Minion Party ideas and craft

minion party

Minions are super popular right now. What’s not to love about these little guys. I recently came across a cute craft while creating Halloween pom pom pencils.

pom poms

I bought these pom poms at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 but with a 40% off coupon.

One of my daughter’s friends was over while I was making the Halloween pom pom pencil and was playing with these pom poms. He asked if I could make him a Minion pom pom. The light bulb went off and BAM …

Minion pom poms

You will need yellow and blue pom poms, googly eyes, glue, and a sharpie.

Kids can put these together during a Minion party. I made medium and large minions. I used hot glue for mine, but for the kids, just school glue would work.

Minion candy

These are at Target in the Halloween section right now. If you are planning a party soon, make sure to snatch them up.

Minion fruit snacks

Betty Crocker has Minion fruit snacks that would make a great treat bag filler.

minion cheese nips

Can give out Minion Cheese Nips or put in treat bags.

Minion tic tacs

Minion Tic Tacs would be great in treat bags! These are too cute.

We make custom cupcake toppers at our Etsy site.

Minion cupcake toppers

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Halloween Monster pencil toppers DIY

monster pencil

While Sierra and I were out shopping one night, we came across cute googly eye pencil monsters at Target. They were in the Dollar Spot section. Not a bad deal, but when you have several kids you would like to give them to for Halloween – it adds up.

Target monster pencilTarget monster pencil











These cuties were my inspiration.

pom poms

I got these pom poms at Hobby Lobby for $2.99, but with a 40% off coupon.

pom poms

It came with different sizes. The large and medium worked great for this project. I will keep the really small ones for a class project this winter.

Halloween pencils

$1 pencil packs from Dollar Tree.

pom pom alien

I hot glued the googly eyes on first. Then hot glued the pom pom onto the pencil. My youngest daughter asked about using the eraser. I hot glued one pom pom monster onto an eraser cap for her pencil. That way she can take the cap off and use the eraser underneath.

pom pom pencil monster

On a few of them, I twisted a pipe cleaner around the pencil. I already had pipe cleaners on hand and googly eyes. Both can be bought at craft stores and Dollar Tree.

monster pom pom pencil topperThey are cute!

I made 24 pencils for $4-5. Even if I did not have the supplies on hand, it would only have been $6-8. If you only need 1-6, buy them at Target, need more = make them.

DIY Fall Yarn Felt Wreath

diy fall wreath

This cute Fall wreath is too cute not to share with others. Mary had one hanging in our office last fall and I loved it so much I had to replicate it.

What you will need to make this wreath:

Styrofoam wreath

  • Styrofoam wreath from a craft store. I picked mine up at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupon. People also use pool noodles and tape them into a circle. Pool noodles can be found at Dollar Tree and way cheaper then the styrofoam kind.
  • Yarn of your color choice. I stuck with a tan, neutral color. Coordinating color yarn to be the x’s on the felt diamonds. I choose goldish-yellow that I had on hand.

Fall wreath felt

  • Felt. I choose burnt orange and chocolate brown for my argyle diamonds. Got mine at Hobby Lobby.
  • Fall decorations. I choose fall color flowers, leaves, pumpkins, and acorns. Can find at craft stores and Dollar Tree. The key is to find an assortment for $1-2.
  • Fall color ribbon. I went with orange solid I already had on hand.

Wrap the styrofoam wreath with your base yarn. I used one skein of “I love This Yarn” brand.  I used hot glue to seal the ends onto the wreath.

Cut the felt into equal squares. I only needed 5 of each color square. It depends on how big your wreath is. I hot glued the squares to the base yarn. Then I wrapped the gold yarn over the diamond in an  “X” pattern to create the argyle. I hot glued the back only.

I then did the orange ribbon. I looped the ribbon through the wreath and tied into a bow at the top. I measured it to my nail before I cut it. I seal my ribbon with a lighter, but you can use sealer. While the wreath was hanging, I arranged my flowers, acorns and pumpkins. I then hot glued them in place. Some people like to arrange their wreaths on the ground. I just found it easier to do it while it was hanging.

Total cost was: $8.


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Free Halloween printables 2015

Halloween is so near! Because it is one of my favorite holidays, and it kicks off the holiday season, I made some Free Halloween printables to share. Below I bought this sign from Kirkland’s, that I love, so I had to make a copycat – so I can share with my friends.  Happy Halloween!

