Jazzy Jars for School Fundraisers

jazzy jars

Each year our daughters’ elementary school hosts a fall carnival for PTA. The carnival is broken up into booths inside classrooms throughout the school. The children buy tickets to pay  for the booth games and buy jazzy jars. What are jazzy jars you ask? They are jars, baskets or other clear containers that are decorated and have items inside. The items can be toys, candy or other goodies. Last year my child did not get a jazzy jar because there clearly weren’t enough turned in. Sad day. Lots of unhappy or crying children after they waited to get one and then they run out before their turn. I decided to make as many as I possibly could and get other parents involved this year in hopes most children would get one.

So the planning process was throughout the year, picking up clearance items and saving treat bag leftovers from our parties that “Love it” has done. Recycled my Starbucks bottles and any jars I had. This year I turned in 32! That’s right, I am a SUPER Mom. Not only did my child turn in the most in the school but her class won an ice cream party. So T Bear got to jump line for a jazzy jar as her prize. The best news of all: the school had over 700 jars turned in this year. They actually had some leftover at the end= no crying children.

My jars were mild in comparison. Some jazzy jars were really out there and crazy. I made a dog treat one filled with dog bones and treats and painted dog prints on it. I made several pirate ones, because we did 3 pirate parties within a year. Sierra did a Doc McStuffins one for her daughter’s class. So here’s some of the cute ones I turned in:

cookie monster jarCookie Monster filled with assortment of cookies

snowman bottle

Snowman filled with white chocolate pretzels

Frozen jarFrozen (huge hit). I hand painted snowflakes all over the jar.

all girl jarAll things girl. I hot glued a tulle poof to the top. Tulle poof DIY .You will just want to make it big enough to cover your jar lid.

Wild Bird Feed bottleWild bird feed

Lego jarlego kitLego sets. A pencil wouldn’t fit inside, so I taped them to the side.

Super Hero setSuper hero

Welcome winter basketWelcome winter basket filled with chicken noodle soup can, hot cocoa packet, tea packet, candle, fruit snacks and chapstick

I’ve already started planning for next year’s carnival. I’ll have to turn in even more next year because the “littlest” will be at that school next year too.

You may also want to check out my post on DIY gifts in a jar.

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Frozen inspired Halloween Trick or Treat bag

Frozen inspired trick or treat bag.jpgFrozen is extremely popular still today 10 months after it’s release. Frozen costumes are going to be in high demand this Halloween. I have easy instructions for a DIY Frozen inspired Trick or Treat Bag.

My mother actually got this bag for my daughters. It wasn’t meant to be Frozen inspired, I actually picked it up the other day and thought how perfect it would be. Felt pieces are a perfect size for a tote bag and Trick or Treat bag.

You will need 3-4 pieces of light blue felt. Can use stiff felt or regular. Stiffened felt makes if more sturdy. DO NOT get the peel and stick kind. Can sew pieces together or even hot glue if sewing isn’t your thing. Can embroider the front with snowflakes or use puff paint or stick snowflake stickers to the felt. Grab some scissors, ruler and either cardstock or other sturdy paper/cardboard OR freezer paper.

Felt is not easy to cut straight. You have options: A. you can cut a template buy measuring out what sizes you need on cardstock or other sturdy paper. B. you can use freezer paper and measure out what sizes you need and draw on the freezer paper. Then iron down the glossy side onto the felt and cut. This is where your ruler comes in.

Cut 2 pieces to 8X8 for the front and back of the bag

Cut 3 pieces to 4wX8h for the sides and bottom of the bag

Cut 4 pieces 11 inches for the handles

Frozen inspired Trick or Treat bag

Once you have all your pieces cut out ; it is time to sew or glue. If you are embroidering, take your front piece and do it now. Sew or glue the side pieces together to the front and then the back. Begin by laying two side pieces on top of each other, matching up the ends.  Sew the two pieces together.  Leave a small 1/8″ at the bottom without a seam (this is where you will attach the bottom piece later.)  Continue to sew all the edges together until you are left with a square.

Next line the bottom piece up with your square and sew it to the front piece first. Make sure all your edges line up and sew it with the same seam allowance as you did on your side pieces.  Next sew the opposite seam.  Then sew the other two sides.

Take 2 handle pieces and sew back to back to make more sturdy. Do the other two pieces the same way. Then sew the pieces to the top of the bag. If you glue them, make sure to enforce them with a running stitch by hand sewing. Nothing is worse than having your child drop their candy in the middle of the road on Halloween night.

Frozen inspired trick or treat bag

If you are an experienced sewer, you can even line the inside of the bag.

Now you are ready to decorate the front of your tote by using puff paint or stickers if you didn’t embroider. Mine has 9 Snowflakes on it ranging in sizes. You can even get your child involved and have them decorate their own bag.

Frozen trick or treat bag


Frozen Elsa Inspired Hair and Makeup Tutorial

Frozen Elsa Halloween costume hair and makeup tutorialHalloween is around the corner and I am pretty sure we will have many little girls out there wanting to be Elsa! I thought I would do a tutorial for this Elsa Frozen Look, which my daughter was more than happy to be my model for this project!

elsa makeup mac makeupFor my Elsa makeup look I used these MAC Shades that I got during the holidays, but you can use any pink and purple eye shadow. I also used Urban Decay eye primer for my base. If you haven’t tried it I absolutely love their primer! Next I used simple snowflake stickers I found in the scrapbooking section which you can find at any craft store.  elsa snowflakeslayla turned elsa

My little one is ready for her Elsa Makeover!

