Peace Sign Birthday Party and Hippie Costume

peace sign invite

We have a true hippie in our mitts. She loves Peace Signs and has them on everything. She even went as a “Peace Hippie” for Halloween. Her costume and the DIY  is at the end of this post. When she asked for a Peace party this year, we were not surprised. This party was very low key and inexpensive because she was going to Disney to celebrate her and her sister’s birthday this summer.


Peace sign wrapping paper as backdrop

I found this wrapping paper at Dollar Tree. I used it as the backdrop for a photo booth. Bought an extra roll to wrap her present in. Could use it as a table runner too.

Hippie decor

My sister got these felt cut outs at Wal-Mart in the art section. They are for her bedroom, but we used as decor at the party too. She had some peace sign lights from Target that we used. Couldn’t find a lava lamp, but that would have been great too.

Peace sign backdrop

peace sign backdrop

Couple shots from the Groovy photo both. The lighting was not the best.

We had a few different stations at this party. I did not get pictures of them, as I was the hostess and moving around a lot. We had a “Flower Child Nail Parlor” where the girls could get their nails done. The birthday girl had a peace sign makeup container full of polish to choose from. We had a “Peace Out Art Studio” that had coloring pages and the guests got to decorate a magnet foam picture with hippie things. I got the foam squares at Dollar Tree and a bucket of peace foam stickers at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart had tie-dye plates, cups and banner flags. Picked up a cookie cake from Kroger and had them put a peace sign on it. However, the baker put a Mercedes logo instead of a peace sign. The kids did not seem to notice.

peace sign platesI had bought these plates at Target. I bought extra tie-dye plates from Wal-Mart. Kroger also made us some cupcakes with tie-dye frosting.We put them on a large round platter in the shape of a peace sign.

Peace sign Hippie girl

Here’s her costume from this past Halloween. Peace sign tank top, she already had. We put it over a long sleeve tee since it was cold. I picked up a tie-dyed t-shirt from Goodwill and cut it into a vest. The glasses we got at Michael’s Craft store. The flower hair bows were something I saw at Delia’s. They were daisy flower tops that I hot glued velcro to the back of. The velcro were circle already and you only use the scratchy piece. It sticks in the hair actually well.

hippie flare legs

Her flare legs were created by one crazy looking tie-dye smiley face bandana that I got at Hobby Lobby. Cut in two parts. Do a running stitch across the top raw edge to create a bunch. I attached them by wrapping around her leg and securing with velcro on the bandana. People thought I sewed them onto her jeans. I was afraid she would not wear them as much if I made them permanent.

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Care Bear Birthday Party

Funshine paint a rainbow

Welcome to Care-A-Lot. My daughter loves Care Bears. She even went as a Care Bear for Halloween this past year. You can find that tutorial here. Care Bear things are hard to find these days, so when she told me she wanted it for her birthday theme, I knew Sierra and I would have to make a lot of it and improvise.

Care bear Halloween

I used a lot of her Care Bears for decor. She has a Care Bear book that has small figurines that we used too. I found it at Barnes and Noble. I bought a lot of stuff on Ebay and Amazon. Her sister and I decided to wear Care Bear shirts to the party. The birthday girl, I put her in a rainbow shirt.

Cloud and rainbow backdrop

We found rainbow backdrop/table cloths at Target. We used one of them as the backdrop to the photo booth. Sierra made signs and cupcake toppers for this event. Visit our Etsy site if you would like to buy them. I found some free printables and bookmarks on

Care bear cupcake toppers

Her birthday is in the dog days of summer, so we decided to go with an ice cream theme. So hence the Ice Cream land as part of Care-A-Lot. We had scoops of Neapolitan ice cream and ice cream toppings that included: chocolate syrup, magic shell, rainbow sprinkles, M&M’s, Teddy Grahams in birthday cake flavor, Gummy Bears, and Reese cups.

Ice Cream Land

I found rainbow stripe ice cream snack bowls at Dollar Tree. I also found the rainbow treat bags there as well.

Care Bear Treat Bag

Each treat bag came with a bookmark (I printed from, rainbow pencil that I found in a pack of 10 at Target in the Dollar Spot section, pixie sticks, gum, Care Bear Stickers and Care Bear coloring roll. I actually got these at Target in the Dollar Spot section last year when they had them.

