End of School Year Party

beachthemeLife has gotten away from us this semester. It is already the end of the school year. One of my duties as Room Parent for my daughter’s 2nd-grade class is to put on an “End of School Year Party.” Well knowing how much I love parties, this really isn’t a duty for me. The teacher and I decided on a beach theme. Nothing says summer like the beach — so why not!

We asked the parents to send in money so I could see what kind of budget we had to work with. A class of 19 is costly. The planning process is a lot of taking pictures,  typing notes, Pinterest searching and shopping.  Off to the craft stores, to search for beach-worthy crafts, games, and snacks.

Total party cost: $68 for 19 students.


Beach decorI already had some beach decor on hand from a wedding. I would use these for decor on the tables = free.

I wanted a flip flop picture frame to decorate, but no such luck. I came across wooden flip flops at AC Moore for 50 cents each. So first station, decorate a flip flop.

Wood flip flop

Hobby Lobby had foam magnetic picture frames in the summer section. I found flip flop stickers at JoAnn’s and ocean creatures  foam stickers at AC Moore. Second station= decorate a picture frame. The teacher took pictures of each student and printed them out for the frames.

summer picture frame

What do you find at a beach? Sand. So, the third station would have to be something with sand art. I found sand art kits and extra sand bottles at Michael’s.  One thing I didn’t anticipate is running out of certain colors of sand. I bought 6   bottles of sand and sand packets that came with the kit. By calculations, the sand should have filled the 19 bottles if the students filled the bottle 3/4 ways up. Well, some kids filled it to the brim and some filled it with mostly two colors; pink and purple. So learn from my mistakes and buy more sand. More advice: I bought the bottles that have a tip at the top that will work as a funnel. The teacher cut the top a little so the sand would flow out faster, but not too fast. Place a paper plate under their bottle. This way you can fold the plate to pour the spilled sand in the bottle for them. Once the bottles start to run out, you can fill them with the packet sand. Oriental Trading has a lot of sand art bottles to choose from. I didn’t have time to wait on shipping. These would have been perfect though.

Oriental Trading sand art bottles

I already own IKEA frames. I just had to print off what each station would be = just the cost of ink.

party frames

So the students had 3 crafts they got to take home. I also found tie-dyed frisbees at Michael’s. The teacher put a vinyl sticker on each one of the students name. She does great work. She also bought them each a cup with a straw as a gift from her and put a vinyl sticker on them with the schools mascot and students name. She made me a special one from a Starbuck’s reusable cup. It has my initials on the top. Check out her facebook page Day Designs 865 and Etsy shop.

Vinyl gifts from Day Designs

Now for games: Pool noodle limbo and hula hooping. I already own pool noodles and hula hoops. The teacher had extra hula hoops in her closet. You can find pool noodles and hula hoops at Dollar Tree. Another class did coconut bowling. Some did summer themed “Minute to Win It” games.

Snack: Goldfish crackers.




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