Fun with Elf on the Shelf and DIY clothing for your Elf

ELF DIY Clothes and fun

We have an Elf on the Shelf named Bob. He has come to visit us for 4-5 years now. I decided to post some of his fun adventures he has had at our house and some fun clothes that you can make for him.

A lot of the stuff Bob does is similar to the elves you see on Pinterest. Sometimes he stands out on his own.

  • He has left me a message in the fridge to throw out Thanksgiving left overs.
  • He put a lot of my daughter’s stuffed animals in the dog kennel and put a sign on it saying “Zoo”.
  • He was caught eating the filling out of oreos and trying to put the empty cookies in my daugher’s lunch.

Chalkboard Christmas tree

He was tired of waiting on us to put up the Christmas tree, that he drew his own on our chalkboard.

Snowmen marshmallows

He printed off some basic elf cards one year.

Dog biscuits

He got into our dog’s treats.

Super hero elf

Our star was leaning one year and he decided to save it.

Elf super hero cape

Closer view of his super hero cape.

Elf super hero cape

It is made with 3 different colors of felt and some hot glue. The felt sheets are from a pack that was purchased at Dollar Tree. I did not cut the width of the yellow. It is the size that it came. I cut a “V” in the top. The royalish blue felt I cut into a shield pattern small enough to fit on the yellow. The lighter blue, I traced a “B” initial on it before cutting. The “B” stands for his name, Bob.

Super hero Elf

Once I hot glued all the felt pieces on top of each other, I tried it on Bob. I then made it loose enough to go over his head and hot glued the top of the “V” cutout together at his neck, but not to him.

Horse riding elf

Bob loves Rapunzel and the next day he took her for a stroll on their horse. Still wearing his cape.

Elf riding surf boardWe have a surfboard ornament that I got years ago when I worked at Hollister. Bob decided to ride it on the tree.

Elf clothes from a sock

This year my youngest daughter wanted Bob to have clothes. I decided to make him some elf clothes myself. This sweater is made from a Toddler size TMNT sock. It had lost it’s mate, so I recycled it. The sleeves are made from white felt that I had on hand. I cut the sock and fitted it over his chest and stomach. Then I cut out the white felt and covered his arms. I hot glued the white felt seams while on the two arms, but left them loose enough to come off. I sewed the white arms to the top of sock. It is very easy to get off and on.

Sock into Elf clothes

Another toddler sock that I turned into a sweater for Bob. I completed it the same ways as above. This would be great with any holiday socks you may have or buy in the Dollar bins.

Elf apron

I came across this last year and loved it, but not the price. My kids do not need another apron either.

Elf on the shelf apron

So I made an apron for him this year. He is wearing this with a note saying it is time to make cookies.

Elf apron

I saved a Barbie size apron template on one of my Pinterest boards. It is the perfect size to fit an Elf. I got the template from Brassy Apple here. I just placed the template on the felt and cut it out. You can use fabric, but I wanted to sew as little as possible during this project. No sewing is needed on felt.

Elf apron

I did use the stretchy elastic thread that Brassy Apple does, but I hot glued it down to the felt. I then cut very small rectangles and hot glued them over the elastic to make it more sturdy.

elf apron

Closer view of what the elastic and felt look like.

Barbie felt apron

I also made one in pink for his “Barbie” friend. Her’s has white felt pockets and pink tulle at the bottom instead of fabric like Brassy Apple made, but it is cute and easy to do. The tulle, I gathered and ran a running stitch through by hand. Then I hot glued the pockets on and the tulle.

Elf and barbie aprons

They are ready to make some cookies.

Michael's sweater ornaments

I came across these sweater ornaments at Michael’s while they were 50% off, making it $2.98. You can usually find a coupon if they are not on sale. They do fit the elves, but mine needed cut at the top to fit his head. You may find wine bottle sweaters or clothes that will fit elves too.

Elf wardrobe

Here he is wearing one of the sweater ornaments. It comes with a hanger, so I decided to hang up some of Bob’s new duds in Barbie’s wardrober. My daughters bought Bob some presents from Target this year too. They were more expensive at $9 a piece.