Care bear cup favorCare Bear cupsThe younger children got a Care Bear cup that I got in the party section of Target. Dollar Tree has Care Bear coloring books. Target and 5 below have Care Bear blind bags.

rainbow napkins

Rainbow stripe napkins and plates, I found at Dollar General.

Popcorn bags

Sierra found Chevron rainbow bags at Hobby Lobby that we put popcorn in.

We had a few different stations for this party.

Funshine Bear's Paint Salon1. Funshine Bear’s Paint Salon was a nail station.

care-a-lot art studio2. Care-A-Lot art studio had copies of coloring pages.

3. Was pass the care bear station. Attendees pass a Care Bear to music and once the music stops, the attendee with the Care Bear gets a prize. No picture of this station. Our kiddos were having so much fun, we actually did not play this game.

Grumpy Bear's Build A Cloud 4. Grumpy Bear’s Build a Cloud station was a relay race with two teams racing with a spoon of cotton balls to a bowl. The team that built their cloud fastest won.

Cloud and rainbow backdrop 5. Rainbow photo booth.

We did not do a craft during this party, but you could do decorate a heart wand; build a cloud by using cotton balls and glueing them to wood frame or cardstock; build a rainbow by using rainbow color streamer and gluing it to foam – I actually saw this craft at Dollar Tree.

tissue rainbow craft

I purchased vintage invites and thank you cards from a local flea market. I found a Care Bear CD at Goodwill. Second-hand stores and consignment places did have a few Care Bear finds.

Care Bear Vintage invite

Care Bear Thank you Cards

Dollar Tree Marble Crafts

Dollar tree crafts

Who Knew some marbles and sharpie markers would entertain my children for hours. While my children and I were making our DIY Sharpie coasters craft we decided to color some of our marbles we purchased at Dollar tree. They have a few different colors, but we bought clear and blue. My daughter and I decided to see what bugs we could make with our marbles. Dollar tree craftsLove our little bumble bee

Dollar tree craftsButterflyDolalr tree craftsDollar tree craftsKind of looks like a dragonfly.

Despite how simple this project is my 7-year-old, 4-year-old and I were entertained for over two hours.

DIY Sharpie Coasters

Diy Sharpie coasters craft summer kids project

 Here is a  fun summer project you can do with the kids that doesn’t cost a lot and wont make a huge mess. I definitely had a lot more fun than my children did. Not only are these coasters so inexpensive to make they make perfect gifts for the holidays. For this project the only supplies you need:

  • Tiles ( Lowe’s .16 cents each)
  • Sharpie markers
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Straw
  • Clear Sealer
  • Cork board or Felt

DIY Sharpie Coasters I found my tiles at Lowe’s for .16 cents each. I bought a pack of Sharpies at JoAnn’s and used a 50% coupon. I also bought a sheet of corkboard for $3.00. craft2 sharpie diy coasters


Now time to get your coloring on

craft4 craft3I took a straw and dipped in rubbing alcohol and let drip on my coasters. If you add too much it will get messy and colors will run off. I suggest you help your children with this part. The great thing about this project if you don’t like they design the alcohol is making you can wipe it off and color again.craft10 craft0Tada! After your tiles dry after about an hour spray with clear sealer. Next I cut my corkboard and hot glued to the back of my tiles. You can also use felt.  craftt

End of School Year Party

beachthemeLife has gotten away from us this semester. It is already the end of the school year. One of my duties as Room Parent for my daughter’s 2nd-grade class is to put on an “End of School Year Party.” Well knowing how much I love parties, this really isn’t a duty for me. The teacher and I decided on a beach theme. Nothing says summer like the beach — so why not!

We asked the parents to send in money so I could see what kind of budget we had to work with. A class of 19 is costly. The planning process is a lot of taking pictures,  typing notes, Pinterest searching and shopping.  Off to the craft stores, to search for beach-worthy crafts, games, and snacks.

Total party cost: $68 for 19 students.


Beach decorI already had some beach decor on hand from a wedding. I would use these for decor on the tables = free.

I wanted a flip flop picture frame to decorate, but no such luck. I came across wooden flip flops at AC Moore for 50 cents each. So first station, decorate a flip flop.

