Plastic Flamingo re-do

Cute flamingos

I love my plastic Pink Flamingos in my yard. I would be that lady that has a whole flock of Flamingos. They stay out in the sun year-round, though. They have seen better days.

Flamingo redo

Poor thing  looks like a malnourished white flamingo these days. I could just go buy more flamingos or I could fix mine. I had medium pink spray paint on hand.  One bored afternoon later …flamingos 2

After 1 coat of pink spray paint.

These could be painted black for Halloween.

Flamingos redo

I hand painted the beak and eyes after 2 coats of pink dried. Now I have a gnome in the garden that needs a touch-up.

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Sharing some LOVE

Free Valentine's Day printables

Love Valentine's day printableChristmas is over and I believe January is the worst month ever! So Seeing Valentines out in the store brings hope that spring isn’t to far off. As I started to pack up Christmas I wanted to hurry up and display Valentines so I created some Valentine’s Day prints to share. Enjoy! Love quote Mother TeresaI love this one by Mother Teresa, I might need to keep this one up all year long as a good reminder.

Valentines Teacher printable I love my teachers heart becauseCute idea for a teachers Valentine gift

Frozen Valentine's Day cardsBecause almost every kid is still in love with Frozen Frozen Valentine's Day free printablesThese are a little bigger to add to gifts

I heart you Free Valentine's Day treat printableI <3 you

Calendar frame DIY gift

calendar frame

Last Christmas, my sister gave me this awesome calendar frame. It is her DIY that I am going to share with you.


What you need:

Glass Picture frame of your size


permeant markers and acrylic paint, paintbrushes


Smooth your burlap out and tape it down tight on a surface like a table. This is important that it is tight so your lines are straight. Lay your frame on the burlap so you know where your lines should be. Lay your ruler down on the burlap and make sure it is straight. Use a sharpie to draw the calendar lines. After your lines and your box at the top are done you can write the days of the week. She made my initial at the top and then painted it in with acrylic paint. Let completely dry and then glue the burlap to the back of the frame or staple the burlap down to the outside of the backing.   This will depend on the frame you got. Cut the burlap to fit.

* Make sure your burlap is tight or your lines will become wavy!

calendar frame

Now you can use dry erase markers or wet-erase on the glass. This makes a great gift. Wal-Mart and craft stores always have frames at great prices.

Check out our burlap clothespin frame too.

Snowman painted spools and peg dolls

DIY paint a snowmanI love Snowmen, Olaf and Chilli included. Not as much as I love bunnies, but a close second. Snowmen are a huge part of my Winter decor. Last year I had a lot of blank spools left over from a Lalaloopsy party that we did. I decided to paint them and make them into a snowman. Sierra agreed that they would turn out good.
Snowmen spools

After I did that I realized I had some blank peg people that I was suppose to paint into princesses awhile back and never found the time to do. So I painted them into a snowman too.


snowman peg

What you will need is:

– any kind of wood piece including spools, pegs, blocks, door hanger etc.

– white, black, pink and orange acrylic paint (can use paint pens for black and orange)

– different size paint brushes including a small tip one for detail

I bought my spools and pegs from craft stores. Paint the wood piece all white and let dry completely. You may have to use a couple coats. After your white base is totally dry you are ready for details.

I paint the eyes then the mouth and buttons with black. I let that dry and then dip a q-tip in pink and dab their cheeks. I blot it with my finger to make it faded and not as bright. Lastly, I paint on the carrot nose. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Mine is swiggly carrot noses.

I’ve seen on Pinterest where some one painted wood blocks into snowmen and made ornaments out of them. The spools can be turned into ornaments by running ribbon looped thru the top to the bottom and tie a large knot on the bottom. The loop needs to be big enough  to hang from the top on the tree. ornament


Make sure the knot is big enough that it will not slide back through the hole. I used a small paintbrush to push the ribbon through to the bottom.


It is ready to hang on the tree and these can be given as gifts or sold at craft fairs.

The peg snowman can be made into ornament too but you have to screw a screw eye hook at the top. You can find those at craft stores, Wal-Mart, Amazon and hardware stores. If you buy a pack of those, start looking thru the house for little toys you can turn into ornaments. Most small plastic toys can be turned into an ornament.

This Video shows you how to turn toys into ornaments.

15 Christmas Freebies

15 Christmas Freebies

Happy Holidays! With Christmas around the corner I wanted to do a giveaway of some fun Christmas Printables for you all.

Give Joy Free Christmas Printable

Give Love & Give Joy printable I made was inspired by this section at Hobby Lobby. I love the blue and red together so I had to create a fun printable to match.

Hobby Lobby christmasGive love free Christmas Printable

Merry and bright printable5×7 Merry & Bright

Christmas kids gift tags Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas Gift Tags

Magic Reindeer food

Every year I make Reindeer food for my daughters to sprinkle outside on Christmas Eve. They love it and it is so easy. If you’re hosting a Christmas party with kids, get a bowl of oatmeal and sprinkle glitter in it, and let them scoop some up in a bag. Here is a cute free printable made by Hip 2 Save that  you can attach to their bags.reindeer food

Santa's Number Printable for kids they will love calling this

Watch your kids faces light up when they call this Santa number.

christmas pay it forward

Tis the season to give back. If you’re planning any random acts of kindness this season here is a little cheerful note to add to your gift. I have so far given one to my Starbucks Barista with a Target $5 gift card.

elf notes

Elf on the shelf teaching to give back

Here is a way to get your kids involved with giving back with help from Elf on the Shelf.

elf letter

Welcome back letter from your elf. chalkboard christmas

Chalkboard 5×7 Merry Christmas

north pole snow

North Pole snow 5×7. I used to cover some fake snow I bought in a box. If your having a party and have fake snow for the kids to play in you can use this sign.

merry christmas new print

Merry Christmas 5×7

Merry Christmas

I'm back elf on the shelf letter!