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Christmas Decor Ideas

hot cocoa bar #christmas #holidays #christmasideas
Christmas is finally here!! I am officially allowed to decorate the house, listen to Christmas music and watch Christmas movies.  This year I did a hot cocoa bar set up for my family that I can keep up through the winter. Once it gets cold outside, my children have to have hot cocoa. Here is just a little glimpse of my home for the cocoa bar #christmas #hotcocoa

I created this poster on Picmonkey and emailed the file to my local FedEx and had them make a copy and blow it up. Because it is a black and white photo it only cost little over $2.00 to make. Next, I went to Dollar Tree and purchased these snowflakes. I used command strips to stick to my walls. I suggest using a few on each snowflake because the next day i had snowflakes falling off. hot cocoa bar #christmas #hotcocoabar

You can buy hot cocoa cups for your keurig, but my kids complain they are to watery. I use my keurig to make tea and hot cocoa just by running the hot water over my tea, or hot cocoa, with no k cups inside. hot cocoa bar #christmas #hotcocoa Christmas ideas #christmas #masonjars #antiques

So I have a little obsession with vintage mason jars. I thought the teal mason jars would look pretty on my fireplace lit up with some string lights. One of my favorites this year! Merry Christmas!

Candle gifts with free printables

Dollar Tree Crafts with Free printables

If you’re looking for reasonable sweet gifts, you will love this post. These candle gifts are cute for stocking stuffers, add it to a basket your making or just a simple “just because” gift. I really do love these three scents at Dollar Tree: Pumpkin Pie, Sugar cookie, and Apple Pie. Because I plan on giving these out as gifts this year for some of my friends, teachers and employees – I had to make cute printables, to dress up my candle gift. You're sweet as pumpkin pie printable gift tagsweet as pumpkin pieDownload Here

Free Sugar cookie printableA Sugaookie for you printableSugar Cookie free printable Download hereSweet as pieFree sweet as pie printableSweet at pie chalkboard free printable

Grinchmas Christmas Party

Grinchmas Christmas Party

This year we threw a Grinchmas Christmas party. I wasn’t able to go all out with this party like I do with most my party’s which of course the day of the party I wish I planned more but working in retail during the holidays is not fun! The party still came out cute and everyone had a great time, here are some shots from the party.Grinch Christmas Party Grinch Christmas Party It’s not Christmas according to my husband until I make Oreo Balls, this recipe is the easiest thing ever and everyone loves them. Literally 3 ingredients:

1pkg. cream cheese softened

1pkg. Oreo’s ( do not get double stuffed)

white melting chocolate

blend cream cheese and Oreos, form teaspoon size balls. I freeze them for about 30 minutes and then dip in white chocolate, so easy

Grinch Christmas Party Grinch Christmas party For my backdrop to add more color to my table I used tissue paper I found at Wal-Mart. I used double sided tape and in a minute I was done.  It looks better in day light so I had to take a picture the day after the party, clean up time!Grinch Christmas party  Grinch Christmas Party How pretty is this peppermint mocha cake made by Lil’ Miss Flossy for my local friends they specialize in catering. I have an obsession with cake stands and having fun with them,  so when I came across this gift box at Hobby Lobby in these fun colors I had to snag it up.

Grinch Christmas PartyI love these jewelry stands I bought a JoAnn’s a few years ago, I use them for almost every party I just change the ribbon up to go with whatever theme I am doing.

Grinch craftFor the kids Tina found this heart craft on oriental trading for Grinch’s growing heart.

Christmas decor, Christmas mantel, Grinch Christmas party

Calendar frame DIY gift

calendar frame

Last Christmas, my sister gave me this awesome calendar frame. It is her DIY that I am going to share with you.


