollar Tree the other day. Two jars for $1.00!  Last Christmas I made my associates a sugar scrub and they all loved them. When making sugar scrubs the recipes are endless. I have seen some made with just about everything. This recipe is simple: 3 ingredients

  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1/4 cup of olive oil or coconut oil
  • 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

Mix all your ingredients together and place in your little jars. This recipe filled 4 jars. Because everything is just cuter with a printable, I made a free set to share. I gave a few of these to my friends and my daughter’s teacher.

vanilla sugar scrub diy

vanilla sugar scrub

Click to download or save the picture to your computer.

Vanilla sugar scrub crafts free printable

Children “I am thankful” Ideas

Children  free thankful printables #freebie #thanksgiving

November is the month full of thanks! Here are some ideas and free printables to help your children celebrate the month of Thanksgiving

leaf template

Make your own thankful banner or thankful tree with these Free Leaf Template by Janeb-Myblog

I am thankful for free printable thanksgivingFreebie I am so thankful for… blank cards for children


Cute Free Thanksgiving jokes for your little ones lunchboxes by The Mother Huddle

placemat-printLove  this thankful placemat by Dimple Prints: consider laminating this at FedEx so they can reuse to keep them busy on Thanksgiving.

I am just so thankful to have you in my life free printable thanksgiving

I created these cute Thankful gift tags you can attach to gifts. Your child can also draw a picture on the back and use it as a card.

Thankful to have a teacher & friend like you free printable

Because our kids are always thankful for their teachers & friends: free gift tags

Dollar Tree Crafts: Pumpkin Pie Freebie Printable

dollar tree pumpkin candle craft

Oh Dollar Tree how I love finding cute little gift ideas at your store! Dollar Tree is always a hit or miss for me, sometimes I go in and find nothing and then sometimes I find myself spending over $30 in one trip, who does that! Well one of the things I found were these adorable pumpkin pie candles that came in little mason jars.  The best part they smell amazing! I am creating a fall basket for my bestie because we both love fall so much, so Happy National Fall Day should be a gift giving holiday! So I created this cute free printable that says “You’re sweet as Pumpkin Pie” to cover up the Dollar Tree generic label – which the label easily pealed off. Download Here for your free setsweet as pumpkin pie

You can cut these out or punch out to turn into a tag also. I don’t know how I passed kindergarten because I cannot cut a perfect circle apparently. But they do have circle punchers. You're sweet as pumpkin pie printable gift tag

candle dollar tree craftNext I found a pretty fall burgundy color ribbon at Dollar Tree that I tied around my jar. They also have apple cinnamon that I need to create a label for Christmas gifts. When I do I’ll be sure to share it. Happy Fall!

Dollar tree candle craft


Falling in love with PUMPKINS! Pumpkin Round-Up

Pumpkin round-up title

Because Tina and I love everything pumpkin we figured a pumpkin round-up is definitely what we needed to start September off right! We gathered everything we love pumpkins from: recipes, desserts, pumpkin crafts, to good Ol Pumpkin spice latte recipes.  Check out our other round-up of: Falling in love with fall- Fall Porches.

First thing first, create your own Pumpkin Spice for your recipes found on: Howsweeteats


I love, love, loveee Pumpkin Spice Lattes and I probably drink way to many from Starbucks than I should because I need to save money. With that being said I found this amazing recipe from asimplepantry She makes her own syrup which has fewer calories and you can store in your refrigerator for weeks. Money saving thank you!


As if the Pumpkin Spice Latte wasn’t amazing enough I had to share her recipe for homemade pumpkin spice marshmallow. Imagine these wrapped up with a hot chocolate packet or Pumpkin spice k cups in a coffee mug for a gift. LOVE-IT! –asimplepantry If you are not feeling like a Betty Crocker, you can find pumpkin spice marshmallows at the store.

pumpkin spice mallows

pumpkin hot cocoaI have never tried Pumpkin spice hot cocoa but I could only imagine that would be another thing I can add to my list of addiction. You can find the recipe at Americancupcakeabroad.

la99191_1002_potpouri_xlFill your house up with Pumpkin Spice Aroma by cleaning out a pumpkin, rubbing cinnamon or pumpkin spice spices to the top of the lid and light a tea light candle inside. Why didn’t I think of that you smart Marthastewart.

