Candy themed birthday party

Candy buffett

Recently did the printable’s for a little girls, Sweet Shoppe party. It was like a walk down Candyland.

You can find a lot of  the Candy inspired decor at Hobby Lobby right now in the Christmas section.

Sweet Shoppe decor

Peppermint cake

The cake was ordered from Kroger and all we did was ask the decorator to make the icing pink with peppermint design on the top.

Sweet shoppe cupcake toppers

Multicolored cupcakes from the grocery store and our custom made cupcake toppers were a hit.

Visit our Etsy page for a custom order.

Birthday girl's sweet shoppe

candy buffet

Put an assortment of different candy in a variety of containers on a table for the candy buffet. The purple candy is a plate wrapped inside basket wrap that you can get a craft store.

Candy buffet

Pink candy is the same with a plate and basket wrap.

Candy buffet

The more children you invite, the more candy you will need.


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Outdoor Southern wedding

In the south, we can get married “outside” up into October and early November. At this recent wedding, a fire pit was going, since the fall air was brisk at night. The guests take home favor was an S’mores bag. A lot of guests did not even make it home with them and made the S’mores at the wedding. Smore's wedding favor

In the south, we love pie and cheesecake. Why not have them at your wedding? At the dessert table was one side of different pies and other was a cheesecake bar.

Pies at wedding

Different flavor mini pie tarts to choose from. My favorite, of course, is Pumpkin Pie.

Cheese cake bar

Cheesecake bar


Find the DIY for the Burlap Garland here.

Fall decor for your home dIY

Sierra has some of the best decor at her house and a lot of it, she has made herself. Being inspired by things we find out and about shopping and on Pinterest. DIY Burlap garland

Her fall mantel. The directions for the burlap garland are here.

Spray painted picture frame and mason jar

Using the same colorful fall flowers throughout the house. She spray-painted the mason jar and Ikea picture frame with the same color paint to tie it all together.  DIY  Here. Then stuck a flower to the frame.

Halloween Home Tour

Halloween decorating ideas #halloween #fall #halloweencrafts

October is here, so I had to get my decorating on so I can enjoy Halloween for the whole month. Some of my decorations I have made myself and others bought at some of my favorite stores.  One of my favorite things I did this year, is cover up one of my photos with black scrapbook paper and command strips and used this $1 Drink up Witches sign I found in the Target dollar section, for literally $2.00 I made the cutest sign.halloween cheap decorations

halloween decor Pretty sure I was a witch in my past life because I love anything, witches. I created my little witches corner. I found my Witch at Tuesday Morning for $24.99. They have all different Witches to choose from, but I suggest going in early September because by October they are gone. Learned my lesson from last year. halloween decor A few years back I made these DIY spell books Diy Post here. I found my little potion bottle in the Target dollar section. It completed my little witches corner. halloweenEvery year Target has these spooky talking phones, that my kids love. I covered Dollar Tree cobwebs over everything because my children can’t keep their hands off everything.halloweenI bought this little bag of bones while I was in New Orleans, however I saw the same bag at Stein Mart for $6.99

halloween decor I found these Day of the Dead decals at Jo Ann’s (2015) here is my diy post. halloween decor This year I am having a Day of the Dead Halloween Party, and my color theme is black and white, so when I came across this at Joann’s I had to have it.   halloween82015

I crafted this little sign together with a piece of scrapbook paper and these foam stickers I found at Hobby Lobby.

batsYou can find these sticker bats at Target and they are only $5.00. I bought this picture at Kirkland’s a few years back, and I have so many friends that love it that I made a copy-cat free printable, you can print it out and frame.Free Halloween Printable #halloween #halloweenprintables #halloweenquotes

fall porch ideas
My little fall porch set up I did this year. I went to wal-mart for the best prices for mums. Don’t buy your mums from the display, first check their nursery for better deals. When I checked their nursery they had over two full rows of 50% reduced mums, not because they were dying just because they were the older batch. Each Mum only cost $1.99. Another tip, of course buy your Halloween decor the day of Halloween or the very next day. Wait any longer and it will be picked over. I found this sign for less than $5 at kirklands last year after Halloween.  flowers
full of new budshalloween porch ideas

Christmas isn’t the only holiday you can decorate your house with lights. You can buy a box of orange or purple lights for less than $4.00. I added black tulle every foot on my string of lights. I added more this year under my roof of my porch sweeping back and forth, to make it a little more magical. Yes, I’m a little kid at heart.

Inside Out Halloween Printables

My girls just love anything Inside Out, so I was disappointed I haven’t found anything Inside Out for Halloween. I whipped up this spooktacular Halloween free printable. Cut, use a hole puncher and attach to any treat bags.

Inside out halloween


These would go great with Inside Out fruit snacks by Kellog’s. They can be found at grocery stores and Target.

Inside Out fruit snacks

Country Wedding decor


Cupcake holder

I love country wedding decor. These are from a recent wedding that I wanted to share. The cupcake holder the venue had = too cute. It had a small cake on one tier and mini cupcakes on the others. Decor around the location included mason jars with roses, baby breath and ribbon. This would also be great at a bridal shower.

Cupcake holder

wedding photo boardHandmade photo board with jute and clothespins to hold the couple’s engagement photos.

A.C.Moore has a lot of burlap and country inspired wedding decor.

Minion Party ideas and craft

minion party

Minions are super popular right now. What’s not to love about these little guys. I recently came across a cute craft while creating Halloween pom pom pencils.

pom poms

I bought these pom poms at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 but with a 40% off coupon.

One of my daughter’s friends was over while I was making the Halloween pom pom pencil and was playing with these pom poms. He asked if I could make him a Minion pom pom. The light bulb went off and BAM …

Minion pom poms

You will need yellow and blue pom poms, googly eyes, glue, and a sharpie.

Kids can put these together during a Minion party. I made medium and large minions. I used hot glue for mine, but for the kids, just school glue would work.

Minion candy

These are at Target in the Halloween section right now. If you are planning a party soon, make sure to snatch them up.

Minion fruit snacks

Betty Crocker has Minion fruit snacks that would make a great treat bag filler.

minion cheese nips

Can give out Minion Cheese Nips or put in treat bags.

Minion tic tacs

Minion Tic Tacs would be great in treat bags! These are too cute.

We make custom cupcake toppers at our Etsy site.

Minion cupcake toppers

Halloween Monster pencil toppers DIY

monster pencil

While Sierra and I were out shopping one night, we came across cute googly eye pencil monsters at Target. They were in the Dollar Spot section. Not a bad deal, but when you have several kids you would like to give them to for Halloween – it adds up.

Target monster pencilTarget monster pencil











These cuties were my inspiration.

pom poms

I got these pom poms at Hobby Lobby for $2.99, but with a 40% off coupon.

pom poms

It came with different sizes. The large and medium worked great for this project. I will keep the really small ones for a class project this winter.

Halloween pencils

$1 pencil packs from Dollar Tree.

pom pom alien

I hot glued the googly eyes on first. Then hot glued the pom pom onto the pencil. My youngest daughter asked about using the eraser. I hot glued one pom pom monster onto an eraser cap for her pencil. That way she can take the cap off and use the eraser underneath.

pom pom pencil monster

On a few of them, I twisted a pipe cleaner around the pencil. I already had pipe cleaners on hand and googly eyes. Both can be bought at craft stores and Dollar Tree.

monster pom pom pencil topperThey are cute!

I made 24 pencils for $4-5. Even if I did not have the supplies on hand, it would only have been $6-8. If you only need 1-6, buy them at Target, need more = make them.