Step 1: I used my Urban Decay Primer all over eye lid

step 1 elsa makeup

Step 2: Used my light shade of Mac Eye shadow all over the eye lid and under the lash line under the eye

 step 3 elsa makeup

Step 3: I used my darker shade of purple for the corner of the eyes  and used my darker shade on half of the bottom lash line. Because my little girl is only 6 I didn’t want to go crazy with mascara and eyeliner so I only used a little mascara and skipped the eyeliner. Plus I didn’t want her to have raccoon eyes when she started rubbing her face.

elsa makeup step 3

Step 4: I used my little snow flakes stickers on the corner of her eyes.

elsa makeup halloween tutorialMake up part done! Next we did her hair, for my daughters hair I just brushed it back and to the side and started a French braid from the top to the side. elsa hair braid halloween costume

Next I pulled her braid loose to give it the Elsa look. I just pinched the sides and pulled looser.

elsa hair tutorial step 2

elsa hair hobby lobbyElsa doesn’t wear anything across her forhead but my little one insisted we put one on her like we did for Halloween last year! You can find this at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas section. We used those same stickers and added some in her braid like Elsa.

elsa makeup Halloween costume

My little one had fun getting dolled up like Elsa for my tutorial!

elsa tutorial layla outsidelayla elsaaa

Elsa Frozen Picture

Elsa Frozen Photo


I have had a few people asking for the Elsa Photo I had framed in my daughters Frozen Party. I believe I found this photo through Google images and saved to my computer.  For a copy of the photo right click and save to your computer. If you have troubles post a comment and I will email you my file. I also found my frame at Hobby Lobby of course!

Elsa Frozen Photo

Frozen Party Favors

Frozen Parties are the most requested party this year among little girls. If you plan on hosting one, we have a lot of great tips, DIYs and other Frozen goodies to choose from. Frozen lip balm

While out shopping for Back to School items, I stumbled upon Frozen packs of lip balm and nail polish.

Frozen Nail polish

I found them at Marshalls for $4.99.

Other Party favors we have come across:

Frozen party part 1

Frozen party part 2

Frozen party part 3 

Visit our other Frozen Party DIY and treat bag stuffers under our Frozen Party tab


Personalized Hair Bow Holder – Frozen inspired

hair bow holder

How to make the easiest personalized bow holder ever!!! Average price $3-$5.

My daughter’s Best Friend moved this year. She decorated her new bedroom in Disney Frozen. No surprise there, she is 6 years-old and Frozen is “all the rage” with that age group. I noticed she needed a new hair bow holder for her room. I make the girls hair bows for every party, holiday and other reasons throughout the year. So she has quite a few from me and some of her own.

Frozen inspired hair bow holder I got her “S” from Walmart for 97 cents It is a foam letter with sticky pads on the back. Perfect to stick to your wall. It is glittery and sorta Frozen blue. I choose mint ribbon that matches Elsa’s dress. I already had the ribbon on hand, but purchased at Hobby Lobby. You can use a coupon bringing the price down. Flip the letter over to the back and hot glue ribbon down to the back of the letter. I choose to have the ribbon on the long side to hold the majority of her bows. Frozen inspired Hair Bow holder

This project took less than 3 minutes. I told you it was easy and affordable.

Frozen party goody bag treat bag stuffers part 3

I came across these Frozen word search books last night at Target in the dollar spot section. They are the size of a coloring book, but could be rolled up to go inside a bag.

If you can find these Kellogg’s fruit snacks, they would be perfect for treat bags. I got this box at Super Target, but like Frozen merchandise goes, have yet to find more.

But be warned, the box contains assorted Disney princess pieces. So not every bag has Frozen on them.
ACMoore has a section of these Frozen books. Use a coupon to knock the price down.
Also at target I came across these $1 socks. They also sell Anna themed socks. Located in the Dollar Spot.
I found these small coloring books at Target in the books section. They are $1.89. Not a bad price.  They are small enough to fit in a treat bag.

Frozen Party Ideas

I was visiting the local library and came across Barbara Beery’s Pink Princess Party Cookbook. It has a section on Snowflake Princess Party that would be perfect for a Frozen Party. This book can be purchased at Target, Book stores and Amazon. I love all her cookbooks. I recommend them all.

Snow Princess Punch
Photo from cookbook
Snow Princess Sandwiches
Frosty Donut Ice Cream Treats 
Directions Here
Snowflake Meringue Cookies
Can search Pinterest for an assortment of Snowflake Meringue cookies. 

DIY Frozen Backdrop

Have fun with some wrapping paper! Wrapping paper is one of my favorite items for party’s! There are tons and tons of cute wrapping paper that you can turn into fun projects and not break your wallet!  We have used wrapping paper for backdrops, and table runners and covering up boxes to make stands. For a Frozen Party I found this wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby. Target, Party City and Hobby Lobby always have cute paper designs. Christmas is also a great time to find different types of paper. I found the glitter wrapping paper to cover my furniture at Christmas.
What you need to use for a frozen backdrop:
1 roll of wrapping paper (blue paper found at Hobby Lobby) 
1 pack of Command Brand poster strips
Snowflake Variety. Below the big white snowflakes you can find at Hobby Lobby in the wedding section. Other colors purchased during Christmas time, however can also find  Snowflakes Here on Amazon
The hardest part is sticking your paper to the wall. Get someone to help you roll your paper out while you apply your command stickers. If you try and do it by yourself like I did, you will be fighting the wrapping paper from rolling! GET HELP!  I started applying my snowflakes with my hot glue gun around the corners and worked my way in. Every few snowflakes I applied I took a few steps back to figure out my next snowflake.  After the party the snowflakes easily came off the paper and the old glue peeled off easily.
Silver glitter wrapping paper found after Christmas clearance
Check out the complete Frozen Party Here