PumpkinBrowniesI love recipes that I find that are super easy but people think I can bake amazing, I found this Pumpkin Cheesecake mousse recipe that you can top your brownie bites with again : chocolate + Pumpkin, yes please! shakentogetherlife.

pumpkin-roll-It’s not fall until you have a bite of Pumpkin roll. Sweetpeaskitchen has tons of Pumpkin recipes that all look amazing.


Swankyrecipes have pulled together 10 pumpkin seed recipes for roasting. Cute for movie night!

glitterpumpkin_titleMy kids like to carve pumpkins but I just like to decorate them, I found this cute idea at: unoriginalmom.

69fac05f74126b59911191bb59761944I love white lights, if I could I would have lights outside all year long. How simple is wrapping white lights around pumpkins and they turn out so pretty!

Hallowen-party-children-favors-post-768x1024Last year I had a Halloween party for my daughters and we have out little Pumpkin Favors for the children to decorate.

4x4-pumpkin-9-logo-title-750x649I’ll take some these pumpkins that don’t die! Try this craft by: Simplykierste they look adorable!

bleaching pumpkinsI can’t wait to try this trick for my pumpkins: wash in bleach for pumpkins lasting longer indoors I found on: Sweetwaterstyle.

ft_oct04msl03_xlThese DIY pumpkin lanterns look adorable to decorate with found on: Marthastewart. If your not feeling crafty I have seen them already made at party city.

Pumpkin-Spice-Muffins-copy-709x1024You will definitely fill your house up with pumpkin spice aroma, while baking these Pumpkin Spice muffins by:  Tutti-dolci.

pumpkin everything please

And lastly a pumpkin loving Freebie printable: Pumpkin Loving Printable.




Burlap DIY Fall Garland


Burlap garland Diy Decor

I have been getting my “craft on” for my fall Décor this season. I found this 15 ft. Burlap at Hobby Lobby already in a roll for $5.99 and I used a 40% coupon app so it came out to $3.60. They have the same roll in the Christmas section and the fall section with just the title fall or Christmas and it’s already 40% off, that way you can save your 40% coupon for something else.  I have seen these garland go for over $25 on etsy and $25 at Hobby Lobby. No, I only do easy crafts so if I can do this — anyone can! burlap store

The way I gathered my burlap:I used florist wire. I first tried a needle with thicker string and it was just not working out well for me.  I simply unrolled my burlap across my living room floor sat down and as I ran my wire through I bunched my burlap. Play with it – the closer you bunch, the tighter your garland will look. At the end of each wire I tied twine around it so It would look better when I tied up.


Diy burlap garland bunched

There you go another easy craft. They do have shimmer burlap that I thought was pretty, it does cost a few dollars more.  Cant wait to put some pumpkins under my garland!  burlap garland diy fall decor



Book Page Garland DIY

book page garland DIYThis might be one of my favorite diy projects I have done lately. I can’t wait to use this garland for one of my fall décor looks. We are also using this for a Baby Shower we are hosting. For this easy book page garland I used an old book that had yellowish tinted pages. If you can’t find one, go to goodwill, they will have plenty. If you feel like getting real crafty: you can make your own coffee dye with 3 tablespoons of instant coffee and 4 ounces of warm water, mix it up and use a foam brush for dyeing and let dry.

For my garland I put some modge podge in a bowl and poured gold glitter in the glue and mixed up.  With a foam brush, I brushed my glue mixture on each page. Let them dry for a full day. The next day I tore each page in half and crinkled up each page to give more of a vintage look.  Next, I pierced a hole through each page with a pencil so it was wide enough that I could run twine thru.  Don’t worry if it tears a little or if its not right in the center, it gives it a better look!  example for page banner

There you go: easy peasy and affordable! The modge podge gave my pages a little shine with a little sparkle!

glitter modge podge


book page garland Diy fall decor