Bubble Guppies Party

Over the summer last year, we hosted a Bubble Guppies themed pool party. It was very hard to find anything Bubble Guppies. You can find plates, cups and such at Walmart these days.

We kept this party simple since it was all about the pool. We served sweet tea as “whale pee” and blue Gatorade as “ocean water.” The kids got a kick out of it. I had a Swedish fish bowl (big hit) and fish and chips bowl (goldfish mixed with regular chips).
I served chocolate mint candies but had to keep them on ice so they wouldn’t melt. You can find my tutorial  on them here. I just used some fish, under the sea molds.
NickJr had a Bubble Guppies birthday party link that we got most of our decor from.
Then for the goody treat bags I made bubbles with Bubble Guppies stickers.

I also made sidewalk chalk. I put them in heart and flower molds I had. I tinted mine with blue food coloring but I don’t recommend you use it. It faded too quickly. Use tempera paint as it keeps color longer. I used this tutorial and it really worked.

I suggest you purchase the smallest plaster of paris you can find. You really do not need a lot. I also found that it worked better with fridge cold water as apposed to cold tap water. 

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