American Flag Crate DIY

Create your own American flag crate!
 I bought my crate at Wal-Mart for little over $9.00 you might be able to purchase it cheaper at AC Moore or Joann’s with a coupon. This was my first time painting this with all three different colors. I suggest first spray painting your crate red. When spray painting you can get all the little cracks and creases in the crate and will save you tons of time!! If you think you can tape the wood off so the spray paint doesn’t get on it, good luck getting that tape on in between the gaps, trust me its not worth your time. Paint your white stripes (it might take a few times) and let dry. I did my blue paint last so I could try and get a straight line. I strongly suggest finding a star stencil. I made mine last minute so I had to freehand my stars and the first time they came out horrible! I had to cover with paint and this time I printed out a star image from Google and traced it with pencil on my crate and then painted my stars with a thin brush. That time they came out a lot better but would look better with a stencil! If you like more of the “primitive look” you can get cream paint instead of white and a darker red paint. When fully dried – take a piece of sandpaper and a lightly sand your crate to the look you like.
               1 red spray paint
               Blue and white paint
               Star stencil
This crate doesn’t just have to be used for photos you can use your crate as a stand for food or anything at a party. You can also use it as a decoration in your house! I painted it so the girls could sit on it, but you can do it the other way and use take photos with a baby sitting in the crate. Or with decorations inside for décor for your house.
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