Free Halloween Printable #halloween #halloweenprintables #halloweenquotes
Download here

Nevermore Halloween Printable Download


Final Happy All Hallows even halloween printable #halloween #freeDownload Here

Glow Party Ideas

Glow Party Ideas #summer #masonjarsOne of the things I love in the south is the beautiful summer nights we have.  We decided this year to have our summer party as a glow party to capture the best part of the day, the evening. We wired mason jars to the trees, we had tiki torches, and simple paper lunch bags with candles and mother nature provided us with tons of fireflies. We, of course, picked up tons of glow stick products and some glow balloons, that the kids loved. summer night partyTo hang our mason jars, we used florist wire and wrapped around the rim of the jar, and used the wire to go around the branches. We used battery operated tea light candles.Summer night party

Mason jar lanterns in a tree

summer night party 2You can pick up a bag of paper lunch bags at Dollar Tree and fill with kitty litter or sand and place your candle inside. So simple, and so pretty.

We also created a nice centerpiece with an old brass chandelier. We took the bulbs out and replaced with solar lights.

Chandelier repoursed

These are the kind that you can buy for your lawn or garden. Just take the stake out. We used aluminum foil to keep the solar light in place. You can find old chandeliers at yard sales, thrift stores, and antique stores.

summer night party 1 You can pick up glow sticks at Dollar Tree. They have a large variety.


You cannot have a night party without making Smore’s.

balloonsThe glow balloons I found at Hobby Lobby, and the kids loved them.

Glow balloons

Fall Crafts Diy


Fall crafts diyOn one of my many trips to Hobby Lobby, I came across this cute fall photo but didn’t want to spend what they were asking for. So I walked over to the scrapbook paper section and picked up a piece of paper for .59. I already have a fall leaf stencil at home, but they sell them at the craft stores for less than $2.00. I also already have gold paint and gold glitter at home, so on this project I literally just needed to buy the paper. hobby lobby

diy print paperI picked out this paper and cut it the size I needed, which was 5×7 for my frame.  I placed my stencil over the paper and held it firm and sponged over my gold paint in the stencil. When I was done I sprinkled over my gold glitter while the paint was wet. And that’s it! After it dried I put it in my frame for display. Hobby Lobby copy cat

 Last year, I sprayed some mason jars gold here is my DIY post

diy print 1My little pumpkin here I found at Dollar Tree and spray painted it a light gold with spray paint I already had at home.  I let it fully dry and took a paint brush and brushed on Modge Podge and then again sprinkled on my glitter. My polka-dot pumpkin above; I spray painted it cream and when it was dry, I took a pencil with an eraser and dipped the eraser in gold paint to make my polka dots. Cheating, yes but it worked.dollar tree crafts5

The before..

Hello Kitty Birthday Party

Hello Kitty Party Ideas #birthdayparty #hellokittyMy daughter decided to have a “Hello Kitty” birthday party this year. We took our kids to Disney World for the first time this year so her birthday party was very “budget friendly”.  For her, party we had cupcakes, Hello Kitty wafers, and chocolate candy for the kids.hello kitty partyYou can find these Hello Kitty faces at any craft store in the baking section. I drizzled melted chocolate over and two minutes later done!

hello kitty party #hellokittyI found this candy mold at Hobby Lobby for less than $2.00

hello kitty birthday girl partyI used Hello Kitty wrapping paper I found at Party City. I printed Hello Kitty coloring pages I found off Pinterest for my backdrop, that the kids later took down to color. hello kitty party birthday party favorsFor our party favors, we made Hello Kitty faces. We used white mold clay, pipe cleaners for her ears and whiskers, and colored molding clay for her nose and eyes.  Of course we used a piece of red ribbon for her bow.  My Hello Kitty looks more like a bunny, but the kids loved it! hello kitty party favors

Candle gifts with free printables

Dollar Tree Crafts with Free printables

If you’re looking for reasonable sweet gifts, you will love this post. These candle gifts are cute for stocking stuffers, add it to a basket your making or just a simple “just because” gift. I really do love these three scents at Dollar Tree: Pumpkin Pie, Sugar cookie, and Apple Pie. Because I plan on giving these out as gifts this year for some of my friends, teachers and employees – I had to make cute printables, to dress up my candle gift. You're sweet as pumpkin pie printable gift tagsweet as pumpkin pieDownload Here

Free Sugar cookie printableA Sugaookie for you printableSugar Cookie free printable Download hereSweet as pieFree sweet as pie printableSweet at pie chalkboard free printable