Wood flip flop

Hobby Lobby had foam magnetic picture frames in the summer section. I found flip flop stickers at JoAnn’s and ocean creatures  foam stickers at AC Moore. Second station= decorate a picture frame. The teacher took pictures of each student and printed them out for the frames.

summer picture frame

What do you find at a beach? Sand. So, the third station would have to be something with sand art. I found sand art kits and extra sand bottles at Michael’s.  One thing I didn’t anticipate is running out of certain colors of sand. I bought 6   bottles of sand and sand packets that came with the kit. By calculations, the sand should have filled the 19 bottles if the students filled the bottle 3/4 ways up. Well, some kids filled it to the brim and some filled it with mostly two colors; pink and purple. So learn from my mistakes and buy more sand. More advice: I bought the bottles that have a tip at the top that will work as a funnel. The teacher cut the top a little so the sand would flow out faster, but not too fast. Place a paper plate under their bottle. This way you can fold the plate to pour the spilled sand in the bottle for them. Once the bottles start to run out, you can fill them with the packet sand. Oriental Trading has a lot of sand art bottles to choose from. I didn’t have time to wait on shipping. These would have been perfect though.

Oriental Trading sand art bottles

I already own IKEA frames. I just had to print off what each station would be = just the cost of ink.

party frames

So the students had 3 crafts they got to take home. I also found tie-dyed frisbees at Michael’s. The teacher put a vinyl sticker on each one of the students name. She does great work. She also bought them each a cup with a straw as a gift from her and put a vinyl sticker on them with the schools mascot and students name. She made me a special one from a Starbuck’s reusable cup. It has my initials on the top. Check out her facebook page Day Designs 865 and Etsy shop.

Vinyl gifts from Day Designs

Now for games: Pool noodle limbo and hula hooping. I already own pool noodles and hula hoops. The teacher had extra hula hoops in her closet. You can find pool noodles and hula hoops at Dollar Tree. Another class did coconut bowling. Some did summer themed “Minute to Win It” games.

Snack: Goldfish crackers.




My Little Pony Party on a budget

My Little Pony Party

I recently did a “My Little Pony Party” on a small budget. I rave on how I can plan a “theme” party on a budget as small as $75. This party I tried to keep it under $150 as much as possible. It was for 15 children attending with their parent(s).

Once the birthday girl picked a theme, I started planning. We had a free location at our church’s fellowship hall complete with a full kitchen. The time would be 2-4 p.m. which doesn’t require a full menu or lunch, keeping to our budget.

Butterfly peanut butter and jellyWe decided to serve sandwiches in case attendees were somewhat hungry. Here we have butterfly shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Daisy and heart ham and cheeseFlower and heart-shaped ham and cheese sandwiches.


Fruit platter

Rainbow Dash’s Sonic Fruit in Rainbow colors was the most expensive food items. It cost about $15 for all. Strawberries for red (could do apples instead), Cantaloupe for orange (could do peaches), Pineapple for yellow, honeydew for green (could do green apples or green grapes), blueberries, and purple grapes.

My little pony cupcakes

The cupcakes were made at WalMart 12/$6. They came with a ring in the top which can be a gift for attendees. Also served a WalMart Cookie Cake.

Cheese and crackers

Fluttershy’s cheese and crackers.

Cheese and crackers

Trio crackers and 2 different cheddar cheese’s.

Smore's party mix

Princess Celestia’s Party Mix. Goldfish Smore’s pack with M&Ms and marshmallows.

My little pony fruit snacks

Rarity’s Fruit Snacks. Also used in treat bags as favor.  Sorry the picture came out blurry.

My little pony waterServed small water bottles. We also had Pinkie Pie’s Pink Lemonade and Applejack’s Apple Juice.

Rainbow streamer decoration

I hung rainbow color streamer to cut off the church’s back kitchen from guests.

PresentsHad a section for Presents.

MLP Decor

Planted My Little Pony toys throughout as decor.

Rarity's Fashionable BracletsRarity’s Fashionable Bracelets was the first station. Attendants could make bracelets with stretchy string and fruit loops. Guests loved this as they could eat on the bracelets throughout the party.

Rainbow Dash's Hoof SalonRainbow Dash’s Hoof Salon was our second station. The girls got their nails and toes painted.

