Rapunzel Tangled Birthday Party

RapunzelFrozen may be all the rage for little girl parties, but there are still other popular princesses out there. Recently, my oldest daughter had a friend that wanted a Rapunzel Tangled party. This wasn’t a new party for me as I did one a few years ago when Tangled came out. She is my daughter’s favorite princess still to this day.

This post is going to give you a lot of different things to do for and during a Rapunzel Tangled Party. Decorate a lantern

Craft for the party: Paint a Lantern. These are just plain white party lanterns that you can get in the craft stores, Oriental Trading, Party City, and others. You will need child-friendly washable acrylic paints. Stay away from watercolor paints as they wet the paper lantern too much. You can also use washable markers.

Rapunzel PaintingRapunzel loves to paint and in the movie they release lanterns into the sky for her birthday. So this ties into the theme very well.

Paint party

Also related to painting as a craft: Paint a picture. This was from Meg Hearld’s Blog. Buy small white canvases and child-friendly washable acrylic paints. You can buy the artist palette holders and give them as favors as well. All of this you can find at craft stores or Amazon.

Games at the party: Tug a war. Use several strands of yellowish gold yarn and braid Rapunzel’s hair. Tie off each end and now you have a rope to use as a tug a war rope. Tug a war ropeYou can also use this as decor for a table like the one above. You can even glue the flowers along the braid if want.

Yellow ropeFor one party, I had yellow rope on hand and cut it to use as the tug a war game. You can pick some up at hardware stores. Mine came from Home Depot.

Limbo: Use the same rope or braid for Limbo. Two games in one!

Pin the flower on Rapunzel’s hair. You can purchase at Party City or you could easily make your own. Purchase a Rapunzel poster at any store and cut out flowers from cardstock. Put double sided tape on the back of the flowers. Make a blindfold from a bandana or scarf and there you have an easy fast game.  

Other games:

  • Pin the Frying Pan on Flynn Rider: This game is a take on pin-the-tale-on-the donkey. Get a Flynn poster, print one out or draw a poster of Flynn’s face and print out frying pans. Could do Pin the Nose on Flynn Rider as well. 
  • Into the Frying Pan: Literally throw Pascal into a frying pan.  Put the pan a distance away from the guests to stand at. Have the guests throw Pascal into the frying pan. Whoever gets him in there best out of 3 tries wins. We used a stuffed Pascal that came from the Disney Store, but you could print him out and tape him to a ball or bean bag. 


Yarn decorWith yellow gold yarn, braid several strands together and long enough to form letters. You can do the child’s initial(s) if their name is too long. This is on two poster boards but could be put on wood.

Again you can use braids to decorate tables, hang from the rafters or just about anywhere.

Rapunzel Disney figuresI have quite a few Rapunzel Disney toys that I placed amongst tables as decor. You can find these on Amazon as well.

Party favors:

Rapunzel party favors

Party City has buckets and other Rapunzel goodies. You can also include Disney Princess items that have Rapunzel on them.

KelloggsDisneyPrincessfruitflavoredsnacks_1808They even have Rapunzel in the Kellogg’s Fruit Snack boxes.

Rapunzel party favorsI especially like the little Rapunzel paint set.  Here was used Rapunzel Bucket as treat bag.

rapunzel cup favorRapunzel cups would also be a great treat bag holder.

Rapunzel Hair bow

A great party favor that every Rapunzel party-goer would love is a braided hair bow. This is the same yarn used in the other projects, but with a ribbon braided through it. Flower’s glued to the top and a hair clip glued to the back of them.

Rapunzel hair clipUse the birthday child as measurement as to how long to make it. Keep in mind that some of the guests may be shorter. Make them appropriately that the guests do not trip on them. Also, keep in mind these can be heavy. This one was made for an eight-year-old that can handle these many strands of yarn.

Thinner Rapunzel BraidSmaller guests will need fewer strands so, not to cause them headaches. Here is a hair bow I made for younger birthday crowd with yellowish blonde yarn. It was made with baby soft yarn so that it would be good for sensitive skin. It is thinner yarn and I only used a few strands to braid it.

Rapunzel bookmarkBookmarks were made from same yarn. This bookmark has seen better days, but it is 3 years old now. I printed it on heavy white cardstock, whole punched the top and looped the braid through. I got the printable at Familyshoppingbag.com. They have quite a few Tangled items that you can print out and are all free.

Rapunzel invites

I used these printable invites that were free for my daughters birthday from here and added yellow string for Rapunzel’s hair. I punched a small hole in the tower one and taped the braid to the back.



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