Another version of a welcome back letter for your Elf on the Shelf

Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree DIY

Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree

These little Christmas trees are easy and fun to make, and they take very little time to make. I found these cupcake liners at Wal-Mart for 1.00 a pack for one color. Like the picture below; first cut the sides of the liners. I have used double sided tape and hot glue for my trees, and the tape is easier to manage. If you mess up you can easily fix it.

cupcake liners to make tree

I found these Christmas tree cones at AC Moore. Last year I made my own cones out of cardstock paper, which is the picture below. They were not as sturdy as these,  but they looked the same.  I started at the top and measured how much cupcake liner I needed and cut.  And there you go: simple and affordable Christmas Décor!


cupcake Trees DIY

Easy Glitter ribbon clothespins

I have a confession: I actually do not like glitter. Well glitter that falls off and gets all over you, the couch, the car, the floor, etc. I actually despise halloween costumes that have glitter on them. It gets EVERYWHERE. I’ve been cheating for a long time now when I glitter things like clothespins. I have an Ikea art runner, where I made my own decorative clothespins to hold the art, cards, etc.

My trick: Glitter ribbon. I get most of mine from Michael’s but you can find it at any craft store and even Wal-Mart.

I picked up a lot of different colors out of the $1 bin of Michael’s this year. I have made these clothespins for myself and as gifts for others.

You can double side tape the ribbon to the wood clothespin or Mod Podge the ribbon to it. In order to Mod Podge; you paint a light coat on the clothespin and place your ribbon on. Smooth down and cut. Let dry and then coat the top of the glitter ribbon with a thin coat of Mod Podge. I use Gloss Mod Podge to make it shinny.

black glitter clothespins

Black Glitter Clothespins that I used in a “Gatsby” party. Also made Gold glitter ones to go with the black. Black can be used for Halloween decor.

I have an assortment of glitter clothespins for my art display. Red, Green, and Gold for Christmas; Pastel colors for Easter; Sea foam green and blues for Summer; etc.

You can also make as gifts and leave as is or put a magnet to the back for their fridge. Or make a set as bag clips. I made a Christmas set for my aunt a couple years back for her to hang Christmas cards from.

decorative clothespins

You can also decorate clothespins with other ribbons and burlap. A set like these were for sale at Michael’s for $3. You can pick up clothespins at Dollar Tree and use burlap or other ribbon you have on hand.

Mod Podge works wonders and you can decorate clothespins with scrapbook paper as well. You will need to outline your clothespins on the back of the paper before you start cutting, but it is easy enough. After the paper dries, sandpaper the edges a little to smooth the ends of the paper.

Washi tape can also be used to decorate clothespins. Glue a thumb tack to the back to post on bulletin boards.



Easiest Personalized Door hanger

Personalized wreath.jpg

I made my sister a personalized door hanger this year. All you need is a wood letter of the person’s last name and some burlap ribbon. Paint is optional.

I chose a medium size wood letter but you can go bigger. I painted mine white, but you could choose any color or Mod Podge scrapbook paper to it. After the paint dried, I tied burlap ribbon to one side and measured to make it long enough before cutting the other end.

There you have the easiest, fastest way to make your own personalized door hanger.

$1 Wood Black Cat Halloween Decor

black cats

Sierra has a love of black cats. She loves witches and every witch rocks a black cat. She even owns her very own black cat, “Boo”. That cat loves me by the way. It’s a shame I am allergic. So Sierra came across Clover House’s 2 x 4 Black Cats and Pumpkin DIY and fell in love. I thought why not – I wont’ be allergic to these little cuties. Her husband works construction and comes across repurposed, old wood all the time. So he picked us up some and cut out our cats. If you know someone that is remodeling or works in a field that uses wood – ask for some old 2 x 4’s. They would be throwing it out after all.

Clover house black cats

Follow Clover House’s directions, she has the measurements for cutting etc. We hand sanded ours with some sandpaper we already had. We chose not to sandpaper after we painted. I liked them dark black. I used a foam sponge, Sierra used a regular paint brush. Just note that if you use a foam sponge brush – it absorbs the paint. Pine wood also drinks paint so you will need a couple to few coats of paint to cover. I went with large googly eyes because the smaller ones looked too small. We hot glued the eyes to the wood after the paint dried.

Black cats

We already had black paint on hand, paint brushes and googly eyes. So our total cost was $1 for Raffia for the cats whiskers. Picked some up at Dollar Tree. If you do not have all your supplies, you could buy the wood at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Pick up some acrylic black paint at WalMart for 57 cents. Google eyes at Dollar Tree with the Raffia for $2 total. Total cost coming to $5-$10 depending on wood price. If you do not have the time or energy to make your own – Clover House sells them on DeeDeesCards Etsy shop for the set $20.

Black Cats

photo 2-13Cute, cheap Halloween Decor for your mantel or table. We had a lot of fun making these.