Toola Roola's Art CenterThird station was Toola Roola’s Art Center. Attendants could color coloring pages and small coloring books. I found a “My Little Pony” puzzle at Big Lots that I put on the table for the younger guests to put together.

MLP favor cup

I purchased a “My Little Pony” favor cup for each girl attendant. In it I put candies, fruit snacks, a fairy pony from Target and bookmark. We placed the cups on the tables with balloons to use as decor. I found “My Little Pony” board books in the dollar spot section at Target for the younger guests.

Boy party favor

The boy attendants received a “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” favor cup and bookmark instead of ponies.

Book MarksI got the chevron printables from Etsy as a set. I printed off the bookmarks on cardstock and then glued to heavier cardstock bookmarks I had purchased at Michael’s.


These bookmarks and the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” ones I got from

They have an assortment of printables for free that you can use for your personal use.

Rapunzel Tangled Birthday Party

RapunzelFrozen may be all the rage for little girl parties, but there are still other popular princesses out there. Recently, my oldest daughter had a friend that wanted a Rapunzel Tangled party. This wasn’t a new party for me as I did one a few years ago when Tangled came out. She is my daughter’s favorite princess still to this day.

This post is going to give you a lot of different things to do for and during a Rapunzel Tangled Party. Decorate a lantern

Craft for the party: Paint a Lantern. These are just plain white party lanterns that you can get in the craft stores, Oriental Trading, Party City, and others. You will need child-friendly washable acrylic paints. Stay away from watercolor paints as they wet the paper lantern too much. You can also use washable markers.

Rapunzel PaintingRapunzel loves to paint and in the movie they release lanterns into the sky for her birthday. So this ties into the theme very well.

Paint party

Also related to painting as a craft: Paint a picture. This was from Meg Hearld’s Blog. Buy small white canvases and child-friendly washable acrylic paints. You can buy the artist palette holders and give them as favors as well. All of this you can find at craft stores or Amazon.

Games at the party: Tug a war. Use several strands of yellowish gold yarn and braid Rapunzel’s hair. Tie off each end and now you have a rope to use as a tug a war rope. Tug a war ropeYou can also use this as decor for a table like the one above. You can even glue the flowers along the braid if want.

Yellow ropeFor one party, I had yellow rope on hand and cut it to use as the tug a war game. You can pick some up at hardware stores. Mine came from Home Depot.

Limbo: Use the same rope or braid for Limbo. Two games in one!

Pin the flower on Rapunzel’s hair. You can purchase at Party City or you could easily make your own. Purchase a Rapunzel poster at any store and cut out flowers from cardstock. Put double sided tape on the back of the flowers. Make a blindfold from a bandana or scarf and there you have an easy fast game.  

Other games:

  • Pin the Frying Pan on Flynn Rider: This game is a take on pin-the-tale-on-the donkey. Get a Flynn poster, print one out or draw a poster of Flynn’s face and print out frying pans. Could do Pin the Nose on Flynn Rider as well. 
  • Into the Frying Pan: Literally throw Pascal into a frying pan.  Put the pan a distance away from the guests to stand at. Have the guests throw Pascal into the frying pan. Whoever gets him in there best out of 3 tries wins. We used a stuffed Pascal that came from the Disney Store, but you could print him out and tape him to a ball or bean bag. 


Yarn decorWith yellow gold yarn, braid several strands together and long enough to form letters. You can do the child’s initial(s) if their name is too long. This is on two poster boards but could be put on wood.

Again you can use braids to decorate tables, hang from the rafters or just about anywhere.

Rapunzel Disney figuresI have quite a few Rapunzel Disney toys that I placed amongst tables as decor. You can find these on Amazon as well.

Party favors:

Rapunzel party favors

Party City has buckets and other Rapunzel goodies. You can also include Disney Princess items that have Rapunzel on them.

KelloggsDisneyPrincessfruitflavoredsnacks_1808They even have Rapunzel in the Kellogg’s Fruit Snack boxes.

Rapunzel party favorsI especially like the little Rapunzel paint set.  Here was used Rapunzel Bucket as treat bag.

rapunzel cup favorRapunzel cups would also be a great treat bag holder.

