Care Bear Birthday Party

Funshine paint a rainbow

Welcome to Care-A-Lot. My daughter loves Care Bears. She even went as a Care Bear for Halloween this past year. You can find that tutorial here. Care Bear things are hard to find these days, so when she told me she wanted it for her birthday theme, I knew Sierra and I would have to make a lot of it and improvise.

Care bear Halloween

I used a lot of her Care Bears for decor. She has a Care Bear book that has small figurines that we used too. I found it at Barnes and Noble. I bought a lot of stuff on Ebay and Amazon. Her sister and I decided to wear Care Bear shirts to the party. The birthday girl, I put her in a rainbow shirt.

Cloud and rainbow backdrop

We found rainbow backdrop/table cloths at Target. We used one of them as the backdrop to the photo booth. Sierra made signs and cupcake toppers for this event. Visit our Etsy site if you would like to buy them. I found some free printables and bookmarks on

Care bear cupcake toppers

Her birthday is in the dog days of summer, so we decided to go with an ice cream theme. So hence the Ice Cream land as part of Care-A-Lot. We had scoops of Neapolitan ice cream and ice cream toppings that included: chocolate syrup, magic shell, rainbow sprinkles, M&M’s, Teddy Grahams in birthday cake flavor, Gummy Bears, and Reese cups.

Ice Cream Land

I found rainbow stripe ice cream snack bowls at Dollar Tree. I also found the rainbow treat bags there as well.

Care Bear Treat Bag

Each treat bag came with a bookmark (I printed from, rainbow pencil that I found in a pack of 10 at Target in the Dollar Spot section, pixie sticks, gum, Care Bear Stickers and Care Bear coloring roll. I actually got these at Target in the Dollar Spot section last year when they had them.

Care bear cup favorCare Bear cupsThe younger children got a Care Bear cup that I got in the party section of Target. Dollar Tree has Care Bear coloring books. Target and 5 below have Care Bear blind bags.

rainbow napkins

Rainbow stripe napkins and plates, I found at Dollar General.

Popcorn bags

Sierra found Chevron rainbow bags at Hobby Lobby that we put popcorn in.

We had a few different stations for this party.

Funshine Bear's Paint Salon1. Funshine Bear’s Paint Salon was a nail station.

care-a-lot art studio2. Care-A-Lot art studio had copies of coloring pages.

3. Was pass the care bear station. Attendees pass a Care Bear to music and once the music stops, the attendee with the Care Bear gets a prize. No picture of this station. Our kiddos were having so much fun, we actually did not play this game.

Grumpy Bear's Build A Cloud 4. Grumpy Bear’s Build a Cloud station was a relay race with two teams racing with a spoon of cotton balls to a bowl. The team that built their cloud fastest won.

Cloud and rainbow backdrop 5. Rainbow photo booth.

We did not do a craft during this party, but you could do decorate a heart wand; build a cloud by using cotton balls and glueing them to wood frame or cardstock; build a rainbow by using rainbow color streamer and gluing it to foam – I actually saw this craft at Dollar Tree.

tissue rainbow craft

I purchased vintage invites and thank you cards from a local flea market. I found a Care Bear CD at Goodwill. Second-hand stores and consignment places did have a few Care Bear finds.

Care Bear Vintage invite

Care Bear Thank you Cards

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