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Party planning without the pain

We all know sometimes we can vision what we want our special event to be like but we don’t know how to get it there. Let us help you narrow down your ideas and how you can create it, with either our help or on your own.  Our passion for events is to create the vision you see, and if we can help you bring that vision to reality then we have done our job!

Event Planning/Event Styling:

-Children Parties

-Birthday Parties

-Holiday Parties

-Bridal showers

-Baby showers


-Corporate Events

-Fundraising (email for nonprofit pro bono)


Party in a Box; to busy and don’t want the stress! Use our “Party In A Box” and the party will arrive in your custom theme ready to go for you. You can even add on special party favors or anything else you have in mind. Just take it out of the box and it is ready to go with little assembly on your part. You tell us the theme and we will make it perfect for you! Check out our new Love It Soirees Etsy shop for more ideas.  

Sugar plum party in a box 1

Candyland party in a boxbonjour 7

Party in a box is perfect  for children parties, Bridal & Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, we can do it all! Check out some of our own Soirees we have done! Packages can vary from custom signs to everything you need for your special event.


Email us for a quote at loveitsoirees@gmail.com


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