My Little Pony Party on a budget

My Little Pony Party

I recently did a “My Little Pony Party” on a small budget. I rave on how I can plan a “theme” party on a budget as small as $75. This party I tried to keep it under $150 as much as possible. It was for 15 children attending with their parent(s).

Once the birthday girl picked a theme, I started planning. We had a free location at our church’s fellowship hall complete with a full kitchen. The time would be 2-4 p.m. which doesn’t require a full menu or lunch, keeping to our budget.

Butterfly peanut butter and jellyWe decided to serve sandwiches in case attendees were somewhat hungry. Here we have butterfly shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Daisy and heart ham and cheeseFlower and heart-shaped ham and cheese sandwiches.


Fruit platter

Rainbow Dash’s Sonic Fruit in Rainbow colors was the most expensive food items. It cost about $15 for all. Strawberries for red (could do apples instead), Cantaloupe for orange (could do peaches), Pineapple for yellow, honeydew for green (could do green apples or green grapes), blueberries, and purple grapes.

My little pony cupcakes

The cupcakes were made at WalMart 12/$6. They came with a ring in the top which can be a gift for attendees. Also served a WalMart Cookie Cake.

Cheese and crackers

Fluttershy’s cheese and crackers.

Cheese and crackers

Trio crackers and 2 different cheddar cheese’s.

Smore's party mix

Princess Celestia’s Party Mix. Goldfish Smore’s pack with M&Ms and marshmallows.

My little pony fruit snacks

Rarity’s Fruit Snacks. Also used in treat bags as favor.  Sorry the picture came out blurry.

My little pony waterServed small water bottles. We also had Pinkie Pie’s Pink Lemonade and Applejack’s Apple Juice.

Rainbow streamer decoration

I hung rainbow color streamer to cut off the church’s back kitchen from guests.

PresentsHad a section for Presents.

MLP Decor

Planted My Little Pony toys throughout as decor.

Rarity's Fashionable BracletsRarity’s Fashionable Bracelets was the first station. Attendants could make bracelets with stretchy string and fruit loops. Guests loved this as they could eat on the bracelets throughout the party.

Rainbow Dash's Hoof SalonRainbow Dash’s Hoof Salon was our second station. The girls got their nails and toes painted.

Toola Roola's Art CenterThird station was Toola Roola’s Art Center. Attendants could color coloring pages and small coloring books. I found a “My Little Pony” puzzle at Big Lots that I put on the table for the younger guests to put together.

MLP favor cup

I purchased a “My Little Pony” favor cup for each girl attendant. In it I put candies, fruit snacks, a fairy pony from Target and bookmark. We placed the cups on the tables with balloons to use as decor. I found “My Little Pony” board books in the dollar spot section at Target for the younger guests.

Boy party favor

The boy attendants received a “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” favor cup and bookmark instead of ponies.

Book MarksI got the chevron printables from Etsy as a set. I printed off the bookmarks on cardstock and then glued to heavier cardstock bookmarks I had purchased at Michael’s.


These bookmarks and the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” ones I got from

They have an assortment of printables for free that you can use for your personal use.

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