Rapunzel Hair bow

A great party favor that every Rapunzel party-goer would love is a braided hair bow. This is the same yarn used in the other projects, but with a ribbon braided through it. Flower’s glued to the top and a hair clip glued to the back of them.

Rapunzel hair clipUse the birthday child as measurement as to how long to make it. Keep in mind that some of the guests may be shorter. Make them appropriately that the guests do not trip on them. Also, keep in mind these can be heavy. This one was made for an eight-year-old that can handle these many strands of yarn.

Thinner Rapunzel BraidSmaller guests will need fewer strands so, not to cause them headaches. Here is a hair bow I made for younger birthday crowd with yellowish blonde yarn. It was made with baby soft yarn so that it would be good for sensitive skin. It is thinner yarn and I only used a few strands to braid it.

Rapunzel bookmarkBookmarks were made from same yarn. This bookmark has seen better days, but it is 3 years old now. I printed it on heavy white cardstock, whole punched the top and looped the braid through. I got the printable at They have quite a few Tangled items that you can print out and are all free.

Rapunzel invites

I used these printable invites that were free for my daughters birthday from here and added yellow string for Rapunzel’s hair. I punched a small hole in the tower one and taped the braid to the back.



Grinchmas Christmas Party

Grinchmas Christmas Party

This year we threw a Grinchmas Christmas party. I wasn’t able to go all out with this party like I do with most my party’s which of course the day of the party I wish I planned more but working in retail during the holidays is not fun! The party still came out cute and everyone had a great time, here are some shots from the party.Grinch Christmas Party Grinch Christmas Party It’s not Christmas according to my husband until I make Oreo Balls, this recipe is the easiest thing ever and everyone loves them. Literally 3 ingredients:

1pkg. cream cheese softened

1pkg. Oreo’s ( do not get double stuffed)

white melting chocolate

blend cream cheese and Oreos, form teaspoon size balls. I freeze them for about 30 minutes and then dip in white chocolate, so easy

Grinch Christmas Party Grinch Christmas party For my backdrop to add more color to my table I used tissue paper I found at Wal-Mart. I used double sided tape and in a minute I was done.  It looks better in day light so I had to take a picture the day after the party, clean up time!Grinch Christmas party  Grinch Christmas Party How pretty is this peppermint mocha cake made by Lil’ Miss Flossy for my local friends they specialize in catering. I have an obsession with cake stands and having fun with them,  so when I came across this gift box at Hobby Lobby in these fun colors I had to snag it up.

Grinch Christmas PartyI love these jewelry stands I bought a JoAnn’s a few years ago, I use them for almost every party I just change the ribbon up to go with whatever theme I am doing.

Grinch craftFor the kids Tina found this heart craft on oriental trading for Grinch’s growing heart.

Christmas decor, Christmas mantel, Grinch Christmas party

Gifts in a Jar DIY

While Sierra and I were out and about “Targeting,” (Target Shopping- It’s a sport. LOL) we came across some cute jars filled with candy for $3.99. Sierra decided to get them and spruce them up for her daughter’s jazzy jar entry. As soon as I saw them, I knew I could make them and for a better price.

Target candy jars

See I have a Starbucks addiction, so I go thru a lot of Starbucks bottles. I do recycle them and usually have some on hand at any given time. So you will need a recycled Starbucks bottle, candy of your choice, cute ribbon. The good thing about Starbucks bottles, is they are shaped similar to old milk bottles and they are easy to spruce up. Hot soapy water should get the label off. I used “goof off” to get the residue off after the label came off. Could use goo gone or any other adhesive remover. Give them a good wash or run thru the dishwasher. I did paint my lids but you could leave as is and tape a label on the top.

candy at Target

Now fill with your favorite candy, or pretzels and tie a ribbon.

Starbucks recycled gift bottle

Christmas inspired with peppermints and chalkboard label. $1 for the candy

snowman bottle

Snowman inspired with buttons hot glued and felt scarf filled with white chocolate pretzels. $1 for pretzels. Already had spare buttons and felt.

Wild Bird Feed gift bottle

Wild bird feed. Taped a label on it and hot glued jute string around the top. Free cause I had everything on hand. candy

Here is sierra’s after she jazzed hers up. You may also like our jazzy jar post,  it may give you ideas for  gifts in a jar too.