What you need:

Glass Picture frame of your size


permeant markers and acrylic paint, paintbrushes


Smooth your burlap out and tape it down tight on a surface like a table. This is important that it is tight so your lines are straight. Lay your frame on the burlap so you know where your lines should be. Lay your ruler down on the burlap and make sure it is straight. Use a sharpie to draw the calendar lines. After your lines and your box at the top are done you can write the days of the week. She made my initial at the top and then painted it in with acrylic paint. Let completely dry and then glue the burlap to the back of the frame or staple the burlap down to the outside of the backing.   This will depend on the frame you got. Cut the burlap to fit.

* Make sure your burlap is tight or your lines will become wavy!

calendar frame

Now you can use dry erase markers or wet-erase on the glass. This makes a great gift. Wal-Mart and craft stores always have frames at great prices.

Check out our burlap clothespin frame too.

Snowman painted spools and peg dolls

DIY paint a snowmanI love Snowmen, Olaf and Chilli included. Not as much as I love bunnies, but a close second. Snowmen are a huge part of my Winter decor. Last year I had a lot of blank spools left over from a Lalaloopsy party that we did. I decided to paint them and make them into a snowman. Sierra agreed that they would turn out good.
Snowmen spools

After I did that I realized I had some blank peg people that I was suppose to paint into princesses awhile back and never found the time to do. So I painted them into a snowman too.


snowman peg

What you will need is:

– any kind of wood piece including spools, pegs, blocks, door hanger etc.

– white, black, pink and orange acrylic paint (can use paint pens for black and orange)

– different size paint brushes including a small tip one for detail

I bought my spools and pegs from craft stores. Paint the wood piece all white and let dry completely. You may have to use a couple coats. After your white base is totally dry you are ready for details.

I paint the eyes then the mouth and buttons with black. I let that dry and then dip a q-tip in pink and dab their cheeks. I blot it with my finger to make it faded and not as bright. Lastly, I paint on the carrot nose. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Mine is swiggly carrot noses.

I’ve seen on Pinterest where some one painted wood blocks into snowmen and made ornaments out of them. The spools can be turned into ornaments by running ribbon looped thru the top to the bottom and tie a large knot on the bottom. The loop needs to be big enough  to hang from the top on the tree. ornament


Make sure the knot is big enough that it will not slide back through the hole. I used a small paintbrush to push the ribbon through to the bottom.


It is ready to hang on the tree and these can be given as gifts or sold at craft fairs.

The peg snowman can be made into ornament too but you have to screw a screw eye hook at the top. You can find those at craft stores, Wal-Mart, Amazon and hardware stores. If you buy a pack of those, start looking thru the house for little toys you can turn into ornaments. Most small plastic toys can be turned into an ornament.

This Video shows you how to turn toys into ornaments.

Gifts in a Jar DIY

While Sierra and I were out and about “Targeting,” (Target Shopping- It’s a sport. LOL) we came across some cute jars filled with candy for $3.99. Sierra decided to get them and spruce them up for her daughter’s jazzy jar entry. As soon as I saw them, I knew I could make them and for a better price.

Target candy jars

See I have a Starbucks addiction, so I go thru a lot of Starbucks bottles. I do recycle them and usually have some on hand at any given time. So you will need a recycled Starbucks bottle, candy of your choice, cute ribbon. The good thing about Starbucks bottles, is they are shaped similar to old milk bottles and they are easy to spruce up. Hot soapy water should get the label off. I used “goof off” to get the residue off after the label came off. Could use goo gone or any other adhesive remover. Give them a good wash or run thru the dishwasher. I did paint my lids but you could leave as is and tape a label on the top.

candy at Target

Now fill with your favorite candy, or pretzels and tie a ribbon.

Starbucks recycled gift bottle

Christmas inspired with peppermints and chalkboard label. $1 for the candy

snowman bottle

Snowman inspired with buttons hot glued and felt scarf filled with white chocolate pretzels. $1 for pretzels. Already had spare buttons and felt.

Wild Bird Feed gift bottle

Wild bird feed. Taped a label on it and hot glued jute string around the top. Free cause I had everything on hand. candy

Here is sierra’s after she jazzed hers up. You may also like our jazzy jar post,  it may give you ideas for  gifts in a jar too.