Adopt a puppy birthday Paw-Tay

Adopt a puppy party free puppy party printables #puppyparty #party #freeprintableCheck out our adorable Adopt-A-Puppy Paw-Tay. My daughter just turned 5 and loves puppies, so we decided to have a puppy party. This party I really didn’t spend a lot of money on because I had a lot of party décor already that I could use. I created all my own printables that I am sharing with you all today. Click the below picture for your free printables.8x10 adopt a puppy signFor all the kids, we had an adopt a puppy table. I found these cute puppies on Amazon, they were definitely worth the cost and all the kids loved them. You can also find puppies at Dollar Tree, but it’s hit and miss when they have them. puppy party #adoptapuppy
I found these adorable free adoption certificates by Chickabug Apopt a puppy party #puppypartyWe had a create your own puppy collar. I found puppy bowls at Dollar Tree that I spray painted white to match my colors. I  also found the beads and alphabet beads and pipe cleaners at Dollar Tree. I bought these little bones at Dollar Tree that I painted pink and added glitter. If you’re lucky enough to have an Ikea by you, you can find these frames there for also a $1. I had 12 kids and one pack of alphabet beads was enough letters to make all their puppy names.  puppysEach puppy had a puppy blanket. I bought one yard of fabric from Hobby Lobby, that matched perfectly.

doggie bags1 #puppyparty

Doggie bags #puppypartyMy bestie, with her perfect bow making skills, made these bows. I found the buttons at Hobby Lobby and the ribbon at AC Moore. I forgot to take a picture of their treats inside, but I found Scooby Doo sour straws at Dollar Tree and put in puppy tattoos and puppy stickers.puppy party #puppyparty

puppy chow #puppypartyFor our sweets; we had Puppy Chow (Chex mix cookie flavor), Poodle fluff (Cotton candy), Chew sticks (licorice), Puppy bones were Scooby Doo graham crackers. They also have Scooby Doo fruit snacks at the store. I tied around my jars these bags I found at Dollar Tree.puppy treats #puppyparty

Puppy party food candy #puppyparty
I made these chocolate favors from a mold I found at Ac Moore. The mold cost less than $2.00 and the chocolate cost less than $3.00 a bag.wipe your paws #puppyparty

Ava1For the food; we had hot dogs and different sides. We had popsicles for the kids because it was also a pool party.  We put the popsicles in a cooler with ice and they melted so we had to move them to the freezer, so I suggest to eat them quick.pupsices #puppyparty
adopt a puppy party cake
We bought our cake at Wal-Mart. I was so happy they had some dog images. We just had to ask the baker and she had some images in another book she showed us. My daughter picked out the dog for her cake.  ava suprise

My daughter was delighted with her big surprise present of a puppy for her birthday!

Care Bear Halloween Costume DIY

Halloween Care Bear

My youngest is obsessed with Care Bears. She wanted to go as one for Halloween. Care Bear costumes are hard to find. Usually just online. I decided to make her one. The past two Halloweens she has asked me to go dressed up with her= so I had to make myself one too. I found this cute Halloween Care Bear picture from Care Bears Facebook.

She wanted to go as Love A Lot bear. It is pink with two hearts. She wanted me to go as Cheer Bear, also pink with a rainbow symbol.

Cheer and Love A Lot Care Bears

I got her hoodie and pants at Wal-Mart. They are a soft fleece material and warm. I did not put ears on our hoods because I know my daughter and she will not keep a hood on. So all I needed to buy for hers was the fleece suit and felt for her tummy symbol. I also picked up so no sew velcro strips.

I already had a pale pink hoodie that I decided to use for Cheer Bear.

Felt for Care Bear

I bought White felt for the tummys and two shades of pink for the symbols. I used a large size bowl to use as a template for the tummy circle. I traced it with chalk marker for sewing projects. I printed a double heart symbol off from online so I could cut perfect hearts out.

Love a lot tummy patch

I hot glued the lighter pink on the white circle first and the darker pink down overlapping the light pink. Once the hot glue was dry I was ready to attach the tummy to the hoodie. I did not want to sew it on because it was a zip up and I wanted her to be able to wear the hoodie again. I put sticky velcro pieces on the back of the tummy and adhered it to the hoodie by pressing it down firmly. I ran a very loose stitch into the velcro on to the hoodie. It was loose enough to be able to easily cut once the night was done.

Love A Lot bear

If she had to take her hoodie off, she just had to undo the velcro and zip it off. I did hot glue a small pink felt heart onto the butt of the pants.

Care bear Halloween

For mine, I just drew a rainbow on the felt with sharpies and fabric paint pens. I attached the tummy the same way I did hers. I actually had a sweater on under my hoodie because it was cold and rainy this Halloween night.