DIY Chocolate Stir Sticks

hot cocoa on a stick

With Christmas just around the corner, I’ve been looking for inspiration for things to make for gifts. These could be given to friends, teachers, coworkers and anyone who loves hot cocoa. I made these at Valentine’s day last year.

Chocolate on a stickCame across these at Target and I wanted to share an easy DIY for them too. They cost $1.00 a piece but can be duped for much less.
What you will need:
Double boiler or glass bowl to go over top of pot of simmering water
Heart shaped chocolate mold, ice trays work great. I got a heart shaped one from IKEA for $1
Stir sticks or a bag of wooden craft sticks, can even use sucker sticks
Ziploc baggie or piping bag. 
Cellophane wrap or treat bag
Option 1:
8 oz. chocolate bittersweet, semisweet, milk, and white chocolate all work (I used Andes Mints baking chocolate) 
3 Tbsp cocoa, sifted
6-8 Tbsp confectioner’s sugar, sifted, depending on how much sweeter you’d like your hot chocolate
pinch of salt
Giver’s blog has the best directions on making hot chocolate on a stick.
Option 2:
Just use baking chocolate and heat in microwave. Fill mold with ziploc bag or piping bag. Always tap the chocolate in the mold on a surface to release air bubble. Stick the stick straight up after the chocolate has hardened a little. 

hot cocoa on a stickCan

Who St. Nicholas was, and why he is the real Santa

St. Nick Day

Happy St. Nicholas day! Being raised Catholic my family has always celebrated St. Nicholas Day. On the eve of Dec 5th we always put out our shoes by the door in hopes good old St. Nicholas would stop by our house to fill our shoes with treats if we deserved them.  Moving to the south I discovered a lot of  people don’t know who St. Nicholas is and why we celebrate who he was and most importantly what he stood for: his faith in Jesus Christ.  Santa Clause is jolly and great and all but to me he is so commercialized now that there is no religion in Santa which is crazy because they originated Santa from St. Nicholas.  Some quick information who St. Nicholas was: He dedicated his life to serving God and gave everything he had to help the poor and sick. St. Nicholas was one of the many bishops and priest imprisoned during this time because of their Christianity faith Under the Roman Emperor Diocletian.  St. Nicholas became known throughout the land for his generosity to those in need, and his love for children.

C Everard 5.tif

There are many stories of St. Nicholas good dead’s but the most common is the story about a poor man with three daughters. In those days a young woman’s father had to offer prospective husbands something of value—a dowry. The larger the dowry, the better the chance that a young woman would find a good husband. Without a dowry, a woman was unlikely to marry. This poor man’s daughters, without dowries, were therefore destined to be sold into slavery. Mysteriously, on three different occasions, a bag of gold appeared in their home-providing the needed dowries. The bags of gold, tossed through an open window, are said to have landed in stockings or shoes left before the fire to dry. This led to the custom of children hanging stockings or putting out shoes, eagerly awaiting gifts from Saint Nicholas. Sometimes the story is told with gold balls instead of bags of gold. That is why three gold balls, sometimes represented as oranges, are one of the symbols for St. Nicholas. And so St. Nicholas is a gift-giver (Source) st-nick

I hear many stories about parents not using the whole Santa as a part of Christmas because they believe it is taking the true meaning of Christmas away, which I agree with our commercialized Santa that we are allowed to use in school and businesses. But we can choose to teach our children about a man who followed Jesus’s words by giving to others in need and staying true to our beliefs. I now have a family of my own that I get to continue the tradition with, I even fill my husbands shoes with treats.

4 Layer Chocolate pie

chocolate 4

Each year my aunt makes the tastiest 4 Layer Chocolate Pie for Thanksgiving. This year I asked what to bring and she said I could make the pie. At first I was skeptical because I really do not cook or bake, but it really is easy and fast to make. No cooking required and takes about 25 mins. Take this to your next party or holiday event and it is sure to be eaten. Allergic to nuts? eliminate them and make it a 3-layer.

Here’s how: